North Devon Farmers Show Support for Local Community

Bridgerule Village

North Devon Farmers, John and Susanne Tucker, have decided to create a charitable fund with local charity Devon Community Foundation in order to help support their neighbourhood now, and forever.

Thanks to the income generated by wind turbines on their land, the couple have committed £8,000 each year to the Babeleigh Barton Community Benefit Fund until 2036. This means a massive £160,000 will be channelled into Parkham Parish to support community groups which tackle deprivation and make a positive impact on the lives of local disadvantaged people.

This is well beyond the suggested donation for a community benefit fund, but to the pair born and bred in parish, there was never any question that they would do everything they could to make a difference. They knew they wanted to support their local community, in fact, they’d have already paid for a defibrillator for the village hall, but just needed a charity they could rely on to guide their giving in the way they wanted.

Susanne said, “We feel it’s only right that these funds go back into the community we know and love. As soon as we were told about this unique way of giving locally, through a charity dedicated to transforming lives across Devon, we knew the money would be put to good use.”

As a trusted philanthropy adviser the Foundation offers a bespoke service advising on how priorities for local charitable giving can make the best impact, investing donations to maximise return and delivering precision grant making. They worked with the husband and wife duo to formulate a plan that met their wishes, community needs, and most importantly ensures that everything stays local.

Martha Wilkinson, Chief Executive of Devon Community Foundation says “All our donors know that we have the local knowledge and experience to connect them to issues that really matters to them, helping their giving to support the groups that really do make a difference locally.

We research and advise on needs and issues, conduct due diligence, report on impact and outcomes, and involve donors as much or as little as they like. Better still it’s much, much easier than having a charitable trust but with all the same benefits. In fact, the Charity Commission acknowledges that Community Foundations have a reputation for the effective management of charitable funds in order to maximise their impact at local level. So working with us is a no brainer for donors wanting to give more locally.”

Anyone keen to make a difference by supporting their local community can find out more by talking to Martha on 01884 235887 or emailing

Community projects in Parkham in need of a cash boost should complete a Stage One Application to find out whether they are eligible for funding. For more information and to complete a Stage 1 Application.