This section of the website includes helpful information and tips to guide you through the grants process. If you need anymore information please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. You can call us on 01884 235887 and speak to our grants team. 

Applying for a grant 

Grant Process

What groups/organisations do we fund
Charities, non-constituted groups, social enterprises that have a governing document and that use their profits and assets for the public good and;
      - Are based and delivering in Devon (including Torbay and Plymouth)
      - Have a bank account in the group’s name with at least two unrelated signatories (in exceptional circumstances we are able to pay a grant through a host organisation)
      - Have a management committee with at least three members
      - Are providing services or facilities for the benefit of people and/or communities.

What don't we fund
• Previously funded groups/ organisations that have overdue evaluations
• Large projects where a small grant would not make a significant difference
• Organisations that have unrestricted funds of more than one years running costs
• Grant making organisations
• Building works
• Capital purchases over £1,000 (with the exception of the Wind and Solar Community Benefit Funds we hold covering specific areas) 
• Overseas travel
• Consultancy fees or feasibility studies
• Promoting political or religious beliefs
• Organisations or activities that primarily support animals or plants
• Sponsorship and/or fundraising events
• Funding for works that have already happened or been committed. 

Measuring Impact 
Groups that are awarded a grant are required to report on the impact of their project which is really important for a number of reasons. When you receive your grant agreement we will also tell you the date date you should complete your evaluations by. The link to your Evaluation form will be sent to your main contact one month before it is due. 

This enables us to learn more about the impact and benefit of our grants on local communities which helps us to keep improving our grant making. It also provides us with important feedback for our donors and funders on the outcomes that their support has delivered, in turn encouraging them to continue providing that support.

Evaluations are required a year from the grant received. As part of the impact measurement, we may request updates on the project’s progress and from time to time will also be in touch to schedule a visit with you. We love to see projects in action and we always make sure visits are arranged at a convenient time for all parties involved. 

We would also love to see videos and photos of your project please email these to us.

We encourage all of the groups we support to get good publicity for the grant, and your project.  Please do send us copies of any press articles or promotional material when you submit your evaluations. We love to share your stories!

We ask groups and projects to demonstrate their support for the Foundation and our partner organisations by using our logos on marketing materials and your website. You can download our logo directly from this section of the website. Please call us on 01884 235887 if you have any questions relating to the use of the logo.

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