A tribute to Ray Miles (1944-2015)

Bike Bank 29.02.2016 (1)

Ray believed passionately in the work of Devon Community Foundation and became a Trustee in 2002, later becoming Chairman from 2006 until 2008 when he retired from the Board. Ray continued to be very much involved with the Foundation. He built his Fund to support both new and existing Social Enterprises in Devon and felt it was important to develop the life skills of vulnerable young people living difficult lives. It was with much sadness we heard of the death of Ray Miles on Friday 6 November aged 71. His memory lives on…

Bike Bank
A recurrent theme for many vulnerable adults, whether they are in recovery from substance misuse, or trying to re-establish their lives after a period of homelessness, is the negative impact of boredom and isolation.

In 2015, Bike Bank in Exeter was awarded £4,612 from the Ray Miles Fund to offer opportunities to unemployed people suffering from mental ill health, helping to increase their skills and build their confidence by providing structured activities to learn practical skills.

Bikes are donated to the project and restored by those involved, helping them to develop and improve their employability through communication skills, team working and being in a working environment.

“Without funders such as the Devon Community Foundation we would never be able to get our ideas off the ground and into reality.” Matt Bell CEO