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Coronavirus, a Personal Perspective 

NH masks
At the beginning of the lockdown people were saying that we were all in the same boat. This is clearly not the case. We may be all in the same storm but we are NOT in the same boat, each and every one is on a different journey through these troubled waters. 

I am retired with a good pension. I live in a lovely place both in terms of my home and my community. I love, respect and care about the person I live with. We find plenty to do to keep us occupied, our dogs keep us fit with daily walks and we have regular FaceTime/Zoom chats with friends and family.

But that does not mean that we are unaffected by the situation. We have a number of immediate family and close friends, who are shielding, others who are NHS workers, carers or key workers. Others in financial difficulty and some struggling with mental health issues. Some living in other countries, whose governments have taken different approaches. Some confined to small accommodation, working from home and home schooling. Others with businesses on the edge of survival or trapped away from home. We have also lost two people, whose funerals we have been unable to attend. And some good news . . . a healthy new baby in the family!

Just in our small circle we cover a wide range of scenarios. So I do know that everyone’s journey is different.

From our relatively calm, safe and content place we have not buried our heads in the sand but have had the capacity, physically and emotional, to help others, which is extremely rewarding.

We have joined a group in our town designed to help vulnerable people in our community. And other community groups, where people are generously giving away or swapping things. We have made masks and supplied materials for others to make face shields and scrubs. We have made regular phone and FaceTime calls and sent emails even written the odd letter! We have made and distributed food, given away things we no longer need but that others may find useful and even helped someone, who is making a new home, with building flat-packed furniture!”

But perhaps one of the most important things for us is setting up our own trust fund with DCF. More of that another time.

I cannot think of a better organisation, which is so well placed to distribute financial support to charitable groups within the wider community of Devon. The team at DCF have worked tirelessly throughout lockdown providing support to the most vulnerable people within our community. They have responded quickly making emergency grants to those who most need them – 4 1/2 times as many in the same period last year and almost double the amount of money awarded than throughout the whole of 2016! This is a remarkable achievement made possible by a remarkable team, with whom I am proud to be associated with.

Go Team DCF!

By Devon Community Foundation ambassador, Nicola Hobson.

July 2020