Philanthropists are people who want to make a difference – with their money and with their energy. Devon Community Foundation brings them together with the many amazing local groups and volunteers who can make that difference happen, locally.

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Baroness Prashar urges government to back community foundations

Wednesday 1st July 2015

UKCF president Baroness Prashar has spoken in the House of Lords about community foundations and called on the government to run another large match funding programme, following the success of the £130m Community First scheme. Speaking in the Lords last...

If you go down to the woods today…

Tuesday 30th June 2015

Children in North Devon enjoyed a day of outdoor fun thanks to support from Devon Community Foundation’s Philip J Milton & Company Plc Fund. £490 was awarded to Beehive, a local community group offering activities for families with preschool aged...

Tiverton Educational Fund
Funding available to boost education in Tiverton

Funding is available for individuals experiencing hardship or in need of extra support and training, students or young people who wish to run a project and organisations in the local area which deliver educational programmes.

Devon CF29 Aug
Thriving Communities Weekly is out! Stories via @chenjennifer @Monamission @BizForumMidDev
Devon CF28 Aug
£930 funded a preschool in rural #Torridge, bringing families together&building a stronger community #familiesinneed
Devon CF28 Aug
£930 helped fund the cost of equipment for a babies and toddler group in #Torridge, a rural area where there is a...
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