Celebrating Youth Social Action in Devon

#iwill Programme Funding in Action

Exwick Youth Council was created to help give a voice to local young people, helping them to be heard and encouraging their involvement in community decision making. They are empowered to be a bridge between both young and old and have established a real sense of community cohesion.

Funding from the #iwill programme enabled the youth volunteers to plan and deliver a series of intergenerational events. Which culminated in a day of celebration and workshops for everyone to join together and share their learning.

This has resulted in the creation of long lasting links between the different age groups. The young people say they now feel valued members of their community and are proud of what they have achieved through their volunteering.

“We are enabled to make things different for ourselves, our peers and future generations.”


The Lodge Action is a 100% volunteer-led indoor skate club in Teignbridge, offering roller-skating, skateboarding, scootering and bmx biking to anyone interested in keeping active and healthy as well as the chance to volunteer in the local community.

Funding from the #iwill Programme helped to put 16 young volunteers through essential coaching and safeguarding courses. The newly qualified coaches have gained new qualifications, experiences and skills for the future. They are now qualified to teach up to 16 students at a time in Scootering and Skateboarding basics and offer coaching sessions one to two times a week to other young people.

As some of the youngest qualified coaches in the Country, they are a clear example of the power of volunteering and community spirit. They have enabled more people to access sporting activities, helping to build skills, confidence and raise aspirations for those that take part.

“It’s encouraging to see young people engaging in the community and achieving these unique qualifications.”


Youth Genesis works with communities across Torbay to encourage and support youth-led services and projects that address challenges that local young people face. Through training and support they help volunteers to become a voice on local community forums and partnerships, as well as taking part in fundraising activities for their chosen projects.

Funding from the #iwill programme enabled the set up of a youth volunteering programme to help 25 young people improve the lives of their peers and the local community. The young people have been given the opportunity to develop ideas, for instance creating a project focused on shattering stereotypes and raising awareness of domestic abuse victims, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

The programme has offered access to training and developed essential life skills such as teamwork, managing finances, leadership, public speaking, planning and communication, helping to enhance future employment opportunities.

“The team of youth volunteers are passionate about supporting young people and the wider community across Torbay.”