Where the money goes

Okehampton Street Pastors3-7-2017
contributing to set-up costs for a new Street Pastor group, providing support for vulnerable people on the streets at night time
Awarded: £3,437

Tavistock Physically Challenged Group3-4-2017
to increase specialist transport in West Devon, supporting people with mobility issues, enabling them to get out, reduicing isolation and improving their quality of life
Awarded: £1,450

Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum17-07-2017
supporting volunteer instructor provision in order to maximise opportunities for young people to take part in affordable outdoor activities
Awarded: £1,880

Plymouth & Liskeard Branch of MS Society12-4-2016
a support group for people who have MS offering Tai Chi classes, gentle exercise can make such a difference to the quality of life and also a chance to meet with and support other sufferers has a positive impact on their overall wellbeing
Awarded: £1,000

North Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team9-3-2016
to help finance vital equipment for the water rescue devision of the search and rescue team which can be deployed anywhere in Devon to help during flooding or search the water margins for missing people
Awarded: £3,294

Work Skills South West24-11-2016
for a pilot to run workshops focusing on Animal Assisted Activities / Interventions designed to boost the confidence of vulnerable young people with mental health problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, self harming, autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder
Awarded: £1,450

Chagford Parish Council23-03-2016
to fund meetings for the community of Chagford to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £200

Chagford Education & Leisure Trust (CELT)23-03-2016
helping the sustainability of a well used youth club in rural Mid Devon, giving young people somewhere to go and a qualitied youth worker to support them, whilst increasing the skills and experience of volunteers
Awarded: £5,000

Lifton Scout Group23-03-2016
funding equipment for a scouts group in Torridge, ensuring these youngsters from this deprived area have an opportunity to experience all the activities available increasing their skills and knowledge
Awarded: £500

Tavistock Edge8-4-2015
supporting a Tavistock community group to bring people together, they organise activites from knitting to amateur theatre, to singing in the choir, helping social inclusion and building a stronger community spirit
Awarded: £1,000

Lewtrenchard Pre-school Baby and Toddler Group (Lewtrenchard Pre-school)2-4-2015
to fund the cost of equipment for a babies and toddler group in Torridge, a rural area where there is a lack of early years provision and support for parents, bringing families together and building a stronger community
Awarded: £930

Tavistock Street Pastors4-3-2015
providing supplies to maintain the Street Pastors evening patrols in Tavistock which address anti-social behaviour, reduce alcohol fueled violent crime and free up the emergency services to focus on other priorities
Awarded: £750

Youth to Youth4-3-2015
Awarded: £1,000

Age Concern Okehampton & Torridge15-12-2015
for a home visiting service in Torridge, giving social contact for lonely, isolated older people helping them to manage appointments and finances and ensure they are eating and keeping warm during winter months
Awarded: £2,500

Chicks (Country Holidays for Inner City Kids)15-12-2015
funding to enable respite breaks for children of military families helping them to cope with regular periods of separation and the behavior problems this can trigger, giving them the opportunity to meet and make friends with other children in similar situations
Awarded: £5,388

Okehampton and District Duke of Edinburgh's Award Committee21-09-2015
to fund equipment to enable young people to take up the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, these youngsters have additional needs therefore need extra support, raising their confidence and future aspirations
Awarded: £1,000

Germansweek Village Hall21-09-2015
supporting a community hub for people living in an rural village, bringing people together and increasing community spirit among all ages
Awarded: £922

uskate CIC15-06-2015
to provide equipment for an indoor training centre, a positive environment for the development of all ages, teaching extreme sports and circus skills to increase confidence, self worth and nurture positive attitude towards learning
Awarded: £2,500

Princetown F.C15-06-2015
supplying sports equipment to encourage young people to be active and engage in outdoor activities, keeping them occupied, reducing anti social behaviour in a rural area where there is very little for them to do, increasing general well-being and sense of belonging and achievement
Awarded: £3,000

Tavistock Physically Challenged Group15-06-2015
helping to fund the specialist transport for a rural community group for people with disabilities, this is an essential service for people living in isolation, the only time they get to go out and socialise
Awarded: £1,500

Exbourne & Jacobstowe Community Association19-11-2014
£250 award from Volunteer Of The Year
Awarded: £250

Memory Café Tavistock9-10-2014
to purchase i-pads to train the members at the memory cafe to help stimulate and engage them with their carers supported by the youngsters from the local college
Awarded: £1,500

Stannary Brass Band9-10-2014
to enable the rural band to recruit more players and continue to teach children to read and play music, raising aspirations and providing opportunities for social interaction in a rural community.
Awarded: £750

Tavistock Carers Support Group9-10-2014
to provide respite excursions throughout 2015 for the 50 members of the carers group , increasing their ability to cope, reducing isolation and building their confidence for the future
Awarded: £950

The Mary Budding Trust9-10-2014
to help in obtaining equipment and welfare for children that have a whole range of special needs, physical, educational, social and financial, reducing isolation and increasing their aspirations and confidence
Awarded: £875

Germansweek Village Hall13-10-2014
to enable a rural community to update and revamp their hall and surrounding space, to ensure it meets the needs of the next generation and continues to be bring people together
Awarded: £1,000

MD Devonian13-10-2014
to part fund the cost of a wheelchair for an individual who has cerebral palsy to increase his access to playing sport by improving his mobility, and reducing his isolation.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth District Scouts Duke of Edinburgh Award Group23-06-2014
for the purchase of equipment for a scouts group, to allow young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award, by offering the loan of equipment that they would not be able to afford
Awarded: £480

Princetown Pavilion Youth Club15-04-2014
to help support a group of teenagers to organise a carnival in their rural community, which will increase there confidence, build community cohesion and intergenerational socialising, helping to reduce isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Tavistock Specials FC14-04-2014
to help support a football club for children with health conditions giving them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sport and team building, improving their quality of life with a sense of achievement and increased confidence
Awarded: £1,000

Horrabridge Youth Club14-04-2014
working with young people aged between 11 -18 in an area of high deprivation and disadvantage, engaging them in diversionary activities both fitness and skills based, encouraging them to be involved in training to become young leaders and gain a sense of achievement and recgonition
Awarded: £1,000

Highampton Community Group24-02-2014
To help support the running costs of Highampton village Hall which provides activities for the rural community.
Awarded: £320

Tavistock Specials FC20-02-2014
To contribute towards cost of running football club for people with disabilities.
Awarded: £2,500

DATA (Debt Advice Tavistock Area)20-02-2014
To provide a volunteer-run debt advice service.
Awarded: £480

CAB Devon7-3-2013
To support people facing fuel poverty.
Awarded: £2,000

Med Theatre7-3-2013
to provide performing arts and digital media training for chidlren from rural communities.
Awarded: £1,000

CAB Devon7-11-2013
to distribute payments for Surviving Winter Campaign
Awarded: £5,833

Farming Community Network28-10-2013
Awarded: £250

Exbourne & Jacobstowe Community Association21-10-2013
To give local unemployed people invaluable hands-on experience at a rural community shop.
Awarded: £1,900

Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum21-10-2013
To allow young to people to take part in affordable Ten Tor activities
Awarded: £750

Tavistock Foodbank21-10-2013
To help supply emergency food parcels to people in need in the Tavistock area.
Awarded: £500

The League of Friends of Tavistock Hospital21-10-2013
To refurbish a patients' day room and to make the room more "dementia friendly".
Awarded: £815

Bere Alston Regeneration Partnership24-06-2013
To set up a luncheon club and a memory cafe for those over 65 in Bere Alston, West Devon.
Awarded: £2,500

Okehampton & District Community Transport Group24-06-2013
To help expand the community transport due to an increase in demand for services.
Awarded: £1,000

Tavistock Street Pastors23-05-2013
to provide support to ensure people are safe when out at night.
Awarded: £500

CAB Devon22-01-2013
to support people affected by fuel poverty.
Awarded: £3,000

Tavistock Street Pastors7-2-2012
To fund 10 new volunteer street pastors in 2012
Awarded: £1,000

Chagford Education & Leisure Trust (CELT)19-12-2012
Awarded: £1,000

Age Concern Okehampton & Torridge15-10-2012
to provide a befriending service to older people living in rural areas of West Devon and Torridge.
Awarded: £5,000

Tavistock Area Support Service15-10-2012
to provide equipment for restroom and ShopMobilily project
Awarded: £500

Tavistock Street Pastors15-10-2012
to provide consumables for Street Pastor patrols
Awarded: £300

Make a Difference25-09-2012
to provide seating and gardening equipment
Awarded: £400

Grow 4 Good South West Ltd14-03-2012
To pay for the ploytunnels
Awarded: £7,136

Tavistock Specials FC24-01-2012
to improve our kit/equipment and constant fuel and transport costs
Awarded: £1,000

West Devon Sk8 Club8-4-2011
to purchase additional skates, training courses and website development
Awarded: £536

Tavistock Gymnastics Club11-3-2011
to pay for a Gymnastics assistant coach for a year
Awarded: £500

Tavistock Carers Support Group8-2-2011
To provide transport for trips.
Awarded: £200

to pay for travelling costs,driver payment,hire of vehicles for the season 2011-2012
Awarded: £1,000

Okehampton & District Duke of Edinburgh20-10-2011
expedition training and equipment
Awarded: £1,303

Okehampton Community Recreation Association26-09-2011
deliver diverse activity in Okehampton and 10 ruraly isolated communities
Awarded: £7,600

Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum26-09-2011
to train new leaders to provide, co-ordinate and promote outdoor activities forung people and adults in Tavistock and District
Awarded: £3,000

Tavistock Carers Support Group19-05-2011
Provide a day where carers can relax and have treatments such as massage, reflexology, manicures coffee lunch and have professional help such as social sevices, to give carers one-to-one advice and support
Awarded: £500

Okehampton Battle of the Bands26-04-2011
to contribute towards the costs of holding the Okehampton Battle of the Bands
Awarded: £500

to provide a holiday activity club for local children
Awarded: £500

The Robey Trust1-2-2010
to extend the existing works/museum to incorporate a Restoration Centre for skills training and education
Awarded: £2,500

Get Changed Theatre Company27-09-2010
to enable Get Changed to stage the end of project performance based on the theme of Friendships and Feelings, which will explore the issues examining isolation, social behaviour, body language, anger management, relationships and communication skills
Awarded: £2,000

Bratton Clovelly School Room13-09-2010
to purchase tables for use in the School Room
Awarded: £500

The Tamar & Tavy Gig Club23-07-2010
to purchase new equipment and first aid training for volunteers to support the expanding youth section of our club
Awarded: £499

Make a Difference19-07-2010
drop-in and resource centre for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in and around Tavistock
Awarded: £5,000

Milton Abbot Table Tennis Club19-07-2010
getting all ages/families into playing table tennis and encouraging community unity
Awarded: £2,000

Memory Café Tavistock24-05-2010
provision of social and educational opportunities for those living with dementia and their carers
Awarded: £5,000

SWIFT Interventions24-05-2010
a group work pilot to empower trauma sufferers
Awarded: £1,500

Tavistock Area Support Service23-04-2010
to keep older people active through various activities in isolated areas
Awarded: £4,200

West Devon Sk8 Club23-04-2010
the establishment of a new volunteer run community based sports club offering quality coaching and opportunities for young people to experience roller skating and roller hockey
Awarded: £355

Meavy & Yelverton Pre-School22-04-2010
purchasing of new equipment for ages 0-2 in toddler group
Awarded: £250

2443 (Okehampton) Sqn Air Training Corps15-04-2010
First Aid training
Awarded: £714

Friends of Tavistock & District Youth Network13-04-2010
a residential weekend for 36 young people in the middle of Dartmoor
Awarded: £750

Lewdown Cricket Club29-03-2010
we desperately need coaching equipment and aids to allow our 17 UKCC qualified coaches and multi-skills qualified coaches to meet the identified needs of our ever growing junior membership and community
Awarded: £2,000

West Devon Care & Repair22-01-2010
to remove existing bath and replace with accessible shower
Awarded: £1,000

Peter Tavy Youth Club8-6-2009
to purchase a digital projector for youth club activities
Awarded: £250

Brentor Village Hall & Playing Fields Committee5-5-2009
to contribute towards the cost of the extension design and planning application fees
Awarded: £1,000

Get Changed Theatre Company5-5-2009
to contribute towards the costs of holding a programme of theatre workshops and performances with a group of 20 adults with learning disabilities
Awarded: £2,000

Lewdown Cricket Club5-5-2009
to fund the Youth Development Plan by providing coaching courses, winter sessions and additional equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Yelverton War Memorial Hall & Field5-5-2009
to fund the purchase and construction of a new storage shed for the club
Awarded: £1,000

Chagford Education & Leisure Trust (CELT)9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of running the Wild Woods 'n' Willow project
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of the Wharf9-3-2009
to contribute towards replacing carpeting, furniture and crockery, and to fund publicity and materials for the Pigmania project
Awarded: £2,000

Hatherleigh Area Youth Project9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of running the youth club
Awarded: £5,000

Monkokehampton Village Hall Management9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of renovating and refitting the village hall kitchen
Awarded: £2,000

Okehampton Squash Club9-3-2009
to develop a more active healthy community
Awarded: £1,000

Horrabridge Youth Club14-12-2009
a rural based, generic youth club providing access to activities, advice and information for 11-19 year olds
Awarded: £5,000

Exbourne & Jacobstowe Community Association26-10-2009
running a temporary community shop and café in the village hall for the benefit of the Exbourne, Jacobstowe and Monkokehampton communities and the surrounding settlements
Awarded: £5,000

South Zeal Recreation Ground Association26-10-2009
replacement of playground
Awarded: £5,000

Wessex Rangers AFC21-09-2009
replace old asbestos roof
Awarded: £2,683

Stannary Brass Band22-07-2009
it seeks funding towards the purchase of a new euphonium, costing £3790, followed by a flugelhorn and a bass trombone and plans to complete this project by December 2010
Awarded: £500

Okehampton Table Tennis League29-06-2009
bringing rural village into sport and mixing with other rural areas and getting them into the league
Awarded: £500

Postbridge Village Hall29-06-2009
update and extension of Postbridge Village Hall incorporating renewable energy
Awarded: £1,175

Sticklepath Fireshow29-06-2009
we wish to continue a set of summer participatory arts workshops, 'Crafty Capers', in order to offer opportunities for local people to engage in arts activities working alongside each other, with the support of a professional arts worker
Awarded: £1,250

Tavistock Carers Support Group29-06-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the group over 3 years
Awarded: £1,600

West Devon District Scouts29-06-2009
to contribute towards the costs of setting up a new Scout group in Princetown
Awarded: £1,000

Chagford Arts Festival29-05-2009
a weekend of dance workshops for the whole community leading towards performances on the opening night of the 2009 Chanford Arts Festival
Awarded: £400

West Devon District Scouts29-05-2009
to contribute towards the costs of our recruitment day on 6th June 2009
Awarded: £700

West Devon District Scouts25-05-2009
to contribute towards the purchase of uniforms for new Scout members
Awarded: £250

Friends of the Wharf28-01-2009
to cover the costs of the poetry workshops for the Pigmania project on February 21st
Awarded: £300

Age Concern Okehampton & Torridge26-01-2009
to fund a pilot project in music programming for the older prison population in 2 Devon prisons
Awarded: £4,940

North Tawton Youth & Community Centre26-01-2009
to pay for essential maintenance and repairs to the Centre
Awarded: £3,000

Courtlands Pre-School16-01-2009
to purchase a laptop computer and printer for the pre-school
Awarded: £500

Tavistock Area Support Service1-2-2008
to purchase a table tennis table, bats and balls to keep older people more active in their local community, working on mobility, balance and social interaction
Awarded: £1,014

Okehampton & District Duke of Edinburgh8-12-2008
To fund staff training, purchase equipment and help fund the costs of expeditions.
Awarded: £5,000

Sticklepath Village Hall8-12-2008
to modernised the hall WC facilities improving disabled access and baby changing facilities
Awarded: £3,000

Bratton Clovelly School Room1-12-2008
to cover the running costs of monthly meetings, the quarterly newsletter, and volunteer training courses
Awarded: £500

Jubilee Hall Chagford27-10-2008
to replace the lighting system and for an overall refurbishment programme
Awarded: £5,000

Friends of the Wharf15-10-2008
to continue the work of our writers group/ poetry and prose reading group
Awarded: £150

Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum19-09-2008
Providing low cost Outdoor education locally in the West Devon Area for Young people
Awarded: £5,000

Age Concern Okehampton & Torridge18-07-2008
towards the costs of a volunteer training day to work with older offenders.
Awarded: £400

Broadwoodkelly Village Hall18-07-2008
towards the purchase of a stage system
Awarded: £200

Tavistock Area Support Service18-07-2008
to set up badminton sessions for the over 55's
Awarded: £460

Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum25-04-2008
to go towards the purchase of a box trailer used to carry camping equipment
Awarded: £500

High Moorland Community Action26-02-2008
to continue a project supporting unemployed people
Awarded: £5,000

High Moorland Community Action2-11-2007
to set up a pilot scheme to provide young people the opportunity to prepare for employment
Awarded: £106

High Moorland Community Action2-11-2007
to set up a pilot scheme to provide young people the opportunity to prepare for employment
Awarded: £7,000

Tavistock Youth Café4-10-2007
to provide a programme of activities for young people not in education, employment or training to prepare them for further training or employment
Awarded: £7,000

Tavistock Youth Café4-10-2007
to provide a programme of activities for young people not in education, employment or training to prepare them for further training or employment
Awarded: £874

High Moorland Community Action4-10-2007
for a programme of activities to encourage the unemployed members of the community to use High Moorland's IT services and develop skills
Awarded: £3,750

Mary Tavy and Brentor Under 5s31-08-2007
for equipment that will allow children to self-select resources and equipment for their own child-led play that appeal to their interests and learning styles
Awarded: £4,857

Sampford Courtenay Village Hall Committee31-08-2007
for play equipment for children in a rural area
Awarded: £5,602

Bats Junior Badminton Club27-07-2007
for video equipment to enable children practising in the badminton club to improve their skills
Awarded: £1,582

Bridestowe Village Hall Management Committee27-07-2007
sports equipment for village hall
Awarded: £798

1st South Zeal Scout Group28-06-2007
towards the cost of a three day camping trip including one day entry to the Scout Jamboree
Awarded: £3,778

Belstone Cricket Club28-06-2007
to purchase equipment for cope with an fast expanding membership
Awarded: £4,701

Bridestowe Lydford and Sourton Preschool25-05-2007
to purchase bikes for the outdoor play area
Awarded: £820

Friends Of North Tawton Primary School25-05-2007
to purchase a pool cover and changing room equipment for community use of pool
Awarded: £2,762

Chagford Education & Leisure Trust (CELT)30-04-2007
for Chagford Primary School trips for 3 year groups for the 2007 summer term and academic year 2007-2008
Awarded: £4,800

North Tawton Pre-school27-04-2007
to purchase equipment to set up a reading circle for the expanding pre-school
Awarded: £1,751

North Tawton Youth & Community Centre27-04-2007
for a programme of arts and crafts sessions for a rurally isolated youth club
Awarded: £6,140

to run a music workshop to introduce young people to performance art
Awarded: £2,080

Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum27-04-2007
to replace worn out safety equipment and to provide new equipment to allow for caving and kayaking activities to continue
Awarded: £4,575

West Den27-04-2007
to run a healthy food/eating programme for young people
Awarded: £5,632

Whiddon Youth Forum27-04-2007
to run a signposting project to enable children and young people to understand and impress upon local and national service providers
Awarded: £4,000

Youth 2 Youth30-03-2007
to recruit a part time youth worker to develop facilities and opportunities for young people in Bere Alston
Awarded: £7,000

Okehampton Table Tennis Club23-02-2007
to provide 2 hours coaching sessions, 3 times a week.
Awarded: £6,300

Tavistock Community Pre School23-02-2007
to establish a toy library benefiting the community
Awarded: £4,442

Walkham Valley Scout Group23-02-2007
to take 35 Scouts & Cubs on a summer seaside based camp
Awarded: £1,380

Okehampton Community Recreation Association16-02-2007
to deliver sporting, recreation, art and activity opportunities and facilities for Okehampton and the surrounding community
Awarded: £5,000

Tavistock Taskforce26-01-2007
for tools and equipment
Awarded: £500

Club 715-12-2006
start up costs for a new Junior Netball Club
Awarded: £1,899

Hatherleigh Young People's Working Group24-11-2006
for young people?s peer workshop delivery
Awarded: £7,000

Lamerton Parish Hall24-11-2006
for equipment for a new play area
Awarded: £6,347

Exbourne Playing Field Association27-10-2006
for ground work and play equipment to establish a play area for children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Gulworthy 0 - 5 Pre School29-09-2006
to improve the storage facilities in the hall where the preschool is held and make an outside play area
Awarded: £3,302

Okehampton Youth Chorus Support Group29-09-2006
for a weekly children?s singing group and summer school
Awarded: £6,890

Young Devon29-09-2006
for a rural information, advice and guidance project for young people living in West Devon
Awarded: £6,988

Tavistock Area Support Service28-07-2006
for music-movement and line dancing classes for the over 55s
Awarded: £1,325

for toys, equipment and advertising to start a parent/carer and toddler group
Awarded: £3,696

West Devon County Netball Association26-05-2006
to establish a Devon wide Netball Network focussing on develop junior players and local teams
Awarded: £2,095

Young Devon26-05-2006
to cover the costs of sending 17 young carers to a three day young carer's festival
Awarded: £1,960

Tavistock Area Support Service28-04-2006
to develop services for the over 55s in rurally isolated areas
Awarded: £500

Princetown Community Fund30-03-2006
for a one day outdoor art project for children and young people from a socially deprived area
Awarded: £1,015

Whiddon Youth Forum22-03-2006
towards the creation of Skate/Bike Park
Awarded: £5,000

Bere Ferrers Villagers Group27-01-2006
for recreation field play equipment for 0-7 year olds
Awarded: £7,000

Lewdown Residents Association27-01-2006
for a new printer to produce a community newsletter
Awarded: £100

Chagford Youth Forum8-7-2005
to fund the refurbishment of a dedicated youth space at the Community Hall
Awarded: £500

Northlew Victory Hall25-11-2005
for equipment and sundries for a multifunctional youth room
Awarded: £5,858

Black Torrington Toddlers28-10-2005
to cover the cost of employing a new play development worker to extend range of play activities
Awarded: £5,555

Ride Skate Chagford30-09-2005
for the provision of a tarmac surface for a skate park
Awarded: £7,000

Tavistock Community Pre School30-09-2005
to subsidise the cost of one member of staff, pending an increase in numbers
Awarded: £4,958

Church House Management Committee29-07-2005
for tables and chairs to be used for both local events and local community exhibitions
Awarded: £500

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship29-07-2005
for a trip to the Eden Project for 50 retired people living on rural Dartmoor and the surrounding areas
Awarded: £400

Tavistock Gateway Club29-07-2005
towards running the club for local adults with learning difficulties and physical disabilities
Awarded: £500

High Moorland Community Action24-06-2005
to develop the youth club provision by adding an extra night a week for music workshops
Awarded: £6,987

Buckland Playpark Fund Raising Committee27-05-2005
to purchase play equipment for the community play park
Awarded: £5,761

Okehampton Community Recreation Association27-05-2005
for a two year youth activities programme for children and young people from rurally isolated communities
Awarded: £12,000

Stannary Brass Band Youth Section27-05-2005
to run a series of historical music workshops and to purchase T-shirts with the Bands logo
Awarded: £1,990

West Devon Citizens Advice Bureau27-05-2005
for a qualified guidance tutor to train volunteers to deliver a guidance service
Awarded: £488

Exbourne Toddler And Community Group28-04-2005
to run a healthy lunch club for parent/carers and children twice a week to promote eating healthily and parent toddler group to develop support networks
Awarded: £6,134

Okehampton Youth Chorus Support Group24-03-2005
to run the Youth Chorus for two years to provide children and young people with structured and safe after school activities.
Awarded: £4,433

Tavistock Music Live24-03-2005
for costs associated with a series of music concerts and workshops for young people from an area suffering from the after effects Foot & Mouth
Awarded: £4,200

Hatherleigh Young People's Working Group18-02-2005
For an arts and drama project for rurally isolated children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Home Start West Devon18-02-2005
to develop family networking groups in Okehampton and Tavistock over a two year period
Awarded: £11,220

Hatherleigh Festival1-4-2004
for a series of arts workshops to take place in the run up to the local community Festival weekend
Awarded: £375

Greenlands Residents Association17-12-2004
towards building and equipping a new play area for a rural community
Awarded: £5,875

Walkhampton Community Play Park18-10-2004
to build and equip an adventure trail for children and young people from a rural community
Awarded: £7,000

Broadwoodkelly Village Hall28-09-2004
for curtains for the village hall window
Awarded: £150

Chagford Arts Festival29-07-2004
anonymous donation to support a community Arts Festival
Awarded: £900

Walkhampton Pre-school & Toddler Group29-07-2004
for play equipment for a pre school providing child care for economically disadvantaged families
Awarded: £817

Whitchurch After School Club29-07-2004
to set up an after school club for children from rurally isolated communities
Awarded: £1,486

Chagford Arts Festival25-06-2004
to run a community art exhibition to celebrate the diversity
Awarded: £475

The Ockment Community Centre Association25-06-2004
for emergency building repairs to the meeting/training rooms at the Ockment Community Centre
Awarded: £500

High Moorland Community Action26-03-2004
to develop childcare services through an after school club and healthy eating campaign
Awarded: £6,598

Princetown Pre School26-03-2004
to raise the height of the play area wall to meet regulation safety standards
Awarded: £657

Stannary Brass Band Youth Section26-03-2004
to purchase musical instruments for children and young people who have no access to them otherwise
Awarded: £632

Horrabridge Busy Bees Pre-school1-4-2003
to create disabled access, an emergency exit and safety railings for the increasingly diverse needs of the children
Awarded: £4,500

Spreyton Village (george Lambert Memorial) Trust20-11-2003
funding for refurbishing/buying new equipment for village play area, bringing it up to regulation safety standards
Awarded: £2,497

to be spent on rails and ramps for the skate park designed by the young people who will use it
Awarded: £7,000

Tavistock Community Pre School21-08-2003
to purchase toys and equipment for a additional play area for the Community Preschool
Awarded: £3,998

Clinton Hall Management Committee31-07-2003
towards the cost of a photocopier for use of local community
Awarded: £200

Hatherleigh Pre School19-06-2003
for a PC and software, lockable workstation, chairs and volunteer training
Awarded: £1,875

West Devon CVS15-05-2003
towards the cost of West Devon Community Fair
Awarded: £350

Milton Abbot Cricket Club24-04-2003
towards kit for the under thirteens
Awarded: £100

Running On Wheels Club24-04-2003
as a contribution towards the cost of a new mini bus
Awarded: £200

Lifton Scout Group28-02-2003
to purchase storage and camping equipment for the expanding Scout group
Awarded: £6,266

to fund the refurbishment of a community space, creating a skateboard park/BMX track over two years
Awarded: £11,943

Skaigh Stables Farm5-2-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

High Moorland Community Action31-07-2002
for running a summer playscheme to help improve the quality of life for people living and working in the Princetown area
Awarded: £4,100

Hatherleigh Players30-05-2002
towards the cost of a "loop" system for the hard of hearing for new members who are deaf or hard of hearing to access the group
Awarded: £500

Parachute Regimental Association (South Devon Branch)30-05-2002
to fund an outing for older people who are socaily isoated within their community
Awarded: £210

Eastlake Farm26-02-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to the outbreak of foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Highampton Pre-School26-02-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to the outbreak of foot & MOUTH
Awarded: £100

Langmead Farm26-02-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to the outbreak of foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

R&R Askew & Partners26-02-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship25-02-2002
to fund an outing for older people who would be socially isolated without the fellowships facilities
Awarded: £300

Hatherleigh Town Hall28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £250

Rev John Peak5-9-2001
towards "A time for thanksgiving" to help alleviate the impact of Foot & Mouth on communities
Awarded: £300

Mr Andrew Entwistle12-9-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £300

Hittisleigh Riding for the Disabled Association12-9-2001
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £200

Little Lambs Pre School12-9-2001
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £200

1st South Zeal Scout Group21-10-2001
for the cost of installing heating and plumbing in the Scout Hut
Awarded: £100

Princetown Pre School and Playgroup27-09-2001
to help meet the shortfall in income caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £200

Bridestowe Lydford and Sourton Preschool23-02-2001
Awarded: £150

Chillaton Under Fives23-02-2001
Awarded: £50

Hatherleigh Town Hall23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Milton Abbot Cricket Club23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

West Devon District Scouts23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Buckland Monachorum Parish Council20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Open Door Family Support Group20-02-2001
Awarded: £300

The Horizon Club210-3-2000
Awarded: £200

Music Box3-12-1999
Awarded: £300

Princetown & District Youth Club3-12-1999
towards the cost of sports kits and equipment for a youth club based in an isolated community
Awarded: £200

Tavistock & District Council for Voluntary Service3-12-1999
Awarded: £100

Tavistock & District Council for Voluntary Service3-12-1999
Awarded: £250

The Ockment Community Centre Association3-12-1999
Awarded: £100

Princetown & District Youth Club12-12-1999
Awarded: £300