Trevi House

Trevi House

Trevi House is a service for women in rehabilitation that is unique to the UK. The three drug and alcohol workers who established it in 1993 wanted somewhere that focused on women that were mothers, and served to support both those women and their children from a residential set-up in Plymouth.

"Trevi House’s vision is that children with mums who have drug or alcohol addiction can be given the chance to remain in their care: in the short term whilst mum undertakes her recovery from addiction and in the long term as they begin a life together free from addiction and abuse."

Over 26 years Trevi House have established a huge range of support services that deal with the more often than not, very complex needs of the women coming through its doors. Offering both therapeutic interventions – counselling, relationship analysis, group therapy, medical assessments - as well as accredited programmes, creative based activities and practical assistance covering areas such as parenting, benefits, accommodation, relationships, connecting with the community, employability and more.

"The women who Trevi treats are often stigmatised by society due to their substance misuse. Sadly, in many cases their substance misuse is a result of domestic violence and abusive backgrounds and many of the women themselves were in care when they were a child. Many of the women we support lack knowledge and experience due to their disadvantaged upbringing and education."

In October of last year Trevi House came to Devon Community Foundation wanting to broaden its health and well-being initiative by introducing two programmes of exercise and training, called Reshape and Rebalance (“R&R”). Reshape, an accredited programme centred on food, nutrition, exercise and learning to love, accept and respect body and mind and Rebalance, a weekly power-pilates class.

Trevi House advised us that from consultations with the women they supported, that they had received a resounding 100% ‘yes’ when asked if they rated health and well-being programmes as essential to their support. Trevi House also told us of the added benefits that could come from any friendships forged at these sessions, helping to alleviate social isolation that can be a factor in depression.

Trevi House want the women who seek their help to have as many tools as possible to be able to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives with their families. The DCF panel with the destiny of the Tampon Tax Community Fund in its hands, recognised the validity of this and were able to grant them £10,000 to assist in the set-up and running of the R&R courses for 12 months.

We’ll look forward to hearing more about their successes in the near future.

To find out more about Trevi House please visit their website here.

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July 2019