TTVS is an established charity based in North Devon which has been delivering community-based services to vulnerable people, mainly carers of all ages, for over 30 years.

The Bright Futures area of their work aims to support Young Adult Carers between the ages of 18-24 by providing 1:1 support, signposting, family support, information and training, and peer support activities.

Young Adult Carers often have lower opportunities as a result the caring role they undertake. Many young carers have missed time off school and struggle with work and education commitments because of the demands from their caring role.

Peer support activities are undertaken to enable young adult carers to meet with others in a similar situation to their own and activities are focused around improving their health outcomes.

In November of 2018 Devon Community Foundation were able to fund a project for Bright Futures thanks to the #iwillFund.

The project Upbeat Upcycle was the brainchild of the young carers themselves who wanted to find a way to fundraise to support the peer support activities which would enable them to learn new skills.

Through this initiative TTVS’s young carers are now transforming old furnishings and furniture through the craft of upcycling and these items have been appearing for sale at local markets and fairs.-


It is hoped there will be many ways in which those involved can benefit from this:

  • By having the opportunity to learn new skills and build confidence; doing an activity with others in a similar situation to their own. 
  • By having the opportunity to reflect on their work and make improvements as the project continues and progresses. 
  • By seeing what it is like to make money from work they have undertaken.
  • By realising that there are many opportunities out there for them and that their ideas can be achieved. 
  • By helping them to form habits that they can continue throughout their lives.
  • Through managing the finances for buying and selling the goods, learning life skills of money management and taking ownership of a project.

TTVS say: “Many people we support have not traditionally been involved in social action. Through participation with Bright Futures Upbeat, they have experienced the benefits and successes group support can bring. The group were interested in fundraising to enable them to continue with peer support activities, and the up-cycle project is a perfect way to demonstrate the power of working together and selling items that have been made with thought and consideration, for a positive cause.”

It is their hope that this project becomes sustainable through reinvestment and that they can support their activities both now and into the future.

We all hope to see them make lots of sales!


Find out more about Bright Futures by visiting their website here

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July 2019