Wace Family Fund


“When my husband sold his business, we knew we wanted to set up some kind of charitable fund or foundation in tax efficient way. My job as a journalist specialising in health-related issues had highlighted for me the shortcomings in mental health services for young people, so that was an area we wanted to focus on. We heard about DCF from our accountant and, after a chat with Development Director Scott, we realised it was a pretty perfect fit for us.

The Foundation has contacts with thousands of groups doing amazing work in communities across Devon. The team deals with the admin so we don’t have to, for example taking care of the legal side of setting up a charitable fund, and checking out the credentials of grant applicants. It’s also a really efficient and cost-effective way of giving, ensuring as much money as possible gets to those who need it.

Setting up a family fund means we can make decisions about the projects we want to support with our children. I’ve loved having the chance to visit some of the groups we’ve funded: for example a project that offers young people struggling with mental health problems, a safe and sociable haven and the chance to learn new skills; a group that builds confidence and resilience in troubled youngsters by teaching them how to handle and care for horses. It’s been a privilege to meet the dynamic and inspiring individuals behind the projects, and to see the difference even a modest grant can make to the lives of youngsters who’ve had a tough start in life or who’ve run into trouble. As a family, we're just pleased to have found a way we can help.”

Pete’s Dragons
In 2015, after her 24 year old brother took his own life Alison set up Pete’s Dragons, a suicide bereavement support service based in East Devon. From experience of feeling the impact of his loss every single day, Alison was adamant that she did not want anyone to have to face this experience alone. 

Sadly suicide rates are increasing, every year around 90 people in Devon take their own lives, and with those who’ve lost a loved one to suicide being much more likely to be suicidal themselves, this vital support is needed more than ever. The Wace Family Fund invested £2,000 to help Pete’s Dragons provide essential support for nearly 100 people suffering from bereavement helping to build emotional resilience going forward.

“Pete’s Dragons have filled in all the gaps for me and my girls. The support we have had has literally been life changing. I have hope in a hopeless situation.”

Wace Family