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Hospiscare@Home Match Fund Appeal

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Who are Hospiscare?

Hospiscare is a Devon-based charity that provide free palliative care to people who have been diagnosed with a life-limited illness – covering Exeter, East and Mid Devon.

What services to they provide?

Hospiscare work alongside a patient’s other healthcare providers to offer them highly skilled specialist services including:

  • Pain relief/Symptom control
  • Emotional Support
  • Therapies
  • Practical Advice

What is Hospiscare@Home?

As well as providing these services in day hospices and via a 12-bed specialist ward, Hospiscare has always had a team of day time specialist nurses that deliver care in patient’s homes.  Hospiscare@Home is an extension of its community service – delivering care in the home as needed 24/7 with the range of roles and care you would receive in its specialist ward.

Why do they need support?

Currently the Hospiscare@Home service, due to funding, only covers Exmouth/Budleigh and Seaton/Axminster. Leaving vast rural areas of Devon such as Mid and parts of West Devon without this level of support.

Unfortunately, the rurality of this area makes travel to support harder. Up to 50% of beds in community hospitals in Hospiscare’s catchment area, have been closed in recent years, and other care packages are few and far between.

Hospiscare would therefore like to launch an extension to their current Hospiscare@Home services to cover these areas, starting with Okehampton and Crediton.

Why this area?

This geographic area of Devon is the amongst the largest and most spread out patch.

Despite having a smaller population than other areas, like for example Exeter, the number of patients referred to Hospiscare from there, is exactly the same.

Why now?

Hospiscare were due to launch a public appeal to extend Hospiscare@Home in early 2020. When coronavirus hit the charity had to redirect all its resources to the charities core costs to ensure it could continue to operate throughout the pandemic and beyond.

It was only thanks to a generous donation from one of their supporters that the charity was able to contemplate relaunching an appeal and with the help of Devon Community Foundation.

Why are DCF fronting their appeal?

Devon Community Foundation have links to the Hospiscare donor and were asked, as philanthropy experts, to assist with raising the remaining funds needed for the appeal. Hospiscare must remain focussed on fundraising for their existing services this year.

How much are you trying to raise?

£1.2 million.

A large contribution has already been put forward by the donor, their contacts and original funders.  This donor, as an extra incredible incentive to others, has also agreed to match fund all further donations to the appeal.

What will that cover?

£1.2 million will pay for a team that includes; a team leader (a band 6 registered nurse), five band-5 registered nurses, two healthcare assistants and an administrator.

It will cover the initial set-up and then running costs for the Okehampton & Crediton based team for approximately three and a half years.

What can I do?

We would love your help!

For any donation of up to £1,000 please give via our Donate page here.

For bigger donations, or to talk to us about your support please talk to our Philantropy Director Scott by email at Scott@devoncf.com.


You can share this story about the incredible donor who has allowed this appeal to happen.

Or share this article we’ve written about the impact of Hospiscare@Home

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Testimonies for Hospiscare@Home

“To all at Hospiscare@Home from the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you for the care and compassion you gave my mum in her final days. Having to watch the cruel grip of MND was eased so much by the way you treated her with dignity. It allowed my Dad to become a husband instead of a carer. It was a very humbling experience. We are grateful for the life she had and the comfortable passing she took with your help. Knowing you were not far away helped us hugely. My mum was an amazing woman who would have loved to have chatted and got to know you all if she had the chance. So from me, my family, and my mum, thank you. Your time with us will never be forgotten or underestimated.”

 “They felt like an extended family”

 “We as a family felt included and fully engaged”

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