Honiton Carers Support Group

Our coronavirus emergency fund has issued grants from £200 up to £10,000. But regardless of size - each one is making a huge difference in our local communities.

Winnie was absolutely delighted with the money that was awarded to allow her the simple act of purchasing a new mobile phone to keep in contact with the members of Honiton Carers Support Group. She told us:

“The group provides support for unpaid carers & ex-carers. We usually meet twice monthly in safe surroundings to enable the carers to offload and engage with each other. During Covid19 I have phoned and emailed every single carer (50+) every week.

"Carers are lonely and isolated at the best of time but with Covid19 many of them are facing 3 months of total isolation due to their cared for health issues. This can be devastating and increase the risk of depression and ill health. Many carers are not on the ‘net and do therefore not socialise through the media.”

With Winnie’s old phone not being as fit for the job as she was, an application to our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund was submitted and approved.

 “Thank you so very much, we are thrilled to bits and this will help tremendously with keeping in touch with the unpaid carers we support, providing them with a lifeline they would otherwise not have.”

Winnie - Honiton Carers Support Group

Extra kudos goes to Winnie and her friend for facilitating this photo for us through her window as she is in self-isolation!

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May 2020