DCF joins the 360 Giving Family!

We’re very pleased to announce that DCF now publishes its grantmaking data through the 360Giving framework. In doing so, we’re joining (at the time of writing) 92 other funders, providing information on 293,000 grants, providing £25bn worth of grantfunding to 173,000 recipients. 360Giving hosts a searchable grantmaking database, Grantnav, which makes our data accessible to anyone wanting to gain a better picture of grantmaking in the county (or the country, for that matter).

For the data geeks among us, 360Giving provides very user-friendly tools for extracting relevant data, presenting it in a uniform way, and checking for gaps and inaccuracies. This process has encouraged us to make sure everything is shipshape. We have been congratulated on the quality of our data! You can find the grants spreadsheet, along with details of our open data policy and code of conduct, on our website.

More importantly, we feel that participating in this growing national dataset fits with our aim of championing the work of small and micro community organisations, and the grantmaking that supports them. The information in this dataset also informs our future grantmaking, and it is hoped in the future will contribute to a clearer picture both of philanthropy and grant-funded community action.

Nicola Frost – Knowledge Guru