Theresa’s Facts & Figures Update


As a Community Foundation building endowment is a key strategy for growth, providing a resource for the people of Devon, for now and for the future. Donors who invest in endowment have the pleasure of knowing their gift will continue to transform lives year on year. 100 years from now we don’t know what challenges local people will be facing, but we know there will be some financial support to help meet them. 

Our endowment has been invested with three fund managers since 2011, Smith and Williamson Investment Services Limited, CCLA Investment Management Limited and Ruffer Investment Company Limited. We have a dedicated lead trustee with a wealth of experience overseeing the performance which over recent years, despite a turbulent economic climate, has been good.

We always aspire to protect the capital value of the endowment funds in line with inflation and then to distribute funds. However, investment is a long-term proposition and we are acutely aware that it is our job to put funds to work and so, sometimes, we make the decision to access additional endowed funds to keep the good work going.

We never forget that we are merely guardians of the vital charitable funds that make all the work you can see across this website possible, many of which have received funding thanks to the good investment returns on our endowment funds. You can read more about our most recent facts & figures here.

Theresa White
Finance Manager