What we do for our donors

Our core services

  • Philanthropic support to develop a bespoke giving strategy, including needs research and theory of change
  • Hold and administer tailor made charitable funds for donors
  • Grant programme management, due diligence, evaluation, monitoring and review
  • Tax-effective giving 
  • Able to accept legacies shares, assets and cash

A range of benefits

  • Bespoke management and decision making
  • Project visits and meetings
  • Impact reports and fund investment statements 
  • Fund holder events and invitations to philanthropy events

A choice of fund types

Depending on what you want to achieve with your giving, you can give now and/or invest funds to help future generations. Funds are based upon 10 Thriving Communities themes and can be changed yearly depending on our donors’ wishes and can also be restricted according to geographic area.

Many donors like to involve their families in their giving, and building a fund with the Foundation enables them to keep giving throughout their lives. Donors can create ‘in memory’ funds to celebrate their loved ones after they are gone or leave a legacy to the Foundation in their own wills to keep giving to issues they care about. These can be both for immediate or endowed giving.

Several ways to make a difference

Our team works with each fund holder to develop a portfolio of giving in line with their wishes to maximise the impact of their philanthropy.

  • Establish your own fund to give to a cause you care about
  • Pool your giving with others when you donate to the Foundation’s Thriving Communities themes
  • Support the Foundation directly and increase the impact we make locally

Contact Martha Wilkinson on 01884 235887 to discuss how your donations can make a difference.