Bring people together

Seaton & District Memory Cafe in East Devon #bringpeopletogether

Dementia can impact all aspects of a person's life and often those affected tend to withdraw from social contact. For those diagnosed with dementia and their families, there can be a lack of support leaving them feeling isolated and alone.

In rural areas these issues tend to be more acute. Friends, family and service providers are more distant, transport links are often poor and many community hubs have closed. The Memory Café in Seaton helps people suffering from dementia and their carers with practical information and support, reducing their seclusion and fear. The project also offers a relaxed and friendly environment to meet others in a similar situation.

"A truly wonderful place to be a part of, we're welcomed with smiles and laughter, everyone takes part and we're given two hours of pure joy. Meeting other people is so important."

Our Community Grants 

Eligible applications to Devon Community Foundation are all viewed by volunteer community grant panels which help to decide where funds should be directed, to maximise the benefit to local communities. These panels help ensure decisions regarding grant funding are knowledgeable, collaborative, transparent and guided by local need.


of people have a family member or friend with dementia


distributed in 2015 by DCF to community groups who bring people together


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