The Amber Foundation

Many of the charities and organisations we work with are facing brand new challenges presented by coronavirus. Responding to these challenges can be difficult and puts further financial strain on vital services.

The Amber Foundation is one of these organisations feeling the impact of the virus.

Ordinarily, the Foundation supports young people experiencing homelessness, unsafe living conditions, unemployment, mental health problems and addiction. Often grappling with a number of issues, these are some of Devon’s most marginalised young people.

The charity provides a safe place for them to live, as well as a robust support system to help them move towards an independent future. This is a future where they can be employed, receive training or a university place and, most importantly, have a safe and sustainable place to call home.

With the ongoing threat of coronavirus, the Amber Foundation requires financial support. Additional funding allows the charity to cover the costs of infection-control training for all staff, plus additional training for the core team who look after self-isolating people. Further, funding permits the foundation to invest in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), additional waste disposal, linen, cleaning materials, disposable crockery and ID cards for all front-line key workers.

These measures all enable the centre to stay open, while providing the maximum level of care.

“The health and well-being of the young people in our care and our staff team is imperative. Our priority outcome with this project is reducing the risk of the virus spreading as much as possible and continuing our vital support.” 

With the help of our emergency fund, the Amber Foundation has been able to cover the increased costs of providing care during coronavirus. It is vital that they are able to stay open, while adhering to government guidance throughout.

They have told us,

“We are continuing to make a huge difference to some of the most vulnerable young people in the county and wouldn’t be able to do this without the generosity of supporters like yourselves.”

We are proud to support the Amber Foundation, as they continue to prevent young people from sleeping rough or living in unsafe conditions that would put them at a far greater risk of infection during this time.

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June 2020