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We have over 20 years’ experience matching donors with causes they care about. With our community knowledge and expert philanthropy advice, we can help you advise your clients when they consider philanthropy and charitable giving. 

Our Work with You
By working with Devon Community Foundation, you and your clients can benefit in a number of ways:

We are local – your clients’ funds will be used to support the local community in which they live and work. They can visit projects and see for themselves the positive impact that their charitable giving achieves

We are impartial – you may be reluctant to recommend specific charities to your clients for reasons of impartiality. We do not favour any one particular cause or theme

We are flexible – with a named family fund (which operates in a similar way to a charitable trust), your clients choose the causes they wish to support. Grants can be made to charitable causes and not just registered charities (for example, improving health and wellbeing or access to learning and improving skills and employability). Clients can change their focus at any time which enables them to respond quickly to emerging social need and can be involved as little, or as much as they like, in the grant making process

We are quick and efficient – we can set up a named fund after one meeting rather than waiting several months or longer to register as a charitable trust

We make giving easy – we promote the fund and invite applications from community groups, review applications, provide summaries of the projects, check validity and that the charity’s or community group’s project falls within the Foundation’s charitable objectives. Eligible projects are presented to your client for funding decisions, we then arrange for the awards to be made and undertake monitoring to ensure the money has been spent on the project and to measure the impact it has made

We are knowledgeable – we have unparalleled knowledge of local community need and can match your clients’ interests to specific projects, causes and initiatives

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Whether you are a wealth manager, solicitor, accountant, financial planner, investment advisor, by combining your expertise with our experience in advising on philanthropy, together, we can ensure that your clients’ charitable giving needs are met.

Case Study

Read more about the Wace Family Fund, who set up their fund with guidance from their accountant.

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