Sense Abilities

The coronavirus means that families are spending much more of their time at home. While it’s vital to keep safe, parents and carers of children with additional needs may face new challenges.

Sense Abilities aims to support those families most in need. Founded by Suzannah Jones, who has a son with disabilities, the charity provides a mobile, accessible sensory environment.

It is widely documented how important sensory play is for all young children, especially those with additional needs. This type of play can:

  • De-escalate anxiety and stress for both children and caring adults
  • Create a sense of calm
  • Help children to become more confident and enhance their sense of self
  • Increase general wellbeing

Ordinarily, the charity helps families to engage in sensory play. However, at a time where families may feel disconnected from their support networks, Suzannah has been dedicated to providing materials to help children and their parents or carers at home.

Sense Abilities have created therapeutic sensory bags to distribute to those families most in need in Torbay and the surrounding areas where possible. Each bag is personalised to ensure it complements the specific needs of each child. A typical bag contains recipe cards, sensory play equipment and a wellbeing card or gift for the caring adults.

With support from our emergency fund, they have been able to immediately dispatch 100 free bags to those families indicating a high level of need.

Feedback is extremely positive, with parents and carers explaining how the bags have helped their children to engage in sensory play. It has also given them a sense of community and togetherness at a time when it may be quite easy to feel isolated.

“I cannot begin to describe the love of the sensory bag our son received this morning. He's been permanently sat under the blanket with all the flashing light up toys, making us join him. Beautifully put together bag and it will be so well loved by our house. Thank you. Each item has been incredibly well thought out and we absolutely needed this at the moment. He's had a fantastically calm morning because of you.”

With plenty of families echoing this sentiment, Sense Abilities are committed to continue providing their emergency activity bags to help more families benefit from sensory play.

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June 2020