As things start to change…

As things start to change out there we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made life easier for somebody else over the last few months. Whether you have just reached out to a neighbour for the first time, or your usual charitable efforts have been on super-drive to support more people; and you’ve applied even more initiative, hard work and resilience than you ever knew you had, we adore you all.

Have you donated directly to our emergency fund or the National Emergencies Trust national appeal that also feeds into our fund? We want to (virtually) hug you too. Because thanks to your generosity so far we’ve been able to prop up that initiative, hard work and resilience, and we’ve witnessed some pretty amazing stories as a result.

Even though lockdown is easing, we know that support is still very much needed. That’s why we want to let you know that the ‘Response’ phase of our funding is still open for business.

Please help us spread the word that it is not too late for those that are carrying out this vital work in our communities to apply. And that those that have already been in receipt of funds, are not excluded from applying again.

We know that coronavirus will have a lasting impact on charities, organisations and groups in Devon and that recovery may be hard and long. That is why we are planning carefully for the next phase of our emergency funding, and the appeal to support it goes on. We still need you!

Those funding stories, access to outside help, and full details of how to support or apply to our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund are on all here on our website so please feel free to look around.

24th June 2020

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