Keep people safe and well

North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD in Torridge helps people #keepsafeandwell

Autism is often a hidden disability which seriously affects around 700,000 people in the UK and touches the lives of 2.8 million people every day. 

Daily life for people who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) can be confusing and frightening. North Devon Forum for ASC and ADHD provide dedicated social evenings for adults with these conditions and their families. The social activities offered by the Forum reduce isolation, increase social inclusion and build confidence for adults with these conditions as well as helping them to gain independence.

"Events like this are a rare and vital opportunity for our daughter to meet others and learn how to socialise in a safe, autistic friendly way. It was brilliant and gave her the chance to live more like people her age without disabilities or autism, who take a night out for granted." 

Kate Gurney  

“I value the opportunity to be able to give locally through Devon Community Foundation. I have been involved in the charity for over 12 years, and know that my gift will go to essential local organisations who help the vulnerable within our society. Each time I give, I hear about the difference our support has made to the lives of those involved. It’s like planting an acorn from which I know a sturdy oak tree will then grow.”


adults who have autism experience severe mental health difficulties due to a lack of support


invested last year by DCF in groups who keep people safe and well


people feel less isolated