Help people find and keep a home

So Fly CIC in Torbay helps people to #findandkeepahome

There are many disadvantaged young people living within our county, these vulnerable young people are often at risk of sofa surfing or street homelessness. In 2015-16, 219 young people aged 16-25, made homeless applications to Torbay City Council. Lacking safe and secure accommodation was clearly having a detrimental impact on many aspects of their lives, sometimes leading to drug and alcohol abuse or mental health issues.

One vital way of supporting those in need can be to reduce the amount of time they are in crisis, helping to prevent their lives becoming even more chaotic. This can be achieved by rebuilding relationships or finding safe accommodation. £2,000 was invested in So-Fly CIC, to provide a support service offering long term solutions for some of the most vulnerable young people in Torbay. Over the last few months the project has worked with over 20 young people facing some form of homelessness, working with each individual to address their specific needs.

“This is just a quick thank you to the man who saved my life, who got me the help I needed when I was living on the streets and found me a place to live, made sure I had enough food and constantly checked up on me to see how I was.”



given by DCF in 2016 to groups helping people to find or keep a home


people more securely housed