Food is Fun

Among the anxieties we are all experiencing at the moment due to the pandemic, for some, is a new found worry surrounding food.

That might mean trying to make it go further whilst dealing with an extra stretched budget or it might mean relying completely on the generosity and contents of food parcels.

Either might mean cooking from scratch for the first time, and/or with ingredients that are unfamiliar.

In either case Food is Fun CIC have provided the answer and an opportunity for anyone to find confidence, new skills and fun (as the name suggests!) in the kitchen by joining their new Facebook group Food Buddies South West.

They told us:

“We believe everyone has the right to good food.

“We want to equip people with the confidence to provide for themselves and their families and not to become more anxious which can lead to stress, depression and other mental health complications.”

Food is Fun CIC ordinarily run pop-up cookery workshops across Plymouth delivering advice on healthy eating, how to cook, budget and shop. The sessions, designed not only to improve self-confidence, health and wellbeing also have a social element which doesn’t appear to have been diminished by moving online.

“This group means you are not alone and we are all in it together. This type of interaction is one positive coming out of what most see as a wholly negative situation.”

“What did we do before Facebook??  I would go completely stir crazy living out in the sticks on my own without it. I feel I have so many friends now.”

“Thank you! Think it was the reassurance I needed that I can do this.”

There is plenty of evidence too from all the lovely photos of food and cookery enjoyment being shared.

food is fun montage

“Having funding from yourselves has meant that we have been able to dedicate the time needed to develop the Facebook group. The group has been instrumental in supporting our members. From conversations about how to bake without yeast, to the sharing of favourite recipes, there has been a huge number of interactions. Although we were unable to go into communities, this way we were able to reach so many more people.”

And at DCF, we’re happy it’s a legacy has the opportunity to carry on:

“Once face to face restrictions are lifted we want to continue this support by inviting people to meet in person, cook together and celebrate new friendships”

We are proud to have been able to support this initiative with a £1,200 grant from our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund – providing man hours to administer this group and supporting its 700+ members

“Finally we want to say a huge thank you to you – without a grant, none of this would have been possible.”

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June 2020