Beaford Brownies

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Will and his family decided to set up the Chiggy Pig Fund to support community groups in and around Torridge, tackling disadvantage and deprivation while making a positive difference to the lives of local people.

They were keen to start making an impact at once, so decided to create an Immediate Impact Fund, meaning they began giving locally just a few months after their initial donation. So far they have supported projects such as the start up of a new Brownie group in an isolated rural area where there is little for young people to do and funding a home visiting service in Torridge, giving social contact for lonely, isolated older people helping them to manage appointments, finances and ensure they are eating and keeping warm during winter months.

The Chiggy Pig Year
So far Chiggy Pig has invested £12,184 into nine projects across Torridge supporting 2,041 people in need.

Jan 2015
- Being introduced to DCF by a friend got us thinking about how we give money to charity, how much we give, where it goes, how much satisfaction we get out of it.

Feb 2015 - Having thought about our family finances and how much we give to charity, we realised we could and should probably give more and DCF could be a way to be more organised about it.

Mar 2015 - After research and meeting Scott, we got a really good feel as to how flexible and targeted we could be with donations. But at the same time we didn’t really have a particular strategy.

May 2015 - Our strategy evolved and with the DCF theme of ‘Bringing people together’ we targeted the district of Torridge, as it’s where we live and where my wife is from - it’s a very rural and poor region with many challenges but with wonderful causes. We started the fund and were able to Gift Aid our donations.

Sep 2015 - It’s great to be able to see and visit the places, knowing that we’ve made a small difference. It’s also helped us get even closer as a family because it’s given us a common purpose and we talk about something different to the usual family stuff.

Now - We all get incredible satisfaction and a warm glow feeling when we make that decision together as to which particular causes we are going to give money to. That feeling stays with us as we can see directly and clearly how it has helped. So much more than walking down a street and putting money in a bucket, walking away and forgetting about it soon after.

"I give more locally because it's a much more rewarding way to give. You can visit the places you've helped and talk to the people you're supporting. You can see, touch and get involved in those projects you've been asked to fund. It's a much more fulfilling experience than putting money in a tin and walking away."