Wellbeing Exeter

Devon’s population is expanding and ageing, increasing the overall burden on health services. Put simply, as a population we’re living longer but spending more years in ill-health. In addition there is little, if any, decrease in inequalities, with people in poorer areas living shorter lives and experiencing a greater burden of ill health and disease. The pressure on our GPs is huge, and while a fifth of their time is spent dealing with patients’ social problems (such as debt, isolation, housing, and employment) they can do little to address these needs.

Devon Community Foundation is the Sector Lead and Programme Manager for Wellbeing Exeter alongside partners from local government, social care, the NHS and a range of voluntary sector organisations to find a solution that benefits individuals, communities, and public services. This partnership aims to find new ways of working to reduce the needless call on professional health services, integrates health with social care and community, and improves wellbeing for individuals.

We envision a future where local services will be arranged on an individual basis; providing preventive care and support, designed and delivered in partnership within the communities where people live. Services will be connected, deliver quality outcomes and use resources efficiently and effectively.

The answer is Wellbeing Exeter and it’s happening right now.

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