Where the money goes

Chilsworthy Village Hall12-7-2017
assisting with plans to extend the Village Hall by paying for doors and windows in the extension, helping to create greater space options for the local community in putting on events and encouraging community cohesion
Awarded: £5,000

Snapdragons Pre-School12-7-2017
addressing inadequate external facilities at the Pre-School and providing opportunities for outside learning and health benefits associated with gardening
Awarded: £2,000

The Plough Arts Centre12-7-2017
supporting weekly dance and movement sessions for adults with disabilities, maintaining their health and well-being and offering social opportunitities for their carers
Awarded: £2,560

Black Torrington Playing Field and Sports Club4-4-2017
supporting a rural community with sports equipment for their multi use games area, helping to encourage young people to get involved in outside activities creating healthier habits and building stronger communities
Awarded: £933

1st Beaford Guides4-4-2017
to support a rural area with the initial costs associated with the set up of a new guide group, helping to bring young people together and increase skills and knowledge
Awarded: £500

Parkham Allardice Hall3-4-2017
refurbishing the kitchen to bring it in line with current regulations and maximising opportunities for community events, bringing local people together
Awarded: £8,000

Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group19-06-2017
helping to connect and inform older people and those housebound in rural areas of North Devon, of events and services in their local area, reducing isolation and loneliness
Awarded: £1,000

IntaGR8 CIC12-4-2016
a project helping to address social isolation and mental well-being for people in the Torridge area, building life skills, raising confidence and self esteem, encouraging engagement in their community to embrace a sense of identity and belonging
Awarded: £1,000

supporting a club for partially sighted people, assisting with the cost of day trips and activities, helping to reduce isolation and improve social engagement and wellbeing
Awarded: £680

Woolsery Tiny Tots12-4-2016
for sports sessions for early years children and their parents, by a qualified coach, helping to establish a love for an active lifestyle at an early age
Awarded: £795

Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group12-4-2016
helping to connect and inform older people and those housebound in rural areas of North Devon, of events and services in their local area, reducing isolation and lonliness
Awarded: £929

North Devon Display Gymnastics Club12-4-2016
funding towards specialist and safety equipment for a gymnastics and free-running club, giving youngsters in Torridge the opportunity to engage in sport and encourage health and fitness
Awarded: £800

Hartland Parish Council13-12-2016
to fund resources for the community of Hartland to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £250

Hartland Parish Council13-12-2016
to support flood and community resilience in Hartland
Awarded: £1,000

Kingsley Indoor Bowling Co.Ltd. ta Kingsley Bowling Club.24-11-2016
for a special bowls wheelchair which will enable disabled members or those with walking difficulties to participate and enjoy the game of indoor bowls without an assistant
Awarded: £1,900

Little Frogs Pre School24-11-2016
to support a pre-school in a deprived area to update and increase their educational toys, encouraging healthy outside play and learning
Awarded: £2,000

John Sanders Trust2-11-2016
for new equipment needed for a park for local children in a rural area, giving a safe outdoor play area
Awarded: £5,500

Holsworthy & District Lions Club2-11-2016
supporting a community event for children and people with disabilities, a fun filled day out bringing the community together
Awarded: £2,500

Holsworthy Hamlets Parish Council19-09-2016
to fund safety clothing for the community of Holsworthy to ensure vizability and identification of volunteer marshals when working together in an emergency
Awarded: £100

Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Ltd28-07-2016
contributing to running costs for a rural community transport ring and ride service, helping isolated older people without their own transport to get out, attend appointments and remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible, keeping people active and feeling positve
Awarded: £3,000

St Pancras Church28-07-2016
helping to ensure the future of what is for some villages the only central meeting point, their village church, bringing people together and reducing isolation for a rural community
Awarded: £5,000

Torrington & District Men's Shed26-07-2016
funding towards tools and equipment for a support group for men, where skills are learnt and shared and used to the benefit of the local community, helping with a sense of well-being and self worth
Awarded: £1,300

Meddon Village Hall26-07-2016
helping to equip a village hall kitchen and purchase sewing machines for the lunch and companionship club located in an isolated rural area, bringing local people together, teaching new skills and encouraging peer support
Awarded: £1,834

to assist with the cost of training of volunteers for a project offering companionship to elderly people in rural areas in Torridge, reducing the level of admissions to A & E and helping reduce isolation and increase general well-being
Awarded: £2,000

North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD23-03-2016
for a parent/carer led support group helping young people who have autistic spectrum disorders to attend events and activities, increasing their confidence in social environments
Awarded: £1,000

Torrington Police Amateur Boxing Club23-03-2016
increasing the opportunity for young people in Torridge to engage in sport and promote healthy lifestyles and well-being
Awarded: £3,000

Seize the Moment Ltd7-7-2015
supporting a community cafe which offers volunteers the opportunity of work experience, increasing their confidence and skills to find paid employment
Awarded: £30,000

Black Torrington Youth Club2-4-2015
funding the hall hire of a rural youth club for a year, engaging the young people of the local community helping to build their self esteem and reduce isolation felt by those living in rural areas
Awarded: £380

Bridgerule Village Hall Ltd15-12-2015
funding to provide a community centre with kitchen equipment, this is a community hub used by all ages and for all types of occasions, this funding will assist them to be financially sustainable from the rental income but also for the local people to continue meeting and socialising here
Awarded: £1,500

Families In Grief15-12-2015
funding for support work delivered by an organisation in North Devon helping young people coping with grief, encouraging them to talk about their feelings and address the complex emotions triggered by bereavement
Awarded: £1,000

Torrington Police Amateur Boxing Club15-12-2015
increasing the opportunity for young people in Torridge to engage in sport and promote healthy lifestyles and well-being
Awarded: £5,000

Bradford Pre-school Nursery AKA Bradford Pre-school and Bridgerule Early Years21-09-2015
for an intergenerational project for nursery school children in Torridge to learn in a forest school setting, experiencing a new environment and trying new activities such as pottery, encourageing them to enjoy the nature and the outdoors
Awarded: £1,000

Beaford Brownies21-09-2015
supporting the start up of a new Brownie group in an isolated rural area where there is little for the youngsters to do, increasing their confidence and skills and teaching team work, bringing a small community together with inter-generational activities
Awarded: £500

Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Ltd21-09-2015
for a community transport service assisting people throughout Torridge, helping those vulnerable without transport to attend medical appointments and make shopping trips at reduced cost for some this is the only time they get out
Awarded: £1,000

funding an allotment project in Torridge run by volunteers, which supports socially isolated individuals increasing their confidence and self esteem
Awarded: £2,184

Wings South West21-09-2015
helping young people in Torridge who are not in education, employment or training to be more work ready through practical activities in an environment that is empowering and supportive, building resilience, personal development, positive relationships and attitude to work
Awarded: £10,000

Holsworthy Community Property Trust Ltd21-09-2015
to support the various costs associated with continued weekly youth provision at Holsworthy Youth Centre that provides a safe place for young people to meet, socialise and learn new skills.
Awarded: £1,000

North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD26-02-2015
to provide dedicated social evenings for older people with autistic spectrum condition and their families in order to reduce isolation, increase social inclusion and build confidence.
Awarded: £1,000

to provide parents the opportunity to experience Forest School with their children, to learn new creative skills to build their confidence and self esteem and encourage them to play outside with their children
Awarded: £490

Read Easy (Bideford & Great Torrington)26-02-2015
to provide free one-to-one tuition for adults with reading difficulties, throughout North Devon and Torridge. Reading coaches are trained volunteers supporting a student for up to a year to complete the course. Illiteracy affects virtually everything in modern life, so learning to read removes an enormous barrier to achievement and is a huge boost to confidence
Awarded: £560

JB Fishermen2-7-2014
Fisherman's equipment grant
Awarded: £3,705

Bucks Cross Village Hall19-11-2014
£250 award for Volunteer Of The Year
Awarded: £250

to enable vulnerable individuals in North Devon with a variety of needs to find a route into mainstream society and grow in confidence and skills to help them into employment
Awarded: £1,000

Abbey Gateway Club13-10-2014
giving people with learning difficulties the opportunity to socialise, form friendships, build confidence, encourage learning and integration into society and their local community
Awarded: £1,000

Holsworthy Youth Football13-10-2014
to assist the club to thrive in a rural community where the local college has a higher than average proportion of disadvantaged children and there are few opportunities for children to get involved in clubs in the area which build their confidence and skills
Awarded: £600

Good Companions13-10-2014
to provide lunch and tea clubs for the elderly, many living on their own in loneliness and isolation, with a high percentage of people living with Dementia themselves, or supporting partners with Dementia, mental health issues and other life limiting conditions
Awarded: £1,000

Torridge Community Transport Association13-10-2014
to continue to operate and expand the Volunteer Car Service which gives nearly 3000 vulnerable people in rural areas improved transport options, reducing isolation and increasing passengers horizons
Awarded: £962

Wings South West18-08-2014
giving 30 disadvantaged young people not in education, employment or training, the chance to take a motor mechanic course and outward bound course, gaining a basic grounding in vehicle maintenance together social skills, team building and responsibility
Awarded: £9,137

Torrington Police Amateur Boxing Club27-05-2014
increasing access to sport and recreation for youngsters in Torrington through a local boxing club, run by qualified coaches, there is an open door policy that welcomes all ages and genders, educating these young people on substance misuse, encouraging healthy lifestyles and positive community involvement
Awarded: £3,000

North Devon Forum for Autism and Related Behaviours15-04-2014
to organise social activities and trips for youngsters with Autism and related behaviors, helping them socialise and allowing their families a time of respite
Awarded: £1,000

Winkleigh Short Mat Bowling Club15-04-2014
to provide equipment for a short mat bowling club whose members (mostly elderly), enjoy light exercise and socialising, helping to reduce isolation and improve physical and mental wellbeing, reducing the dependence on medication and social care services
Awarded: £700

Many Directions15-04-2014
giving people with learning difficulties an opportunity to learn dance and drama in North Devon, working towards a live performance in the Queens Theatre, Barnstaple thus reducing isolation, raising their aspirations and acceptance in the community
Awarded: £980

Bradford Pre School Nursery14-04-2014
supporting a small rural pre-school with outdoor play equipment, to allow healthy outdoor activities in a safe and stimulating environment for children from a scattered community of isolated families on low income
Awarded: £996

To provide transport costs for young carers to enable them to take part in learning, mentoring and social opportunities.
Awarded: £4,152

Buckland Brewer History Group21-02-2014
To provide an inter-generational community history project.
Awarded: £225

Great Torrington Memory Cafe29-01-2014
To provide information and support for people living in Torrington and surrounding villages who suffer from memory loss.
Awarded: £3,711

Great Torrington Memory Cafe7-3-2013
To increase the sessions run by memory cafe for dementia sufferers.
Awarded: £750

Harbour (Bideford)7-3-2013
to provide a weekend drop- in service during winter for vulnerable people
Awarded: £1,000

To provide after school respite drop-in sessions to young carers.
Awarded: £3,980

Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre21-10-2013
To provide creative rural workshops for vulnerable rural families.
Awarded: £1,000

Appledore Kidz Club21-10-2013
To fund a after school club that encourages children to creative and work with other people.
Awarded: £1,000

Wings South West25-07-2013
Awarded: £30

Woolsery Sports and Community Hall25-07-2013
Awarded: £10

Wings South West14-05-2013
to contribute to costs of project worker supporting young people not in education, employment or training.
Awarded: £1,500

Awarded: £4,101

North Devon Display Gymnastics Club22-11-2012
Award for Jordan Ley winning Children & Young People Volunteer of the Year sponsored by Kitsons.
Awarded: £250

Holsworthy Luncheon Club30-10-2012
to provide an element of stability and remove the uncertainty surrounding the serivce.
Awarded: £1,000

Bideford & District Sea Cadet Corps23-10-2012
To replace sails and boat covers for 8 sailing dinghys to continue sea cadet training.
Awarded: £2,000

Torridge Voluntary Services27-02-2012
to make individual payments to alleviate winter related hardship.
Awarded: £825

Wings South West25-01-2012
recruiting, education, youth work, and setting up enterprises for the NEETS
Awarded: £4,920

Parkham Allardice Hall11-3-2011
to install energy effecient hand dryers
Awarded: £500

Harbour (Bideford)8-2-2011
To maintain and expand the art and craft and computer sessions offered to clients.
Awarded: £200

Devon Wheels 2 Work11-2-2011
to provide protective equipment for use by the beneficiaries
Awarded: £759

Seize the Moment11-2-2011
to contribute toward the renovation of the dis-used toilet blocks
Awarded: £756

Torridge Voluntary Services22-12-2011
Awarded: £1,250

Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre17-01-2011
To run art and craft workshops within the community and other local villages
Awarded: £250

1st Holsworthy Scout Group1-4-2010
to purchase new tents and related equipment
Awarded: £1,500

Appledore Book Festival1-4-2010
to provide a speaker to tour the county and then attend the Appledore Book Festival
Awarded: £500

Appledore Hall Trust1-2-2010
provision to supply equipment for disabled toilets and shower facilities and with the existing building
Awarded: £5,000

Harbour (Bideford)1-2-2010
to run a day centre in Bideford to promote social inclusion for the public benefit
Awarded: £3,000

Friends of Torrington Junior School27-09-2010
to raise funds to enhance outdoor learning environment for the children of Torrington
Awarded: £2,000

Little Bears Pre-School, Shebbear27-09-2010
to build a covered outdoor classroom/shelter with seating, a blackboard, musical chimes and a letter board, providing a stimulating area for the children, where they can play, talk, and listen to stories
Awarded: £2,000

Switch Youth Action Team27-09-2010
To have fun building a graffiti wall for Bideford.
Awarded: £1,000

Winkleigh Youth Club21-07-2010
to provide a safe, supervised environment for the young people of the area to meet and socialise at our youth club
Awarded: £1,000

Parkham Allardice Hall19-07-2010
providing new toilet and washroom facilities at our local village hall
Awarded: £4,850

The Club19-07-2010
health promotion project at Hartland Youth Club
Awarded: £5,000

Torrington Silver Band19-07-2010
provide free musical tuition and facilities for all and continue to support the local community
Awarded: £1,200

Pyworthy Under 5's24-05-2010
update of our arts and crafts facilities and replenishment of stock
Awarded: £1,300

The Winkleigh Community Centre30-04-2010
setting up an opportunity for exhibitions of art-related work by local people for the benefit of local people with possibilities of increased interaction in art and cultural activities
Awarded: £900

Buckland Brewer under fives Pre-School24-03-2010
use of a small courtyard to develop a vegetable garden for an Early Years setting
Awarded: £850

St Giles on the Heath Coronation Hall1-9-2009
to buy a cooker
Awarded: £500

Winkleigh Jubilee Hall5-5-2009
to contribute towards the replacing the guttering and skirting, redecorating of the kitchen and committee rooms, and creation of a new accessible path and handrail
Awarded: £1,000

Appledore Maritime Players9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing a mobile curtain and stage unit
Awarded: £1,000

Bideford Area Club for Disabled Learners9-3-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the group over 3 years
Awarded: £2,500

Bideford Area Club for Disabled Learners9-3-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the group over 3 years
Awarded: £500

Bideford, Littleham & Westward Ho! Cricket Club9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of a higher fence for the grounds
Awarded: £2,000

Little Torrington Victory Hall9-3-2009
to cover the cost of constructing and publishing a Parish Plan
Awarded: £750

St Giles on the Heath Coronation Hall9-3-2009
to provide indoor play equipment for the under fives in a safe village centre environment and organise stay and play sessions for parents and carers
Awarded: £2,634

Torridgeside Majorettes14-12-2009
to continue to improve, through discipline and dance, and to attend more challenging competitions
Awarded: £1,000

The Mission Youth Café9-10-2009
supporting young people in various aspects of their transition into adulthood
Awarded: £4,727

The Winkleigh Community Centre5-10-2009
awareness raising of the enhanced inclusive programme of events in newly transferred Community building in the centre of the remote village of Winkleigh
Awarded: £777

1st Dolton Scout Group26-10-2009
recruitment and training of leaders to lead children on a number of planned outdoor activities not currently possible due to lack of storage and equipment
Awarded: £2,000

Winkleigh Youth Club26-10-2009
refurbishment and relining of damaged MUGA hard court area
Awarded: £2,500

Ashwater Playgroup19-10-2009
we are a small charity run playgroup who get 3-5 year olds ready for school
Awarded: £500

Ashwater Parish Hall & Institute21-09-2009
portable stage purchase
Awarded: £3,000

Bucks Cross Village Hall21-09-2009
chairs with arms and small tables to enabled physically disabled people to access events at the hall
Awarded: £786

Great Torrington Golden Jubilee Committee21-09-2009
the Maychair Project designed to replace currently untidy and unsafe chairs for public events with new, comfortable and easily transportable ones
Awarded: £1,500

The Store Homelessness Project21-09-2009
provision of free furniture, food, clothing, bedding etc to homeless and needy families and individuals
Awarded: £2,500

Halwill Parish Hall29-06-2009
to purchase and install a new heating system, water heater and new chairs in the hall
Awarded: £1,500

Welcombe Children's Group29-06-2009
to contribute towards the summer family workshops in dance and music, to bring this rural isolated community together
Awarded: £2,000

Bideford & District Sea Cadet Corps26-01-2009
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing new trailers and sails for the group
Awarded: £4,000

Buckland Brewer under fives Pre-School26-01-2009
to purchase ICT equipment and resources that will enhance and extend learning and development in a rural pre-school
Awarded: £1,468

Petrockstowe Cricket Club16-01-2009
to contribute towards the purchase a cylinder mower and a reconditioned 'ride-on' roller
Awarded: £500

Phoenix Allstars Majorettes16-01-2009
to purchase equipment for the tiny tots section of the troupe
Awarded: £500

Appledore Arts1-2-2008
to run two community arts workshops to involve the community in the Appledore visual Arts Festival
Awarded: £425

Parkham Spinners Majorettes8-12-2008
to purchase Military uniforms for the troupe
Awarded: £1,500

2nd Bideford Scout Group27-10-2008
for recruitment and training of leaders to lead children (Scouts) age 10-18 on outdoor activities and to conduct a series of extended environmental assessment expeditions (3 years) within an area of outstanding natural beauty in Devon
Awarded: £5,000

Bubbly Project CIC27-10-2008
to see ability in disability, creating opportunities for education, health, work and leisure
Awarded: £5,000

Bucks Cross Village Hall27-10-2008
to replace windows to ensure that the community events at the Hall continue for the foreseeable future
Awarded: £3,500

Halwill After Schools Sports Club27-10-2008
to provide a sports club for local children including funding for coaching fees and new goals
Awarded: £2,258

Roborough (Winkleigh) Village Hall Committee27-10-2008
to build a storeroom for equipment and to free up the smaller function room to enable more people to join in
Awarded: £5,000

Bideford Ladies Club30-09-2008
for a club for retired ladies for socialising and keeping up with the times
Awarded: £750

Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group19-09-2008
for printing costs
Awarded: £5,000

Book Relief UK19-09-2008
for a UK Awareness and Volunteer Recruitment Programme to be run at the time of the Appledore Book Festival Sep 27 ? Oct 5 2008
Awarded: £792

Broadwoodkelly Village Hall19-09-2008
for the purchase of a step unit which can be securely linked to a stage platform in our village hall
Awarded: £480

Halwill Parent and Toddler Group18-07-2008
Play equipment for role play and enhancing children's imagination
Awarded: £400

Bideford Ladies Club25-04-2008
to support social activities for a group of elderly ladies
Awarded: £150

Fremington and District Community Development Group25-04-2008
to replace and make safe fencing around Beechfield Playpark and improve access for local community
Awarded: £500

Wings South West14-12-2007
for a 12 week motivational project based around mechanics for young people not in education, employment or training
Awarded: £4,453

Bideford Citizen's Advice Bureau2-11-2007
to provide training for unemployed people to acquire the basic office skills
Awarded: £3,800

Winkleigh Youth Club2-11-2007
to create an art wall and signage
Awarded: £250

Devon Wheels 2 Work4-10-2007
to create employment opportunities for young people through having a loaned scooter to get around, mentoring and support, access to employers, and a job search
Awarded: £7,000

Devon Wheels 2 Work4-10-2007
to create employment opportunities for young people through having a loan scooter to access, mentoring and support, access to employers,and a job search
Awarded: £2,754

Seize the Moment4-10-2007
to provide activities for 24 young unemployed people aged 13 to 19 living in the Bideford, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe and rural Torridge area
Awarded: £2,321

Seize the Moment4-10-2007
to provide activities for 24 young unemployed people aged 13 to 19 living in the Bideford, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe and rural Torridge area
Awarded: £7,000

Barum Hang-out31-08-2007
to run a weekly youth club with various games and entertainment
Awarded: £930

Torrington Rugby Football Club Juniors31-08-2007
to purchase equipment for the fast expanding junior club
Awarded: £1,500

Bideford East Youth Committee27-07-2007
for a programme of structured issue-based workshops/activities and peer mentoring scheme for young people aged 11 -19
Awarded: £7,000

The Club27-07-2007
for music, art, and circus skills workshops for children and young people to encourage community cohesion
Awarded: £5,020

Torridge Pilot Gig Club27-07-2007
for a gig (rowing boat) for training
Awarded: £7,000

Winkleigh Youth Club27-07-2007
to replace the play area and purchase equipment required to meet health and safety needs
Awarded: £7,000

Pyworthy Under 5's28-06-2007
for age appropriate learning and activity equipment
Awarded: £3,671

Yarner Trust28-06-2007
to provide an opportunity for children and young people to plan, organise and deliver a recycled clothes show as part of an environmental arts project
Awarded: £4,995

Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group25-05-2007
to enable young people to design and provide copy for their own two pages in a local newsletter
Awarded: £1,126

Northam Youth Club25-05-2007
to re-establish a youth club in Northam
Awarded: £7,000

Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group27-04-2007
to cover the costs of a group of adults with disabilities/learning difficulties to be involved in producing their own page in the community newsletter
Awarded: £500

Torrington Family Project27-04-2007
for a series of activities to enable children and young people to have a voice within their organisation
Awarded: £4,000

Wings South West27-04-2007
to fund the employment of a café manager to implement a ?healthy options? project for young people
Awarded: £7,000

Chilsworthy Methodist Church30-03-2007
to purchase equipment for the youth club
Awarded: £2,000

Yarner Trust30-03-2007
to run an eco renovation project, training volunteers to work and deliver the course/skills
Awarded: £4,540

Appledore Arts26-01-2007
to run a series of Visual Arts workshops for children and young people leading to a presentation at the Appledore Arts Festival
Awarded: £7,000

Parkham Spinners Majorettes26-01-2007
to purchase new uniforms for competition routines
Awarded: £3,415

Welcombe Children's Group26-01-2007
to set up and run a ?pilot? parents and peers group for children under 12
Awarded: £7,000

Hartland Model Flying Club15-12-2006
to encourage younger people and women to participate
Awarded: £2,952

J's Fun Club24-11-2006
for new games and toys
Awarded: £472

S-L-S Allstars24-11-2006
for start up costs for a new majorette troupe
Awarded: £3,500

Torridgeside Majorettes29-09-2006
for costumes and equipment to enable the team to keep with competing troupes, promoting an equal and inclusive sport
Awarded: £3,500

Westward Ho! Youth Theatre Group29-09-2006
to develop new routines and drama pieces for Christmas performances
Awarded: £690

Parkham Under 5's28-07-2006
for equipment and staff training for the pre-school
Awarded: £2,508

Clawton Parent & Toddler Group26-05-2006
to re-establish a parent/carer and toddler group in Clawton
Awarded: £7,000

Families In Grief26-05-2006
to run workshops for children and young people who have experienced bereavement
Awarded: £5,748

Bideford Methodist Circuit Youth & Community Project28-04-2006
for a DJ project for excluded/near excluded young people
Awarded: £2,000

Parkham Playground30-03-2006
for a youth shelter for rurally isolated young people
Awarded: £7,000

Bradworthy Pre School28-02-2006
to renovate existing toilet facilities for the use of the preschool
Awarded: £972

St Giles on the Heath Play Area Community Action Group28-02-2006
to purchase play equipment for an adventure trail
Awarded: £6,343

Torridge Special Friends28-02-2006
for a summer play scheme photo diary project for special needs children and their siblings
Awarded: £5,118

Wings South West28-02-2006
for a series of taster sessions and workshops for young people who are not in education, employment or training
Awarded: £6,250

Bideford Town Majorettes27-01-2006
to purchase equipment to start the new group of Majorettes
Awarded: £3,500

Tarka Toddlers Group25-11-2005
to purchase equipment and toys to start up a toddler group
Awarded: £2,544

Hartland Players28-10-2005
to improve stage lighting facilities and offer lighting technician training to participants
Awarded: £5,000

Roborough (Winkleigh) Village Hall Committee28-10-2005
to replace old and broken crockery for community use at the Village Hall
Awarded: £250

Buckland Brewer under fives Pre-School30-09-2005
toward the cost of heating the premises for pre-school children
Awarded: £300

Youth Action Project (Torrington)30-09-2005
for a youth arts and social activities project for young people who have limited access to arts and social activities
Awarded: £7,000

Bideford Ladies Football Club29-07-2005
to cover the cost of training some of the women to become coaches and to replace broken equipment
Awarded: £967

Torridge Pre-School29-07-2005
to purchase a computer and specific software aimed at developing pre-school children's basic IT skills
Awarded: £1,000

Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre27-05-2005
to provide a programme of structured family workshops to explore a range of early leaning goals
Awarded: £5,098

Appledore Short/Mat Bowling Club28-04-2005
to run and develop the club to attract new members
Awarded: £850

Hartland Print Workshop at St John's Music & Arts Centre18-02-2005
to run Saturday morning print making workshops for young people from a rurally isolated community
Awarded: £4,197

J's Fun Club1-4-2004
to purchase audio/visual equipment in order to enhance the social area and enable/encourage additional activities for children
Awarded: £381

Clawton & District Youth Group17-12-2004
for two themed educational visits for children who live in rurally isolated communities
Awarded: £958

Homestart Torridge17-12-2004
for training volunteers to home visit and offer support to families who are experiencing problems in their lives
Awarded: £5,980

Westward Ho! Youth Theatre Group17-12-2004
to set up, equip and run a Saturday youth club involving drama, music and dance activities
Awarded: £3,700

Winkleigh Together17-12-2004
for a range of shared resources and training for volunteers for a rural commonality
Awarded: £4,915

Appledore Arts26-11-2004
for a programme of arts activities for young people from rurally isolated communities
Awarded: £7,000

Wheels To Work26-11-2004
for six sets of safety equipment to enable more rurally isolated young people to use the bike provision
Awarded: £450

Barton Meadow Recreation Area18-10-2004
for the provision of a multi activity unit and swing for a rurally isolated community
Awarded: £7,000

North Devon Display Gymnastics Club28-09-2004
to purchase portable gym equipment for outreach activities
Awarded: £7,000

Torridge Special Friends29-07-2004
for a series of outings for children with physically or mentally special needs and their volunteers carers
Awarded: £1,911

Hartland Pre School25-06-2004
to purchase IT equipment and software for the preschool
Awarded: £1,300

Bideford & District Sea Cadet Corps28-05-2004
to repair and purchase new boats to support a BTEC diploma course in Public Service for disadvantaged young people
Awarded: £6,342

Bradford Pre School Nursery28-05-2004
to purchase a computer, and resources for the preschool
Awarded: £3,092

Wheels To Work28-05-2004
to provide six new motorcycles, associated safety equipment and training for rurally isolated young people for a two year period
Awarded: £12,000

J's Fun Club29-04-2004
to meet the running costs of an after school club providing activities and care for rurally isolated children and young people
Awarded: £500

Devon Family Project26-03-2004
to provide a Saturday Morning Computer Funshop for children and their parents/carers, in partnership with the Westward Ho! Information Shop Committee
Awarded: £4,463

Northam Youth Club26-03-2004
for a range of structured activities during school holidays
Awarded: £6,390

Torrington & District Play Council26-03-2004
to run a 'funzone' playscheme for 5-11 year olds
Awarded: £5,438

Seize the Moment26-03-2004
for an arts programme in the Northam area
Awarded: £4,095

Sunflowers Pre School1-4-2003
towards the wages of a sessional play worker
Awarded: £7,000

Wings South West20-11-2003
to convert a classroom into a music studio for the use of young people
Awarded: £7,000

Abbotsham & Alwington Pre School30-10-2003
for the purchase of multi cultural and ethnically diverse pre school equipment
Awarded: £750

Building Bridges31-07-2003
toward the cost of running a Holiday Club for children to socialise in a safe environment
Awarded: £3,000

North Devon Display Gymnastics Club31-07-2003
for a coached education programme and the improvement of the Tumble Track
Awarded: £5,000

St Giles On The Heath Playgroup15-05-2003
to buy a computer to provide children from rural communities access to developing ICT skills
Awarded: £1,000

Building Bridges14-03-2003
to help set up an After School Club at Winkleigh Primary School
Awarded: £500

Torridge Special Friends31-01-2003
to meet the cost of 5 trips to the Calvert Trust for children and young people with special needs who need one to one care
Awarded: £4,000

Torrington Family Project31-01-2003
to develop the toy library and extend the services to rural areas
Awarded: £6,950

XL Prince' Trust31-01-2003
to create a five a side football pitch on a social housing estate
Awarded: £7,000

Great Torrington & District Community Development Trust2-7-2002
funding for the Community Development Trust to provide training courses and equipment for the girls ice skating team.
Awarded: £4,245

Clearway (Torridge Addiction Action Group)28-11-2002
towards volunteers expenses in more rural areas, enabling them to access training and provide transport to support addicts and recovering addicts access the programme
Awarded: £500

Hartland Print Workshop at St John's Music & Arts Centre28-11-2002
to run printmaking workshops in Hartland for children and young people who would not otherwise be able to access weekend activities
Awarded: £3,455

Torrington & District Play Council28-11-2002
towards the cost of a 5 day Freestyle Summer School for vulnerable and at risk young people
Awarded: £6,250

Little Bears Pre-School, Shebbear26-09-2002
to help fund the employment of a playgroup supervisor to expand and improve the playgroup
Awarded: £5,200

Winkleigh Society Newsletter26-09-2002
towards the cost of a newsletter to keep the local residents up-to-date with news and events, helping to minimise social exclusion and rural isolation
Awarded: £190

1st Bradworthy Scout Group27-06-2002
towards the cost of updating camping equipment for a Scout group
Awarded: £500

Monkleigh Village Shop30-05-2002
towards start up costs for a community owned and led Village Shop
Awarded: £500

Aller Farm26-02-2002
towards the cost of establishing a series of Farmer Support Groups after the Foot and Mouth Crisis
Awarded: £1,000

Holsworthy St John Ambulance26-02-2002
towards the cost of a new ambulance/training equipment
Awarded: £500

Mr W B Dockings28-01-2002
towrds the cost of additional feed due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

H R Yelland & Son28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £300

Hartland Parish Hall12-9-2001
to make up the shortfall caused by foot & mouth crisis
Awarded: £250

Hartland Youth Project12-9-2001
towards the cost of running a circus skills training course for a youth group
Awarded: £250

North Devon Taxidermy12-9-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £300

Mrs E M Evely13-11-2001
towards the cost of rent
Awarded: £250

Bucks Cross Post Office & Stores13-11-2001
to help meet the shortfal in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

The Appledore Gallery13-11-2001
to help meet the shorfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £400

Westcountry Lupins13-11-2001
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £200

Bideford Buzz Newsletter Group23-02-2001
Awarded: £50

Bideford East Residents Group23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Blue Lights Parish Hall23-02-2001
Awarded: £150

East-the-West Family Workshop23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Hartland Family Workshop23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Langtree after school club23-02-2001
Awarded: £250

Devon Young Farmers Countryside Link20-02-2001
Awarded: £303

Great Torrington Community Care Forum3-12-1999
Awarded: £300

Ethelwynne Brown Art Club--
Awarded: £150