Proud2Be is a social enterprise that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans+ (LGBT+) people and their families in South Devon and beyond.

In early 2018 they applied to DCF for a grant to support their ‘Proud2Be Youth Peer Mentoring programme’ a scheme that wanted to link young people who were new to Proud 2Be’s youth group, or were struggling to engage due to low confidence, with an already established youth member. As well as serving to boost the fledgling member’s confidence and engagement with the Youth Group, this ‘hook up’ would also serve to help to grow the skills and confidence of the mentor.

A year on and Proud2Be were delighted to tell us that the programme was an overriding success. “Young people have become even more engaged in Proud2Be’s work. One young person who signed up to be a peer mentor went on to secure a place on an external mentoring course and now plans to use his new skills in the future:

''Being asked to be mentor was a massive confidence boost for me and I really enjoyed it. It definitely gave me the confidence to apply for this course. I have decided I wanna become a counsellor in the future and am so excited. Peer mentoring was the start of me finding out what I wanna do, which is great!''

They told us:

"It has also been so lovely to see some of the younger, more nervous members become more confident as a result of the support they received from peer mentors.

"I was scared to come to the group. Meeting my peer mentor helped me 'cause it gave me someone to talk to. They also introduced me to another new member and we became friends. I come to the group all the time now and feel at home."

Overall, we feel that the group is a stronger, more inclusive one for the support we have received from Devon Community Foundation."

This was possible thanks to the #iwill fund.


Proud2Be at a communities event

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June 2019