August E-Newsletter 2019


 This month at DCF we’re kicking off the shackles of middle age (sorry all, I’m taking you down with me) and remembering what it’s like to be youthful, as we get ready for the launch of our next funding round of the National Youth Social Action programme, #iwill (see, it’s so down-with-kids, it even has it’s own hashtag). As well as sharing news of that, we’ll have our usual round-up of features, but with an extra spritely spring in their step!


Thanks to the generosity of our donors we’re able to help fund hundreds of groups in Devon every year. We’re proud to champion their success in supporting individuals and families as well as helping build better communities all across our region.


n 2017 we were delighted to award a grant of over £4000 from the #iwillFund to Encompass Southwest. A charity based out of North Devon, their motivation is to prevent and reduce homelessness, rough sleeping and the impact of poverty by providing advice, information and support services.

To build on an already successful range of services for those experiencing crisis and hardship, they wanted to pay particular attention to young people, by providing an additional service to them, administered by them, in the shape of Homeless Peer Champions.

The #iwill grant saw that Encompass were able to recruit 11 young people as peer champions. Each had experienced homelessness themselves, and possessed the passion and energy to use their experiences to create a short film, hold workshops and create marketing materials for educating other young people about homelessness prevention.


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Everyone has to ask for a little help sometimes. Although we have a lot of wonderful donors and supporters at DCF we are always more than keen to invite more. Here we highlight our funds that just can’t keep up with demand!
Devon on Earth logo_cropped

One of the funds we look after at DCF is the Devon On Earth fund which, as the name suggests, is concerned with connecting people with planet. It seeks to promote the practice of interweaving all things human with all things nature to the benefit of both, by helping ecological environments to thrive, and the re-balance and well-being of those working in them to be addressed.

It’s a hot topic at the moment and one we only predict will become more-so as we planet dwellers are beginning to pay more attention to all things green.

One thing we do know is that this particular green ambassador, Devon on Earth has been so successful as a DCF fund that it is in need of a few more seeds for planting to grow into great big money trees!








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