Applying for a grant

Current suspension to our grant-making services.

Our current strategy dictates that we review our grants processes every three years. Having reached this point, we recently began to look at what is working well and what among our current practices may be in need of some revaluation. These exercises, together with our day to day grants experience and some research we conducted with groups, have all highlighted some key areas where we believe our systems could be working better.

For example, we have noticed that the nature of applying for grants across our sector has evolved, and that the interaction between grant-makers and applicants has become much more collaborative and personable. We feel that at DCF could be more aligned with this way of working so that we are able to support the groups that apply to us better, and as a consequence, we will also be gleaning a better understanding of the issues in our communities being addressed by them. 

In order to really focus on this and other points we have identified for improvement, we feel that a break in our day to day duties is needed. We have therefore made the decision to pause our usual grant-making in order to totally renew it, before relaunching.

How will you be affected?

This break simply means that you won't be able to apply to us for funding until the autumn of 2020 when our new procedure is unveiled together with our new website.

It may also mean that, as a person directly affected by any new grant procedures, we may contact you for your views.

We hope you will agree this is an exciting time for DCF and anticipate the ‘make over’ as much as we do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Grants Team.