Weathering the Storm

Devon Flood Fund

Communities all around Devon faced a relentless barrage of storm and flood events between December 2013 and February 2014. Every conceivable type of flooding was experienced causing over 180 properties considerable damage, and displaced families and individuals great distress.

Your amazing generosity enabled the Foundation to respond within hours when the storms hit, offering emergency grants within 48 hours. Prompted by donors wanting to give, and give quickly, DCF launched a fund to help those flooded out of their homes.

This resulted in donations in excess of £169,000 and helped nearly 150 people to cope with the distresses they faced, as well as those business and community groups that were hit hard.

Preparing for a rainy day
With what is now left we are planning ahead by continuing to work with local communities that are keen to develop their own response to any future flooding or storm events. The DCF Flood Fund is helping these communities by funding the essential equipment they need to put their plans into action, such as torches, hazard signs, waterproof clothing and more much. 

DCF made Flood Fundgrants of £103,208 to 134 individuals, 4 businesses and 6 community groups.

Susan Harding – Hall’s home and business Red Rock Cafe were affected by the flooding:

“The water has come in through the ceiling, windows and floors of our home and we’ve also had to close our business so we haven’t had any income and we’re struggling to pay our bills. Thanks to the general public’s generous donations, the grant given by DCF will help us to pay our rent, gas, electric and water rates.”

Johan Minty’s ceiling collapsed after the storms:

“A very warm thank you for the grant of £250, as a single mother with four children without your support I would not be able to fix the damage to my roof. You have made our family very happy and in the future when we are back on our feet we will do our best to repay some generosity that we have received.”

Wendy Williams, a teacher from Dawlish experienced extra costs after having to leave her home on the seafront: 

“We had to quickly evacuate our home, not givign us much time to gather out belongings. We are living with friends but it is a significant distance from my place of work so I am paying double on petrol. Thanks to kind donations made through the DCF Flood Fund, the £250 will help to pay for extra fuel costs, storing all our furniture and the additional calls I’ve had to make on my pay-as-you-go mobile.”