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********** GRANTS NEWS December 2019 **********

We’re excited to let you know that in the new year DCF will be reviewing the way it deals with grants. We’ve listened to our applicants and as a result we’re aiming to make the whole process simpler, give decisions faster and put more focus on funding core costs.

In order for our busy Grants Team to get all this done they will be taking a break from normal grant making until a brand new procedure launches in the autumn of 2020 in line with our new and improved website.

We are now closed for new applications.

For applicants who are invited to complete Stage 2 of our application process, we will require these to be completed by Thursday 30th January 2020. Applications received by this date will be processed as usual, and be submitted to our grants panel for a decision on funding during February 2020.

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Strong and resilient communities are a force to be reckoned with, they can work to implement change, reduce crime and encourage community spirit and Crimebeat aims to help by offering grants.

What is Crimebeat?
Devon & Cornwall Police works in partnership with Devon Community Foundation and the High Sheriff of Devon to distribute Devon Crimebeat grants to community groups across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. Helping to enhance skills and personal development of local people by supporting community initiatives that reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Devon Crimebeat fund is managed by the Foundation, with a proportion of the proceeds from money seized from criminal assets and sales of stolen goods that cannot be returned to their owners, alongside championing from each year’s High Sheriff.

“Devon Crimebeat Grants in Devon help to build safer and stronger communities. The Foundation’s involvement in Crimebeat ensures that the money officers recover through the Police Property Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act is back in the community where it belongs. Essentially, turning bad money, good.” Julian Pezzani, Devon Partnership Inspector 

What funding is available?
Funding is available on three levels to support local projects in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth that are focussed on young and/or vulnerable people affected by crime, harm and/or disorder. Projects should be focused on crime prevention and/or community safety as well as supporting projects working to reduce:

  • Offending
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • School Absenteeism

Crimebeat Individual Grants – up to £500 awarded;

  • to young people with community minded initiatives promoting crime prevention and/or community safety (via a host organisation)

Crimebeat Small Grants - up to £2,000 awarded;

  • to small community groups likely to have small income less than £50,000 pa
  • to community groups that are mainly run by volunteers
  • to community groups who support community cohesion and inclusion

Crimebeat Larger Grants - up to £5,000 awarded; 

  • to community groups that have an income up to £250,000 pa
  • to community groups who are growing and developing
  • to community projects that are preventative and respond to crisis

How to Apply?
The Crimebeat Fund has no deadlines for applications so you can submit your Stage 1 Application at any time.  However, each application will need to be known to and endorsed by a staff member of Devon & Cornwall Police such as a PCSO. Find out more information on how the application process works and what we can and cannot fund



Individual Grants – Active Devon

"Thanks again for the £500 Crimebeat funding. We engaged 22 young people initially and 19 of these completed the course (1 gained employment part way through). They completed first aid and food hygiene training but most importantly gained some great communication skills and improved their self-esteem enormously.

Their volunteering day was spent clearing and painting the local YMCA premises and their community event consisted of them working with adults with learning difficulties at ROC Active. The skills they needed to deliver a range of fun team games on that day were learned through the programme too.

Westward Pathfinder worked with us to provide employability training, Matt delivered a CSE session which built upon the safeguarding session I delivered. Torbay Council supported throughout and were able to give us 8 reconditioned bikes that some of the young people had to help them get around. All in all it was a great success and we're really pleased to have the support of Devon and Cornwall Police."


Small Grants – On Track Education Services  

A lack of education, opportunities and low self-esteem all have an impact and young people who have offended tend to have very little hope for their future. On Track Education Services works with ex-offenders and young teenagers who have been excluded, or are on the verge of exclusion, from school. The Project offers the opportunity to establish a social enterprise business in bee keeping, helping to develop invaluable new skills and knowledge while building confidence and earning an income from selling the honey they produce. This encourages a sense of pride in their achievements while creating hope for the future and a positive path away from offending, helping to reduce the likelihood of crime and anti-social behaviour in the community. 

“I was given a chance to make a difference with my life. I now want to go to college and have plans to start my own business. I want to stay of out of trouble and know I don’t need to make those stupid choices I was making.”


Large Grants – Torrington Amateur Boxing Club

Often, it is those most at risk of social exclusion and isolation who start to feel disconnected and frustrated due to a lack of opportunities, limited facilities, poor transport links and families under to afford after school activities. Run by qualified volunteer coaches, TABC has been able to encourage healthy lifestyles and positive community involvement through a local boxing club open five days a week. This has shown a 30% reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 100% reduction in drugs offences as well as encouraging young people to stay safe and feel part of their local community.

“I used to struggle to stay motivated at school and felt my dyslexia meant that I wouldn’t get the chance to do well at anything. Being part of the club has helped to give me a purpose and focus on what I want to achieve, now nothing holds me back and I can overcome anything.”

Torrington Boxing Club 3