Help people find and keep a home

Community Housing Aid in Exeter helps people to #findandkeepahome

Each year, hundreds of young people in Devon find themselves at risk of homelessness. Often as a result of family breakdown, the loss of employment or tenancy failure, 8% of under 25’s have been without a home at some point in the last five years. 

Youth homelessness can lead to social exclusion, poor physical health, unemployment, emotional distress and mental illness. Community Housing Aid aims to help reduce poverty and homelessness for young adults in Exeter. They offer all round support relating to accommodation, debt and benefit advice, giving local young people facing homelessness the opportunity for a better future.

"I would have killed myself. I was on the streets for over three months and I didn't speak to my family except my brother but he works 12 hours a day."

Devon Ripple

“We enjoy giving locally through Devon Community Foundation as we know that they work with effective projects, supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to reach their potential and raise their aspirations. It is very rewarding to meet the inspirational people running these projects, and hear directly from those benefiting about the difference our support has made to their lives.”


increase in homeless families in the last five years


given by DCF in 2015 to groups helping people to find or keep a home


people more securely housed