North Devon Hospice

North Devon Hospice care for people with a life-limiting illness and provide support to their families. Although they have a bedded unit on site, most of the care they provide is delivered out in the community, across 800 square miles of North Devon. Last year they provided care and support to 2,861 patients and their families, across the whole of North Devon.

This year however, like the rest of us, they had no way of foreseeing that events would unfold that would mean them having to find extra funds for the provision of PPE.

The Hospice is a charity that relies for the main part on the support and generosity of the local community to fund it. With fundraising already events being cancelled and the greater uncertainty that is causing, they approached our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund for some initial help.

“By having PPE equipment available we can ensure that we can visit patients and support them and their families at a time when they need it the most. Providing the level of care and support that they need at the end-of-life, patient comfort is a priority at this time. This is imperative in the last few days and weeks of life, to help patients feel more comfortable and spend meaningful time with family and loved ones.”

We are proud to have been able to support the Hospice, if only by alleviating the immediate burden of finding extra funds for safety equipment, and are delighted to see the lovely Avril modelling some of it for us today.

ND Hospice Avril PPE

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May 2020