By now we are all aware of how the pandemic is affecting both ours, and the lives of other people in our communities. The most extreme of these impacts, though fortunately not one most of us will have to endure, is the death of someone we know or even love.

Sadly though, it is the case for some. And for those people, due to lockdown rules, grieving is made all the more difficult by not being able to console with others or visit places of worship where they may otherwise find solace.

This is something that has been recognised by Hospiscare who provide palliative care in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

They have set up a bereavement hub to answer calls not just from their own patients but from anyone suffering isolation, loneliness or grief following the loss of a loved one from Covid-19.

This service has also been made available to other healthcare staff who are perhaps now dealing with more bereavement than they have previously been prepared for, due to Covid deaths. Hospiscare are further sharing their expertise and experience with them by offering specialist end-of-life training.

Hospiscare side by side

Although the government have pledged financial support for hospices in light of the pandemic, Hospiscare are still dealing with a substantial financial loss this year. Like many charities we hear from, this is in part due to the cease in fundraising activities and efforts.

We at Devon Community Foundation are thankful for the generosity and trust of our supporters, that enables us to offer some help to charities like this one who are reacting so positively to the current crisis. A grant of just over £4,000 from our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund is currently going towards extra staffing hours for a chaplain, nurse, co-ordinator, therapist and consultant in order to make all of the above possible.

 “What wonderful news! Thank you so much for awarding us with a grant, it will be an incredible help to those who are struggling with a bereavement during this period of isolation. Your help really is invaluable.”

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June 2020