Catholic Children’s Society, Plymouth

Catholic Children’s Society are just one of the groups to whom we are delighted to award a second grant from our emergency fund, as demand for their help continues to rise.

Since the pandemic hit, the charity, based in Plymouth, have been concentrating particularly on continuing one avenue of their usual work that provides essential goods to families.  

Whilst the virus emerged so too did many moving stories about vulnerable people in our communities receiving food, medicine and emotional support. However, we were yet to hear about people for whom the added financial hardship of lockdown meant living without basic household items like cookers, fridge/freezers, washing machines or cots and beds, as we did from the children’s charity CCSP (Catholic Children’s Society Plymouth.)

A initial £2,000 grant from our Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund was awarded and meant that the CCSP were able to help 10 families by enabling the purchase of 3 electric cookers, 1 gas cooker, 3 washing machines, 1 fridge/freezer, 1 toddler bed/mattress and 1 cot/mattress/high chair.

They were even able to overcome the added complication of restrictions placed on delivery drivers, by finding local service providers able to carry out emergency installations.

They told us:

“We’re delighted to have received funding from the Devon Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund recognising that our work helps vulnerable children and their families who are already struggling financially but as a result of Covid-19 face even more financial hardship.  We rely entirely on the generous donations from our parishes, individual donors, grant funders and Catholic schools but with the recent lockdown restrictions, all of our fundraising activities have been cancelled.  We have already begun to see an increase in grant applications as more local families are affected by Covid-19, and we only envisage this number continuing to increase.  We do not want to turn anyone away when they need our help more now than ever.”

Children from a local family enjoying a roast courtesy of their new cooker

This June were delighted to have been able to answer a further application for funds, meaning that The Catholic Children’s Society can continue to provide vital support to parents and carers and their children during what continue to be both uncertain and volatile times.

“The families are so thankful as having these basic essentials has improved their family life at an even more challenging time than they have ever faced before.”


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July 2020