Professional Advisors

Devon Community Foundation is a unique charity which promotes and manages philanthropy.  Our role is to strengthen communities in Devon by awarding grants to projects that make a sustainable impact on local needs, and to help our clients make the most of their charitable giving.  
Often, the first step taken by people who want their giving to make a difference is to seek professional advice about the options available to them, so it is important for us at the Foundation to make sure that advisers to businesses, families and individuals are familiar with our services.

Why talk to us?

  • The Foundation works with many individuals, families and businesses as well as Trusts & Foundations to support their giving. We can help you advise your clients on their philanthropy and the role it can play during their lifetime and in their estate planning
  • The Foundation’s professional grants team has expertise in local needs and can ensure your clients’ gifts are targeted precisely and effectively
  • We work with you to ensure tax efficiency
  • The Foundation’s Annual Report & Accounts are audited each year, and our robust governance and management processes are monitored through the UK Community Foundation’s Quality Accreditation programme which is endorsed by the Charity Commission

What can we offer your private clients?

  • We provide bespoke services for private individuals and families who want to work with the Foundation and are interested in making charitable donations; setting up a Named Fund; transferring an existing charitable trust; leaving a legacy in their will
  • Our team provide a dedicated tailored service to all our clients and donors
  • We respect the requests of our donors and they can remain anonymous if they wish
  • Similar services are available to corporate clients with an interest in supporting their local community and putting their Corporate Social Responsibility policies into practice
  • We are highly cost effective charity managers, and assume all the responsibilities of delivering your clients philanthropic wishes and reporting
  • Unlike a charitable trust, with all its attendant legal, accounting and reporting complexities, a Named Fund under our management can be set up in a matter of hours

There are two kinds of Named Fund available to your clients:

An Endowment Fund

Where the gift, a minimum £25,000, establishes a long-term capital base and the income is distributed for charitable purposes. The contribution to the Foundation is 1.5% of the Endowment Fund Capital. 

An Immediate Impact Fund

Where the donation is spent straight away – normally within one year – and which can be supplemented annually thereafter. The minimum gift is £25,000 and the contribution to the Foundation is 10% of the donation.