Torbay Community Coronavirus Helpline

Calls to the Torbay Community Coronavirus Helpline are indicating just how far reaching the affects of the virus are.

Its not just the amount of calls coming in, but the nature of them too that is a real indicator of the support that is currently needed in communities.

"We have already logged nearly 3,000 calls, and at its peak, we were handling up to 60 calls an hour as the reality of the lock down began to bite and some people began to realise that they were obliged to stay behind closed doors and would be unable to go out and get their own supplies.

"We are responding to all enquiries for information,advice and support from vulnerable people or those calling on their behalf

"Support includes shopping,collecting prescriptions,delivering food from foodbanks,dog-walking and telephone befriending.

And their response has been one not just offering practical answers to the problems raised but one of emotional support too 

"Reassurance, empathy, understanding and friendship, which will reduce loneliness, isolation, anxiety and emotional distress for those self isolating."

With help from our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund and other supporters the Torbay Community Coronavirus Helpline can be there to offer support all day, every day that they are needed.

torbay Comm CV helpline

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April 2020