September E-newsletter 2020


We hope you are all well and coming to terms with the uncertainty of life, that in the last few months has become well…certain! We also hope, as the days turn cooler, that you have some good reasons to welcome autumn and all that the promise of a new season offers.

At DCF our slightly frenetic summer is gradually giving way to a new way of working. We’re continuing to try to offer as much support as we can in response to coronavirus but we’re also starting to balance this with our other work. We’re thrilled to be able to return to some previously planned projects whilst keeping a well-trained eye on the horizon at what might happen next!

Thanks for joining us, and please read on to find out what we’ve been doing on behalf of our supporters, partners and groups, since last time.

Grants News
Our main focus in the last few months has been on working as quickly and effectively as possible to both source and to distribute funds vitally needed to support Devon through the Coronavirus crisis.


Whilst this job remains, in the last few weeks we have also taken steps to support not only the front-line work itself, but also more directly, the groups and charities who are carrying out this work as they too suffer as a result of the pandemic.

Our overall funding strategy in relation to coronavirus is now three-fold. In a final phase, we will look more widely at the charitable sector in Devon, what it will look like and how it can survive into the future post-Covid.

You can read more about all three phases here.

For more funding news please see Other Funding Support below.

Team News
Last week the DCF Team were delighted to be able to reunite for the first time since March! It was a celebration that was made all the more special by coinciding with our 24 year anniversary. Hopefully you can see beneath our masks what a joy it was to catch up and raise a small glass of fizz to our work family and achievements!

Fund Focus
We are delighted to be getting our flags out to officially welcome a new fund to DCF. And talking of flags, the Hobsons’ Choice fund certainly flies a brightly-coloured banner in proud celebration of all things equal, fair and just!

Supporting groups and individuals focused on helping people to make the best of themselves, including the education and empowerment of women, Hobsons’ Choice also strives to support equality, diversity and inclusivity.

We’re delighted to have them on board and can’t wait to see the incredible work this fund facilitates in the future.

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Funding Stories

NDADA live chat photo
North Devon Against Domestic Abuse (NDADA) is a charity that operates to offer the relief of distress and suffering experienced by adults and children as a result of domestic violence or abuse.

During lockdown they told us: Victims of abuse are currently suffering more difficulties than others while in the lockdown, often with their perpetrators. Constant surveillance is making it very difficult for victims to be able to access support by telephone.

In response to this, and to evidence pointing towards web-based chat as a safer, alternative method of communication for support, NDADA applied to DCF for an emergency grant to facilitate a local Live TextTalk service via their website. Read the full story here.

Moor Vision
Moorvision is the only support group in Devon for families of blind and visually impaired children and parents. Sight loss is not a common disability of working age people and an even less common disability of childhood. In all parts of the UK, sight loss can therefore be extremely isolating as it is hard to meet others in the same position. However in Devon, such a large rural county, this problem is greatly exacerbated, especially for those who have to rely on public transport. Most of the new families that join Moorvision say that it is the first time they have ever met another VI child or parent.

During normal circumstances, Moorvision arrange a yearly programme of heavily subsidised and accessible activities, talks and residentials covering all areas of sport, education, social and leisure opportunities for all age groups – babies and toddlers, children, young teens, young adults and parents. They tell us the families who take part in their activities report back that they and their children benefit from improved confidence, increase in skills, information gathering and enjoyment and suffer from less isolation and anxiety as a result.

This summer was a different story. Read the full article here.

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Could you step up to the Challenge?


DCF are delighted to have been working in close collaboration with one of our fund holders over the past few weeks to launch a brand new fund-raising event for it’s cause, and we’re jumping for joy at the results!

Actually, jumping is probably not excluded as a means to complete this fund-raising challenge that is now open for anyone to join! 

Entrants to the Use the Force Charity Challenge will be taking on 30 miles on foot over the course of October to provide a valued contribution to the Chief Constable’s Foundation, plus every successful walker, jogger or runner secures themselves a winners medal to boot! 

Find out more and take part here.

Hot Topics


Last month, our Philanthropy Director, Scott, made a scheduled return to the DCF offices in Tiverton to meet with the Devon Freemasons. Their visit, though uncharacteristically lacking in handshakes, was celebration none the less as they totalled their donations to the Foundation at over £50,000 to date. Read our article here. 

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Our Community Insights Team may not have been able to go out physically and explore the corners of Devon this summer but that hasn’t stopped them gathering and sharing information and support amongst our local communities. They’ve been busy with their (non-physical) presence too, utilising Facebook and starting a brand new blog. You can read their latest instalment of that about Creativity in the time of Covid-19 right here

Other Funding Support

As planned, our summer round of funding is currently on hold whilst we undergo an extensive grant review to make sure how you access and apply for funding through us is as simple and effective as possible. If you are not eligible for our emergency funding or are currently looking for outside sources of funding support, please visit our website that includes a long and varied list of grants from other funding organisations, updated weekly.


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