Many people, families, large companies, small businesses and charitable trusts give locally through Devon Community Foundation.

All our donors know that we have the local knowledge and experience to connect them to issues that really matters to them, helping their giving to support the groups that really do make a difference locally.  

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  • Or for more information on Philanthropic, or other ways of giving, please see below

Coronavirus Funding Support

In order to be effective at what we do, it’s crucial that at Devon Community Foundation we really understand the difficulties being faced by people all over our county. Knowing what obstacles stand in the way of a happy, healthy...

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What we do for our donors

If you have ever considered giving locally and perhaps starting a charitable foundation, or if you already have one, there is a better way…

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Surviving Winter Appeal

What is Surviving Winter? Surviving Winter is an appeal run by Community Foundations all over the UK. It aims to support people who are suffering due to the cold winter weather.  Data obtained from the...

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Philanthropy simply stated means “the love of humanity”. We celebrate giving in all of its forms. Philanthropy is for everyone, no matter what your personal wealth.

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How to give

If you’re interested in investing in your local community to support those in need, the Foundation has a variety of ways to support you in your journey.

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The difference we make

Last year our grants helped to support thousands of people across the county making an immediate impact on their lives now and leaving a lasting legacy for the future.

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