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There’s a reason why our donors feel confident giving their money to us, and that is because we take time to develop relationships with them built on respect, from which we develop deep and mutual trust.

We always ensure we have the correct mechanisms in place to oversee our grant making. We recruit grant panel members with a wide range of points of view to make sure decisions are fair.

We have always welcomed an opportunity to test our standards and consequently were among the first of our peers to seek and gain accreditation within our field. (And we achieved it with flying colours!) This is a continuous process that we enter into every three years.

We think this is so important that we even have a dedicated ‘Knowledge Guru’! She helps us to understand what is happening both locally and nationally, both within our sector and beyond, what’s working and what is not and how we can and do fit into that. We also have a Community Insight Team that are dedicated to finding out what’s happening in specific communities of Devon.

This year (2021) DCF celebrates 25 years of experience! Not only that, but our staff have a habit of sticking around – at time of counting they notch up an incredible 50+ years of service to the organisation, not including their other experience both within this sector and others..

Part of our strategy is to ensure we remain on top of our game! We regularly undertake training, and we connect with other community foundations in our network to learn and grow all the time.

We are genuinely moved to hear when we’ve made a difference. That’s why we love hearing from the groups we support.

We genuinely believe that no road should end with us. If we can’t help you, we will try our hardest to find you someone who can.

We don’t dictate what we believe should happen to make our communities thrive, but support and work with the vision of the organisations that are on the ground making that happen. Likewise, we’re always keen to support the ideas of our donors. Everything we do is based on collaboration.

We use what we learn, see and experience to inform what we do, and we understand that this changes all the time. It is not our job to travel a single path to one destination but to react to what is happening to the people and communities we are here to support.

We love Devon and we are passionate about making it work for everybody!

We pride ourselves on being approachable and we make time to listen. What our donors, groups and partners need is of utmost importance to us and shapes what we do every day.

We are not afraid to try new things and this dynamism has rewarded us. We are proud to have pioneered and led many successful new initiatives over the years. We have future-proofed our endeavours by building an endowment during this time, the return on which will guarantee we’re here forever.

Some framework around our values

Quality Accreditation

Quality Accreditation was introduced to the UK Community Foundation network in 2007. It is an initiative that was developed and supported by members and endorsed by the Charity Commission in order that a standard be set universally, against our practice and procedures.

Devon Community Foundation was among the first five community foundations in the UK to receive full accreditation and has since succeeded in meeting this three-yearly due diligence test.

In 2021 we were pleased to receive the fifth and latest quality accreditation certification. 

Asset Based Community Development

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is an approach to community working established in the mid ‘90’s in the US that is now being practised on every continent throughout the world.

The fundamental principles are ones that we align with at Devon Community Foundation, that underpin our community and programmes work, and that can be basically understood as follows:

The ‘Asset’ of Asset Based Community Development refers to the tools that any given community has among it, that have the potential to make it a secure, healthy, happy and fulfilling place to live.

These might be:

To follow ABCD principles is to make all of these potential ‘assets’ understood within any given community. It is to champion how, when put together with additional help if needed, assets can be used collectively to achieve action or activity that improves people’s lives. 

To understand more specifically how Devon Community Foundation applies these principles you might want to:

IVAR Commitment

In 2021 a new campaign was launched by IVAR and London Funders, in collaboration with a small group of UK foundations and charities. 

This campaign calls on funders to adopt simpler, more flexible practices that make life easier for those they fund, in light of the ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19. Their ambition is to see these commitments extend beyond the crisis: to become standard practice in the sector. 

DCF are one of 50 funders who have signed up to their eight commitments and joined a community of practice with other funders and charities to improve practice together.

You can find out more about this and read our 8 commitments to grant-makers on IVAR’s website.

360 Giving Data Standard

360 Giving are a charity that helps organisations publish open, standardised grants data. It is their vision that grantmaking in the UK be more informed, effective and strategic.
Devon Community Foundation are one of 192 funders who align with this thinking and we have published all our grantmaking data with 360 Giving since 2016 in our commitment to transparency about our work.

You can find out more and view our grant data on our website here.

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