Encourage safety and resilience

Amber Initiatives in Plymouth encourages #safetyandresilience Plymouth is a vibrant and thriving city, but like any other, there are also pockets of high levels of deprivation and inequality. In fact 21% of the city’s children and young people are living in poverty. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are often more likely to become victims of discrimination, hate crime and racism. These young people face one, or more, difficult situations and obstacles in their life which can prevent them from having access to formal and non-formal education, active citizenship, empowerment and inclusion in society at large. The combination of economic and social triggers, can serve as catalysts that drive violent behaviour and extremism.

Amber Initiatives received £24,658 to run the ‘Challenging Racism Together’ project, educating young people about different forms of racism and extremism while provoking deep thinking about issues regarding race and identity. The project is a partnership approach, tackling discrimination, intolerance, prejudice, and stereotypes in educational settings via interactive workshops, educational events for school communities and youth clubs to build a more positive environment where all young people feel equal, empowered and can actively engage in community life.

“I had problems with my classmates, and have been bullied and faced many stressful situations. This activity empowered me and my parents: we understand better the course of actions how to tackle bullying and hate crime. I feel more confident and supported.”


increase in hate crimes reported to Devon and Cornwall Police for the period immediately following the 2016 Brexit referendum


distributed by DCF in 2016 to groups encouraging communities to be safe and resilient


people encouraged to be safer and more resilient