Encourage safety and resilience

On Track Education Services in South Hams encourages #safetyandresilience

After a crime has been committed young adults can get caught in a pattern of re-offending, and once trapped in the cycle it is hard to get out. A lack of education, opportunities and low self-esteem all have an impact and young people who have offended tend to have very little hope for their future.

On Track Education Services works with ex-offenders and young teenagers who have been excluded, or are on the verge of exclusion, from school. The project offers the opportunity to establish a social enterprise business in bee keeping, helping to develop invaluable new skills and knowledge while building confidence and earning an income from selling the honey they produce. This encourages a sense of pride in their achievements while creating hope for the future and a positive path away from offending, helping to reduce the likelihood of crime and anti-social behaviour in the community.

"I was given a chance to make a difference with my life. I now want to go to college and have plans to start my own business. I want to stay out of trouble and know I don't need to make those stupid choices I was making before."


“It is important to us to work with a charity that aims to build safer and stronger communities. With our fund we aim to assist projects that support people at the risk of criminal or anti-social behaviour. Thanks to Devon Community Foundation we are able to achieve this and ensure this money is put back into the community where it belongs.” 


of offenders under 18 are re-convicted within a year of release


distributed by DCF in 2015 to groups encouraging communities to be safe and resilient - See more at: http://devoncf.com/apply/the-difference-we-make/encourage-safety-and-resilience/#sthash.dcxyK4fQ.dpuf


people less likely to be involved in crime & anti-social behaviour