Significant Seams

In this month that includes #CarersWeek, Significant Seams have acknowledged Devon Community Foundation in their latest success.

Significant Seams use textiles and crafts to build community and support people in vulnerable life moments.

We spoke to them back in 2017 when they sought funding for a project to create a network for front-line supporters and carers. They told us “It will directly support carers who are struggling emotionally. Artistic processes can unlock stresses and nurture self confidence and self-expression. Groups like this breakdown social isolation that can contribute to depression and the feeling of being disregarded that can plague carers.”

Since then The Craft of Caring project has grown legs. As well as the funding we were glad to be able to grant, they have secured further funds, developed their thinking and in doing so have increased their reach and are able to support and engage with more carers.

The Care Trail is an exhibition of artwork born of a collaboration between eight professional artists and over 150 carers and their communities. To find out more please visit the Signficant Seams website.


This was possible thanks to our Community Grants fund.

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June 2019