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Lockdown Easing Resources Update

Last updated 16/11/20
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This page is compiled by the DCF Community Insight Team who you can also find on Facebook- where they post links to all sorts of offerings all over Devon every day. 

Emergency financial support
District councils are able to give out emergency grants to people facing financial hardship due to COVID-19. If you are in need of emergency financial support due to COVID-19 then you can find out more and apply here.

Advice for charities
NVCO have provided this helpful guide for Charities and community organisations in relation to coronavirus. They cover a wide range of topics that include advice on finances and working from home, how to support your service users and employees, to guidelines on handwashing and what to do if you have health conditions.

You can also get advice from your local CVS.

This Cranfield Trust are supporting charities and their beneficiaries in the midst of the ongoing disruption to voluntary sector services. They are delighted to present Learning with Leaders, a series of webinars featuring guest speakers, all of whom are leading experts and practitioners within their fields. Topics for this series include leadership through turbulent times, the benefits of working with a mentor or coach after a crisis and promoting organisational agility and innovation to navigate uncertainty. 

Our team are also keeping a record of potential funding opportunities, to find alternative grant providers visit the DCF webpage which has a regularly updated list of funding opportunities. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further support, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Advice for businesses
Devon County Council are regularly updating their Coronavirus advice pages with the most up to date support available for businesses.

Devon Communities Together with support from the Prince's Countryside Fund, have launched a 'Lockdown and Recovery; Enterprise Support' resource kit to supply much needed information and advice to local businesses, who have been impacted by covid-19.

Heart of the South West Growth Hub has very extensive guidance for business including advice on navigating the Covid-19 crisis.

Cranfield Trust is offering free, high level business support to charities in the South West including 1:1 telephone support, HRNet, Management consultancy and mentoring

Eat that Frog are also running an online self-employment course which on completion will give you a Level 1 Award from SFEDI, the awarding body for enterprise. They are also running a range of courses from health and wellbeing to employability and IT skills. The full programme is available here. 

Cosmic provide digital support for businesses, including a fully-funded ‘Digital Advantage’ project for businesses in North Devon.

Working from home
Working from home will again be a requirement for lots of people now. It’s important remember to look after yourself, especially if you are returning to working from home after being back to the office ‘full-time’, or if you are facing working from home for the first time.

Working from home also means that you are physically separated from your workplace support system. It is important to look after your mental health while at home and when preparing to return to work. The mental health foundation has produced this useful guide to coping with the challenges of home working.

Working from home can be lonely! Especially if you are used to working as part of a team. Positive People Devon has written a blog post including video guides showing how to stay connected with others online.
They are also continuing to provide their virtual IT support service available Monday – Friday (10am-4pm) If you're having technical difficulties with your device or you're struggling to get online you can call, text, WhatsApp call (07763093508) or fill in our online form and a Digital Skills Advisor will be able to support you.

If you are thinking of returning to the office, then this article may be helpful in providing some tips and resources for managing back to work anxiety.

Mental Health
There are many organisations who are still working and available to help you maintain mental well-being and support those with existing mental health difficulties during this difficult time.

Torbay and South Devon NHS trust have launched an online version of their six-week HOPE course which provides digital support for people with long-term conditions, helping them to cope better, feel more in control and be more resilient. There is a course for those living with depression and anxiety (26 November - 14 January) ), as well as other courses aimed a wide range of people. You can find out more and book a place here.

Charlotte, a Pluss Community Coach has produced this great Powerpoint presentation with lots of tips for looking after your wellbeing whether you are working from home or just trying to adjust to the “new normal”.

It is important to keep active both for physical and mental health during this time.

  • Active Devon also have a number of resources to help keep you moving
  • The NHS Livewell site has lots of useful information around exercise and healthy living.
  • This Girl Can has resources for home exercises, a directory to help you find groups that you could join, and resources for families, including ‘Disney Dance-Alongs’

Children and Families
Now children are back at school things at home may become a little easier however, there is plenty of support available to help you maintain a healthy, happy family life.

  • Action for Children can provide a range of support for parents. You can also find out about the services available at your local Children’s centre and how to contact them on their website.
  • Advice and resources for children with Special Educational Needs
  • Babcock have some useful resources for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people including coping with back to school anxiety
  • Online antenatal classes for parents to be can be accessed free using the code TAMAR
  • If you are looking for a toy refresh but do not want to go out and buy a new set the Merry Go Round Toy Library is now offering a click and collect service. Their Facebook Page also has lots of resources to keep kids entertained.
  • Uplift Tiverton are able to safely support families in the Tiverton area. They can provide nappies, clothes, food and family friendly entertainment.
  • ECI – Family Resource Team are available Monday – Friday (9-5) to provide emotional and practical support to local families, they also have a Youtube channel with further advice.
  • As we begin to return to “normality” many of us are facing increased levels of anxiety. Young People’s mental health charity, nip in the bud have a number of useful resources for parents and teachers.

Domestic Violence and Abuse
Although coronavirus does not cause domestic violence and abuse there are concerns that isolation may make it harder for victims to reach out and access support. Below are some of the Devon based organisations working hard within the sector throughout the pandemic and as we start to return to our normal routines.

Unpaid Carers
The Devon Carers website has lots of useful resources for carers and those they support at this time as well as a telephone helpline and online chat service.

Promas have a number of free courses for unpaid carers. Sessions include managing stress, coping strategies, as well as a series of caring for carers courses. There are also creative and singing courses for carers.

Throughout September and October, Promas are hosting free online training sessions for unpaid carers. Sessions include Managing Stress and Mindfulness.

Caring for a loved one with dementia has become further complicated by the Covid-19 measures. The Alzheimer’s society have a helpline available where carers can receive support from a dementia adviser.

Making the most of the food we have available has become an important part of the coronavirus crisis and there are lots of resources to help you get creative with cooking.

  • Food Buddies south west - Recipe sharing and food discussion
  • Recycle Devon “have your food and eat it recipe book”
  • The pioneers project CIC - are hosting a weekly café where visitors are able to have a coffee and take away surplus food from all the large supermarkets.
  • The British Nutrition Foundation has lots of resources to support healthy eating at home
  • Food is Fun CIC have recently launched their Cook and Care project which aims to connect people (remotely) through their shared love of food. You can find out more
  • Mid Devon Mobility have been busy producing some cookery videos which are available on their Youtube

If you find you are short of food and don’t have the means to go shopping the food banks are open for business, you can find your local foodbank and get advice and referral from your local Citizens advice.

  • If you are living in the Plymouth area there is an extensive list of food aid available across the city - Here

If you are unable to leave the house to go shopping, there are many volunteers offering a shopping delivery service. See Support in your Local Area below for more details.

There is lots of support available in the county for veterans who may be struggling with various issues. Lily has sent us a fantastic resource that she put together for her grandfather which includes lots of useful information and contacts and was happy to share.

Plymouth Veterans and family Hub are also sharing lots of useful information and resources via their Facebook page.

The Veterans Charity have had to suspend all on street collections and events throughout 2020 due to COVID-19. Yet they are anticipating a dramatic rise in requests for support from those veterans who have lost their jobs. The charity is calling those who may have the skills and enthusiasm to create artwork or crafts to share on their Facebook page. If these items sell the charity is asking for a 10% donation of the sale price to support its ongoing work.

Working Towards Finding Employment
Proud to Care Devon has many opportunities to work as a healthcare professional as well as many jobs in the wider healthcare team. You don’t necessarily need qualifications or previous work experience to apply.

Positive People Devon are able to offer support to those currently out of work whether you want to boost your skills, confidence, return to work or simply overcome life's challenges. Their friendly, positive coaches can help you create a plan and achieve your dreams (even during Covid-19)! And it’s completely free!

Parent Progression is a county wide Project designed and coordinated by Exeter Community Initiatives. They are able to provide universal support to families wishing to learn new skills, try out volunteering, work experience or find paid employment.

Volunteering can be a great way to gain new skills and boost your CV, helping you to stand out to employers. To find voluntary opportunities contact your local Council for Voluntary Services or send an email to our Community Insights Team, who may be able to help –

Support in your local area
Devon County Council have put together a list of support available across the county which is regularly updated and allows you to search for offers specific to your locality.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for please feel free to contact our community insights team who are working hard to understand the coronavirus response across Devon and may be able to help –

Just for Fun!
These last few months have been challenging for us all and it is important to make time to do the things that you enjoy whether that’s at a social distance or online.

  • Positive People Devon are running a Digital Christmas Card workshop, which you can join online for free on 8th December at 12.30. For more information contact Matt on 07741 729963 or email
  • Or perhaps cooking is more your thing and you’d like to join Positive People’s ‘Festive Food Club’, which starts on 27th For more information contact Gina at
  • Why not have a go at a South West Coast Path Art Project? You can get ideas and see other projects here
  • Or you could make your own Christmas wreath and raise money for Julian House at the same time by joining in with this workshop

This page is compiled by the DCF Community Insight Team who you can also find on Facebook- where they post links to all sorts of offerings all over Devon every day.