Hayward’s Primary School

We have all seen from social media that home schooling has its challenges. But this new way of life for many families has been made a lot harder by a lack of access to the technology instrumental in learning from home.

Many resources are only available online, and during this period of lockdown, sometimes the main means of support is also via some form of tech.

With an uncertainty of when schools will return and the weeks of learning ticking by, we are proud to have been able to facilitate a grant for Hayward’s Primary School in Crediton to purchase a basic laptop for some of those pupils. 

“The COVID19 crisis has required schools to teach remotely. Whilst Hayward's has excellent online provision, this is not easily accessed by all families, who lack suitable devices.”

Haywards Primary School - Ivy

“This young lady, Ivy, has limited IT at home and is reliant on a mobile phone to access the home-learning – something which she has found really hard, in spite of trying her best.”

“On behalf of the staff and children at Hayward’s Primary School I wanted to say a massive thank you for your kind donation. It is brilliant to know that there are organisations keen to support families through this difficult time and the purchase of the Chromebooks will make a massive difference to them. It will enable the children to continue engaging with their learning effectively both now and in the future. We are extremely grateful.”

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May 2020