Develop life skills

Unite-Carers in Mid Devon helps to #developlifeskills

There are around 3,500 young carers in Devon providing regular on-going care and emotional support to a sick or disabled relative. Most have spent four years caring before they receive any support and give over 50 hours a week.

It is a sad fact that young carers are twice as likely to not be in education, employment or training, and for those who do manage to stay in education, meeting the costs when their parents are unable to help out can make it a constant struggle to stay afloat financially. Unite Carers provides educational environmental activities that young carers would not normally have the opportunity to experience. A residential weekend helps to build self- esteem and enables them to learn new skills and gain knowledge. 

"I care for my mum who has mental illness and depression, my sister who has autism and other illnesses that I can't remember. The best thing for me about young carers is having a bit of a break and time out to meet new people."

Mumme Ackford 

“We wanted to set up a fund with Devon Community Foundation as they have the skills and infrastructure to enable us to support a variety of projects across Devon, which need funding to support young people to fulfil their potential and bring about positive social change. The sustainable long-term nature of the fund ensures that this support will continue into the future as a legacy, which does good and feels good.”


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invested by DCF last year in groups supporting people to develop their life skills


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