Exploring the ‘Roads to Renewal’

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In July 2020 we published Roads to Renewal, an ‘in-brief’ attempt to bring a collective and reflective voice on VCSE experience, achievement and learning throughout the Covid crisis. 

This collaborative effort was born of a VCSE advisory group that Devon Community Foundation convened at the start of the pandemic, as a way of sharing expertise and discussing ways forward through the crisis that benefitted from the insights, experience and expertise of a wide range of people from within the sector.  

We’re proud to say that the resulting Roads to Renewal report was widely used and cited both within our sector and by public sector bodies.   

DCF and our partners are now very happy to announce the followup to that initial report, Roads to Renewal Part 2  that, using the pandemic experience as a starting point, explores the conditions for effective partnership working between VCSE and public sectors. 

“This document is the ‘so what’ to the first report’s ‘what’. It is intended to speak to all those involved in public-sector strategic leadership and decision-making, whether countywide, or at locality level. With the benefit of a few months’ reflection, and an added opportunity to see how new actions and relationships are developing, we have been able to add detail (and practical example) to our initial observations, and to point more specifically at areas for future work and change. Our focus is on building strong, equitable, and flexible relationships between the VCSE and public sectors, as this is where we have seen many doors open throughout the pandemic to date. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we see huge mutual benefit in moving forward together.” DCF’s Nicola Frost 

You can read the full report here. 

If you missed the first report, read it here.  

Many thanks to our co-writers in this project Nora Corkery (Devon Communities Together) , Steven Chown (Exeter Community Initiatives), Karen Nolan (Devon Voluntary Action) and Diana Crump (Living Options Devon). 

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March 2021

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