Scott’s Philanthropy Update


My mission is to increase the impact of local philanthropy for Devon. If you’re feeling inspired by what you have seen, and are looking for a way to make a difference, there are many ways to get involved:

Individuals and families
Community Foundations are an ideal vehicle for philanthropists to put some structure around their giving to achieve maximum impact in their community. Offering a flexible alternative to creating conventional charitable trusts or a foundation, which can prove complicated and costly to set up and administer. The administrative and governance burden on trustees running a charitable trust is ever increasing and, understandably, can be off-putting to those who just want to see their giving in action. We offer a practical solution, making charitable giving to local causes stress free, easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to establish a personal fund through a lifetime donation or a legacy in your will, or wish to reduce the administrative burden of an existing trust, we can work with you to find the best solution. The Wace Family Fund and the Earth to Earth Fund are two great examples of the power of local philanthropy.

We offer similar support to corporate donors (including businesses of all sizes, solicitors, accountants and land agents etc.) who have an interest in the local community and are keen to put their corporate social responsibility into practice.

Charitable Trusts
We can also take on existing charitable trusts that are ineffective due to difficulties in identifying beneficiaries or attracting new trustees. There are a range of ways we can help, from assisting with grant making to taking over legal responsibilities for the trust completely, while those who want to can still retain an interest. You can find out more about the North Devon Relief Fund and how it was transferred to us nearly 60 years after it was originally created in response to the Lynton and Lynmouth flood disaster.

Professional Advisors
Working together we can provide a comprehensive service to help you meet your clients’ charitable goals and exceed their expectations in terms of the range of options available to them. Whether you are a wealth manager, solicitor, accountant, financial planner, investment advisor or have a specific interest in the technical aspects of planned giving, the opposite page gives you an idea of how together, combining your expertise with our experience in advising on philanthropy, we can ensure that your clients’ charitable giving meets the causes they wish to support.

Please get in touch on 01884 235887 or email to discuss how we might be able to help you support your communities and target the local issues you care about.

Scott Walker
Development Director