Where the money goes

South West Family Values1-8-2017
Awarded: £1,420

Barton & St. Marychurch Childminders12-7-2017
supporting an inter-generational music project, bringing young and old together to mutually access creative activity and its associated learning and social benefits
Awarded: £1,000

Devon Rape Crisis Service12-7-2017
contributing to the running costs for a new office in the Torbay area in order to provide a safe and accessible place for rape victims to receive support
Awarded: £3,000

So-Fly C.I.C.4-4-2017
supporting the set up of a new drop-in centre aimed at guiding and mentoring young people which, together with planned youth sessions, will provide positive role models and aim to improve the confidence, self-esteem and future aspirations of those who use the service
Awarded: £3,000

Barton Acorn Youth Community & Sports Centre4-4-2017
extending activities and increasing capacity to support young people in a heavily oversubscribed setting, giving those who attend an opportunity to learn and develop new skills to support their education and life experiences in a fun yet constructive way
Awarded: £3,536

ASRUS (Aspergers are Us)3-4-2017
introducing football sessions to extend activity provision for children with ASD, their families/carers and siblings, encouraging social activity and developing skills
Awarded: £1,997

Brixham Junior Sailing Club3-4-2017
replacing old sails to provide opportunities to develop skills, confidence and independence for young people through sailing training
Awarded: £1,500

Cary Park Junior Tennis Club3-4-2017
encouraging young children from low income families to get involved in outside sport and fitness, helping to fulfill their full potential and instill lifelong active lifestyle habits
Awarded: £1,000

Woodend Project3-4-2017
to support core costs, providing security for the coming year and allowing time to further develop sustainability and activities for the benefit of the local community
Awarded: £1,200

The Creativity Centre Educational Trust (CCET)19-06-2017
supporting a series of activity workshops for vulnerable older women in the Torbay area, providing a support mechanism and helping to reduce social isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Ladies Lounge19-06-2017
extending craft session activities for ladies experiencing a life of hardship or disadvantage by purchasing additional equipment and contributing to rent costs
Awarded: £1,000

Co-ordin8 CIC19-06-2017
offering various activities during the summer, for people who have learning difficulties living in Torbay, giving them confidence and building their skills
Awarded: £1,000

Trinity Sailing Trust23-05-2017
to help disadvantaged, vulnerable youngsters in Torbay with a personal development programme based on offshore sail training, the young people supported through this project will have been (or are at risk of becoming) sexually exploited, are runaways, some undergoing rehabilitation or have troubled family backgrounds, facing multiple barriers to their development
Awarded: £2,096

Torbay Neighbourhood Watch Feel Safe Scheme20-04-2017
helping vulnerable people feel safe in their homes, a neighbourhood watch project working with the police for safer communities, reducing the likelihood of crime and anti social behaviour
Awarded: £3,000

Sound Communities CIC21-03-2017
to develop the youth-led outreach radio workshop and broadcast programme 'Radio Routes', empowering young people to improve community cohesion in the Torbay area
Awarded: £5,000

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd21-03-2017
supporting youth volunteers to work within local partnerships with an aim of improving their communities whilst developing life skills
Awarded: £4,941

South West Family Values16-03-2017
helping children who have experienced domestic abuse and children who are likely to be vulnerable to risks such as online bullying or grooming
Awarded: £4,880

The Creativity Centre Educational Trust (CCET)2-8-2016
to support a group of older and isolated women with physical and mental health problems, through a variety of activities helping to increase skills and build confidence
Awarded: £600

Ladies Lounge12-4-2016
working with homeless females in Torbay, isolated by their lifestyle of addiction, crime, domestic abuse and mental health problems, giving them a safe place where they are not judged but are encouraged away from any criminal activities to consider more healthy and positive futures
Awarded: £1,000

Co-ordin8 CIC12-4-2016
for taster sessions in various activities and hobbies, for people who have learning difficulties living in Torbay, giving them the opportunity to experience a variety of things from camping to Tai Chi whilst under supervision of qualified staff
Awarded: £990

The Creativity Centre Educational Trust (CCET)24-11-2016
supporting a project helping older women living alone and isolated, to come together for activities and company, building friendship, helping with general wellbeing and confidence
Awarded: £1,000

Dart Sailability Group24-11-2016
for equipment to improve and increase the safety and comfort of sailors with disabilities, the boat is purpose-built to allow safe and easy access, including a ramp to allow wheelchair access
Awarded: £1,000

Hele Village Community Association24-11-2016
funding to set-up a Chronic Pain café for those with a long-term illness, offering an informal setting and mutual support and friendships with their peer group sharing coping methods and self-help techniques,information and advice
Awarded: £4,960

Hele's Angels24-11-2016
for a community project working in deprived areas in Torbay, building a sense of belonging, reducing anti-social behaviour, offering volunteer and job opportunities
Awarded: £1,500

Trinity Sailing Trust19-09-2016
to help disadvantaged, vulnerable youngsters in Torbay with a personal development programme based on offshore sail training, the young people supported through this project will have been (or are at risk of becoming) sexually exploited, are runaways, some undergoing rehabilitation or have troubled family backgrounds, facing multiple barriers to their development
Awarded: £2,000

So-Fly C.I.C.26-07-2016
funding a support service for homeless young people, helping to invest in preventative work and long term solutions for some of the most vulnerable young people in our community
Awarded: £2,000

Torbay Table Tennis Academy26-07-2016
offering families in the most deprived areas of Torbay the opportunity to come together and join a table tennis club, all familiy members can be involved and the emphasis is on fun whilst helping with social interaction, fitness, child development and family relationships
Awarded: £1,500

Read Easy Torbay26-07-2016
providing assistance for adults with literacy problems, volunteer coaches support and encourage individuals to learn to read, increasing confidence and self esteem
Awarded: £1,200

Riviera FM26-07-2016
support service for people in recovery from addictions, individuals are given the opportunity to learn new skills and make positive life changes
Awarded: £900

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd23-03-2016
funding a project for young people in Torbay, addressing the issues of domestic abuse, educating and helping to break the cycle of behaviour that often follows in the next generation
Awarded: £4,941

for meetings and individual support for transgender people, they suffer from discrimination throughout society, this support and awareness of the issues they face can help to reduce their isolation, depression and other mental health issues and therefore reduce the high rate of suicide
Awarded: £1,000

Stand Against Violence2-4-2015
to fund a campaign against bullying, training ambassadors to promote the 'Stand against Violence' in schools in South Devon
Awarded: £515

Devon Bowling and Social Club for the Visually Impaired2-4-2015
to purchase coloured bowls for visualy impared members of cub in Torbay, providing the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle and socialising helping to reduce isolation
Awarded: £827

TT (Totally Teenagers)2-4-2015
training volunteers to work with and engage young people in their local community centre, enforcing social skills and addressing anger management, teaching them budgeting skills and helping them to be more work ready, raising their personal asperations
Awarded: £900

Access to Community Education known as ACE2-4-2015
to provide swimming lessons for disabled people, helping them to lead active and healthy lifestyles, learn new skills and feel less isolated
Awarded: £1,000

Coalition of Disabled People South Devon2-4-2015
to provide training for volunteer counsellors who support the emotional health needs of disabled people and their carers in Torbay, working to improve recovery from mental ill health while increasing confidence and self esteem
Awarded: £1,000

The Creativity Centre Educational Trust (CCET)2-4-2015
for employability workshops to assist long term unemployed in Torbay, helping to promote a positive attitude to the future and raise their self esteem and confidence, with an emphasise on peer support
Awarded: £990

Imagine (Torbay Multicultural Group)2-4-2015
funding to cover the cost of hall hire for a homework club, as well as a variety of educational activities, for vulnerable young people in Torbay to address multiple issues and give opportunities to learn new skills and increase confidence
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Advice Network2-4-2015
supporting people living in poverty in Torbay, giving specialist benefit advice workshops, helping them to become more resilient, improving their living conditions and their confidence to access work / training opportunities
Awarded: £840

Ladies Lounge2-4-2015
helping a not for profit community café based in Torquay, a relaxed, safe and friendly environment which reaches out to women trapped in, or vulnerable to, street sex work, supporting them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Street Pastors4-3-2015
providing night time accommodation for rough sleepers in Torbay throughout the coldest time of year, including a hot evening meal and breakfast
Awarded: £1,000

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd4-3-2015
enabling Streetbase Torbay to continue to engage with young people involved in anti-social behaviour providing support and activities to make a positive difference on their lives
Awarded: £968

Imagine (Torbay Multicultural Group)15-12-2015
helpng community Integration in Torbay by offering english lessons to parents where this is not their first language, enabling them to support their childrens learning and integration into the local community, reducing isolation and increasing employability
Awarded: £1,000

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd3-11-2015
Winner of the Children & Young People's Award 2015
Awarded: £250

Ellacombe Community Partnership24-11-2015
to fund activities for young people at their community centre in Torbay, encouraging them to engage in sport and crafts, learn new skills helping to raise their aspirations and reduce anti social behaviour
Awarded: £1,000

Veterans Peer Support21-09-2015
to provide support for armed forces veterans and their families, suffering with, and from the effects of, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated mental health issues helping to increase confidence and reduce isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Stroke Survivors Computer Group16-06-2015
supporting a self help group for stroke survivors and their families, reducing their isolation and building confidence to face new challenges after experiencing a serious health threat and lifestyle change
Awarded: £1,000

Jasmyn House Technology Team26-02-2015
to help finance a team of trained volunteers in torbay to enable blind and visually impaired people to learn skills on computers, I-phones and I-pads, all with speech software, increasing skills and confidence in IT and reducing isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Fishermen's Mission7-5-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Community Group
Awarded: £30,983

ED Flood12-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £1,000

JM Flood12-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

Torbay Street Pastors9-10-2014
to create a relaxed, safe and friendly environment for women trapped in, or vulnerable to, street sex work. Supporting them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction, or be as safe as possible within their lifestyle until such time they can make changes
Awarded: £3,000

to provide a safe forum for transgender people so that they can share experience and knowledge and raise awareness of their needs with professionals, reducing isolation and building confidence
Awarded: £500

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd18-08-2014
to encourage and support young people into volunteering where they learn vital new skills for life such as team work, communication, time keeping, managing money and IT skills helping their motivation to find work and then stay in employment
Awarded: £9,137

Knowing Me Life Solutions CIC24-06-2014
supporting an organisation with a project to create digital life stories for people with long term debilitating health conditions (such as dementia), as the patient becomes less able to communicate their preferences, this log assists health professional to ensure individual quality of care
Awarded: £8,615

Trinity Sailing Foundation23-06-2014
to help disadvantaged, vulnerable youngsters in Torbay with a personal development programme based on offshore sail training, the young people supported through this project will have been (or are at risk of becoming) sexually exploited, are runaways, some undergoing rehabilitation or have troubled family backgrounds, facing multiple barriers to their development
Awarded: £2,323

Play Torbay27-05-2014
working with young people from South Devon College to tackle anti-social behaviour in Torbay and increase community safety for all, community representatives from PCSO's, street wardens, youth workers coming together for joint agency work to discuss issues and agree practical solutions
Awarded: £850

Torbay Sailability15-04-2014
to help maintain the costs of a sail boat and provide sailing opportunities for blind, deaf and disadvantaged young people, encourage social inclusion, foster team spirit and identify potential opportunities for work in the future.
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Community Play Days15-04-2014
supporting young people to undertake training to help local volunteer and playworkers to run play days in Torquay and Paignton, which will promote community cohesion, build skills and improve access to employment opportunities
Awarded: £910

11th Torbay (Barton)Sea Scouts14-04-2014
for camping equipment to benefit the 300 members of the Torbay Sea Scouts to enable youngsters from 6-18 to take part in outdoor activities, building their skills and confidence to achieve their challenge awards
Awarded: £1,000

Coalition of Disabled People South Devon14-04-2014
to provide internet access and IT support to people with disabilities and long term health issues in the Torbay area, helping to increase self esteem and confidence and enhance their employment prospects
Awarded: £1,000

to support the running of a 12-week befriending course for nine volunteers in Paignton, who will then be able to offer support to local people living in areas of deprivation and feeling isolated, helping to raise general wellbeing and future aspirations
Awarded: £944

Foxhole Unique Neighbourhood14-04-2014
supporting a community cafe which provides families with advice on drugs, alcohol abuse and anti social behaviour helping them gain employment, which in turn will help raise future aspirations and boost confidence
Awarded: £1,000

providing social activities for the blind and visually impaired in Brixham and surounding area, encouraging them to participate in new activities, helping reduce isolation through the provision of opportunities to meet three times a month
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Wild Fox Adventure Playground14-04-2014
to encourage families in a deprived area to participate in play sessions at the adventure playground, providing a wide range of activities from cooking to bike maintenance led by qualified professionals, thus enabling families to socialize and increase their skills and self confidence
Awarded: £983

ED Flood27-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

Swim Torquay Ltd20-02-2014
To support a water mobility programme for people with physical disabilities.
Awarded: £2,500

Children and Families in Grief29-01-2014
To respond to the increasing number of families desperately needing support and help dealing with their grief.
Awarded: £3,711

Citizens Advice Bureau Torquay7-3-2013
to support people facing fuel poverty.
Awarded: £833

Crossroads Care (Torbay)7-3-2013
To recruit and train volunteer to support carers in Torbay
Awarded: £5,000

Crossroads Care (Torbay)4-11-2013
Volunteer of the year award
Awarded: £250

Acorn Youth, Community & Sport Centre (Barton Acorn)7-10-2013
We are seeking funding to support disadvantaged individuals through our planned project, Small steps to a healthy life.
Awarded: £10,595

To provide a new family resource centre to provide advice,social activities and life-skills training.
Awarded: £30,000

Disabled Sailing Association7-10-2013
To replace the 37 year old Westerly Centaur with a new larger boat
Awarded: £27,000

Great Park Community Association7-10-2013
to build a new kitchen in the community hall that is accessible to anyone using the centre and replace the old boiler.
Awarded: £20,000

To establish a programme of regular training courses and workshops in basic life skills.
Awarded: £20,400

Imagine (Torbay Multicultural Group)21-10-2013
To bring people together by continuing to deliver Multi-cultural Youth Group for young people aged 10 - 19 years
Awarded: £2,000

Children and Families in Grief24-07-2013
Localgiving promotion
Awarded: £30

Torbay Street Pastors23-05-2013
to provide support to ensure people are safe when out at night.
Awarded: £500

Shekinah Mission14-05-2013
to support 'Growing for Life' horticultural project for vulnerable people..
Awarded: £1,500

Cool Recovery5-9-2012
To work with individual Young Adult Carers (aged 16 ? 25) of people with mental health and substance misuse problems and to support them to develop their potential.
Awarded: £30,000

DG Devonian1-8-2012
Grant to buy a 'Luggie mobility scooter'.
Awarded: £404

Torbay Food Bank6-6-2012
To set up a food bank
Awarded: £5,000

11th Torbay (Barton)Sea Scouts7-2-2012
to help to train Sea Scout leaders to a coaching standard
Awarded: £2,000

Citizens Advice Bureau Torquay29-11-2012
Individual grant payments to alleviate winter hardship
Awarded: £833

to facilitate a variety of different training programs for young people
Awarded: £4,800

Cool Recovery22-11-2012
Award for Jamie Leigh winning Safe & Well Volunteer of the Year sponsored by Mildmay-White Family Fund.
Awarded: £250

The Woodend Bikers Youth Project18-10-2012
towards increased engagement in formal education, training and employment
Awarded: £1,000

Woodend Project15-10-2012
to provide physical activity and healthy eating programmes
Awarded: £1,000

Mrs HJ Devonian25-09-2012
To purchase a Burnett Body Support. The BBS is a car seat used to proved support to the user.
Awarded: £500

YMCA South Devon18-07-2012
to support with staffing costs
Awarded: £5,000

Citizens Advice Bureau Torquay20-02-2012
to make individual payments to alleviate winter related hardship.
Awarded: £1,250

HomeStart Torbay25-01-2012
to secure current staffing positions and to cover core costs to allow us to continue supporting fragile families
Awarded: £2,000

Brixham Junior Sailing Club11-3-2011
purchase of safety equipment to allow new junior sailors to be adequately equipped for adventure on the water
Awarded: £500

to purchase the contents of 10 food hampers
Awarded: £200

Beacons Wheelchair Dancers8-2-2011
to hire a bigger venue for the dancers to train towards entering an international competition
Awarded: £200

Coalition of Disabled People South Devon8-2-2011
To employ a specialist on Welfare Rights on a casual basis to help us develop our volunteer Welfare Rights Team.
Awarded: £200

Citizens Advice Bureau Torquay16-11-2011
For travel to music course at Hannah's at Seale-Hayne and return travel to his home. Course available Monday to Friday.
Awarded: £500

Torbay Advice Network3-10-2011
To provide free training sessions to carers and young people approaching 'transition to adulthood' up to the age of 19.
Awarded: £500

Higher Brixham Community Centre28-09-2011
A free Christmas Community Day - Festive Jamboree - for the local people
Awarded: £1,000

Play Torbay28-09-2011
The development of a community adventure play space in Foxhole
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay District Neighbourhood Watch Forum28-09-2011
To encourage new Neighbourhood Watch schemes and regenerate schemes that have lapsed in the Torbay area
Awarded: £1,000

Higher Brixham Community Centre26-09-2011
to arrange monthly community get togethers at the centre
Awarded: £1,000

Pride in Brixham26-09-2011
to hold carnival workshops
Awarded: £500

Samaritans (South Devon)26-09-2011
to recruit, select, and train more new volunteers
Awarded: £2,420

Soundart Radio Limited19-05-2011
to extend our work with children and young people with severe learning difficulties to provide meaningful and valuable work experience opportunities
Awarded: £2,500

Torbay Inter-Faith Forum 4 Youth (TIFFY)19-05-2011
to offer 3 new experiences to Torbay youth to promote our aims, build on past successes and develop the group.
Awarded: £1,000

The Healing Tree4-8-2010
a vegetable garden which will give access to a wide range of ages and members of society
Awarded: £250

10th Torbay (Babbacombe) Sea Scout Group1-4-2010
enabling of group-wide camping experiences and improving storage and travel logistics
Awarded: £2,875

Collaton St Mary Parish Rooms1-4-2010
to replace the heaters which were condemned on 24th February, to enable all activities to continue
Awarded: £5,000

Devon Music Collective1-4-2010
young peoples' radio and webzine for young people by young people
Awarded: £2,500

Imagine (Torbay Multicultural Group)1-4-2010
To provide a range of training opportunities in order for BME community members to develop their skills, confidence and self-esteem
Awarded: £1,700

Youth Enquiry Service (Brixham)1-4-2010
to promote the physical, mental health and social development of young people by the establishment and operation of an advocacy service for those in need
Awarded: £4,970

Apollo Football Club Torquay1-2-2010
to provide indoor training facilities, pitch fees, training courses and equipment for the club
Awarded: £2,000

Brixham Bezerkers Games Club1-2-2010
To provide opportunities for people of all ages to come together and enjoy fantasy gaming/LARPing activities
Awarded: £4,902

Hele Hub CIC1-2-2010
a new community venue in the centre of Torbay that will open the access for further community learning within the local area
Awarded: £4,767

Samaritans (South Devon)1-2-2010
to refurbish the centre and bring it into line with fire safety regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act
Awarded: £5,000

Young at Heart - Torbay1-2-2010
educational/leisure day out for 100 to the Eden Project to celebrate the groups' 10th Anniversary
Awarded: £1,000

Hele Hub CIC15-10-2010
to offer a nationally recognised qualification in First Aid to young people
Awarded: £1,500

14th Torbay Sea Scout Group27-09-2010
to purchase three new tents
Awarded: £1,000

ADHD Support Group27-09-2010
providing a specialist Youth Group for all children in Torbay who are diagnosed with ADHD, giving support, guidance and letting these children have fun in a safe environment
Awarded: £1,106

relief of poverty through provision of essential goods
Awarded: £2,500

Babbacombe Corinthian Cadet Club27-09-2010
funding for a new safety boat, essential for the club to continue
Awarded: £1,000

Beacons Wheelchair Dancers27-09-2010
hiring of accessible transport for the dancers to attend weekly meetings, demonstrations, workshops and competitions and hire of venue for weekly meetings
Awarded: £3,500

Devon Music Collective27-09-2010
to help organise a National Music Week between Oct 23rd & Nov 6th providing a wealth of musical activities for children and young people as well as offering musical experiences that will excite a passion for learning
Awarded: £2,000

to provide individual support to the most severely disabled young people with Downs Syndrome, to provide a short course in Yoga and to contribute towards core running costs of suitable premises and the purchase of consumables
Awarded: £1,000

Ellacombe Community Partnership27-09-2010
community kitchen
Awarded: £2,000

Higher Brixham Community Centre27-09-2010
to provide a part-time sessional co-ordinator to oversee the running of the Community Centre and to provide a phone line, computer, cooker and hoover to ensure that the Centre is run effectively and kept clean
Awarded: £4,000

Legit & Scarper27-09-2010
to provide activities, get togethers and fun opportunities for young people with disabilities to enable them to socialise with their peers
Awarded: £2,000

Monday Luncheon Club27-09-2010
To enable housebound members of the community the opportunity to enjoy social outings like able-bodied people can by means of providing tail-lift transport
Awarded: £1,000

Paignton Amateur Boxing Club27-09-2010
to provide new equipment and support training for new coaches
Awarded: £1,000

Preston Community Partnership27-09-2010
to contribute towards the funding of six fitness stations, forming a fitness trail on Preston Green for people of all ages
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Inter-Faith Forum 4 Youth (TIFFY)27-09-2010
making a difference to Torbay's young people by community building through crossing boundaries
Awarded: £1,500

Torbay Opportunity Group27-09-2010
to provide specialised flooring, determined as a direct result of the challenging mobility needs of our children, enabling the group's development towards becoming a more professionally equipped unit since the premises' inception as a childcare unit
Awarded: £1,500

Torquay Leander Swimming Club27-09-2010
funds for new swim teachers, start system, software for club management and to help swim pool with fundraising for PA system
Awarded: £875

Brixham Family Group19-07-2010
To provide a community Family Day
Awarded: £2,405

Devon Malayalee Asociation19-07-2010
an ongoing project run by a small BME group in Torbay aiming at social integration and promotion of Indian values, art, culture and food
Awarded: £2,500

Riviera Concert Brass19-07-2010
require a set a timpani to train young members of the band on
Awarded: £1,500

Riviera FM19-07-2010
community radio station to bring social gain to Torbay
Awarded: £3,609

St Mary's Park Friends Group24-05-2010
to contribute towards funding the family Fun Day and Carnival
Awarded: £2,500

Relate South Devon23-04-2010
to initiate and provide a much needed early intervention family counselling in schools service in Newton Abbot
Awarded: £5,100

Torbay Rainbow Cafe29-03-2010
a Walk with Pride event to help social inclusion and community cohesion, and training for Rainbow Café members to help build self-awareness, self-confidence and self-awareness
Awarded: £3,000

Acorn Badminton Club24-03-2010
a project to increase participation in adult badminton and provide a new opportunity which does not currently exist
Awarded: £830

Hele Hub CIC15-02-2010
to be able to develop ICT skills through a project of 5 courses of 10 hrs on a basic introduction to using a computer
Awarded: £5,000

Kenneth Court Residents Association10-9-2009
occupational therapy group for residents
Awarded: £300

Lichfield Area Tenants & Residents Association8-6-2009
we are holding a summer community fun day which will enable local residents to access information from local agencies and bring all ages together to join in the fun activities
Awarded: £700

Cary Park Junior Tennis Club5-5-2009
to contribute towards the cost of renovating and refitting the existing toilets into one disabled access toilet and shower, and one unisex toilet
Awarded: £3,500

St Mary's Park Friends Group5-5-2009
to contribute towards the cost of holding the annual Fun Day and Carnival
Awarded: £2,000

Torbay Street Pastors5-5-2009
to contribute towards the costs of recruiting and training more Street Pastor volunteers
Awarded: £3,500

Torbay Youth Sailing Trust5-5-2009
to contribute towards the purchase of two new boats for the Trust
Awarded: £2,000

Brixham Buccaneers9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of holding of a Pirate and Sea Shanty Festival in May
Awarded: £3,576

Brixham Family Group9-3-2009
to hold a family day during the Easterholidays to offer activities for the children and access to advice and support for the parents
Awarded: £1,724

Fighting Fit Disabled Sports Group9-3-2009
provides fitness and sport opportunities for phyically disabled people in the Brixham area
Awarded: £2,330

First Eye Productions9-3-2009
To fund a community film making group making narrative films in digital media
Awarded: £5,000

Lupton Trust9-3-2009
open up and allow safe access of Lupton House and its grounds for speedy use for the benefit of Torquay's communities
Awarded: £4,938

Pride in Brixham9-3-2009
to fund the purchases and costs necessary to start up a new majorettes troupe for Brixham
Awarded: £2,000

Stoke Gabriel Cricket Club9-3-2009
to purchase a cricket pitch roller for the club
Awarded: £1,000

Brixham Young Volunteers2-2-2009
to fund the 2009 Brix Awards ceremony in March 09
Awarded: £900

Brixham Buccaneers14-12-2009
to support 'pirate' themed festival to include music, arts, drama, workshops, history and culture
Awarded: £1,410

Circus & Barton Acorn Badminton Club14-12-2009
to promote the sport of badminton to all age groups regardless of their gender, ethnic or financial background
Awarded: £4,800

Torbay Youth Sailing Trust14-12-2009
to purchase a new outboard motor for the Trust
Awarded: £3,000

Brixham Family Group26-10-2009
a Carribean food demonstration event to promote the community vegetable garden group and healthy eating
Awarded: £867

Brixham Young Volunteers26-10-2009
Brixham Young Volunteers want to break down barriers and build bridges within the local community
Awarded: £1,425

Coalition of Disabled People South Devon21-09-2009
befriending service to combat loneliness and isolation, build confidence and self esteem to enable people to move forward
Awarded: £4,300

Coalition of Disabled People South Devon21-09-2009
befriending service to combat loneliness and isolation, build confidence and self esteem to enable people to move forward
Awarded: £700

Pride in Brixham21-09-2009
Brixham Christmas Parade
Awarded: £2,000

Access to Community Education (ACE)14-08-2009
to recruit an additional worker to assist with the groups work
Awarded: £6,746

Cool Recovery14-08-2009
to develop its work with Young Carers
Awarded: £28,500

Hele Village Community Association14-08-2009
to pay for longer working hours for training
Awarded: £23,522

HomeStart Torbay14-08-2009
run preparation courses, increase training and support ongoing costs
Awarded: £10,126

Relate South Devon14-08-2009
the project is creating a new free service to cover the impact of the recession
Awarded: £21,800

to set up a CIC
Awarded: £39,995

Anatolian Cultur Association29-06-2009
an after school club for BME children of school age
Awarded: £1,500

to contribute towards increasing the storage space of the Re:Store Food, Clothing & Furniture banks
Awarded: £2,000

Brixham Junior Sailing Club29-06-2009
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing 2 new RS Feva dinghy's for the club
Awarded: £2,500

communication groups for young people with Down's Syndrome
Awarded: £1,500

26th Torbay Scout Group23-03-2009
to cover the costs of the groups activities at Grenville House and the Rock Centre over the next 2 years
Awarded: £4,000

Cruse Bereavement Care (South Devon)23-03-2009
to cover the cost of a part-time adimistrative assistant
Awarded: £5,000

Imagine (Torbay Multicultural Group)23-03-2009
to fund the running of a Cultural Awareness Day in August 2009 in Torbay
Awarded: £3,000

Preston Community Partnership23-03-2009
to purchase an additional volleyball set for the group
Awarded: £260

South Devon Players23-03-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the group over 3 years
Awarded: £5,000

Torquay Ministox Club23-03-2009
to purchase a new racing carpet and 2 new radio control cars for the club
Awarded: £1,036

Pride in Brixham17-03-2009
to contribute towards the costs of creating a sensory garden on Brixham's harbourside
Awarded: £900

Kings Bowling Club26-01-2009
to purchase equipment to maintain the bowling green, and purchase security fencing
Awarded: £5,000

Torbay Sailability26-01-2009
to cover the cost of mooring fees in the marina, and the cost of boat and public liability insurance
Awarded: £4,930

Paignton Home Garden and Allotment Society8-12-2008
to construct a disabled friendly, odourless, composting toilet
Awarded: £1,250

Paignton Home Garden and Allotment Society8-12-2008
to resurfacing the access tracks onto Derrell Road and Oakleigh St. Michaels allotments
Awarded: £3,750

Brixham Young Volunteers27-10-2008
to give something back to the community and give young people the opportunity to be seen in a positive light
Awarded: £1,420

Monday Luncheon Club27-10-2008
to organise social interaction for housebound disabled members of the community
Awarded: £1,500

Young at Heart - Torbay14-10-2008
to provide technical support for the secretary and is needed to run a successful organisation
Awarded: £700

Swim Torquay Ltd18-07-2008
to encourage elderly people to swim regularly
Awarded: £4,500

St Mary's Park Friends Group4-10-2007
to improve and renovate a children?s playground
Awarded: £4,462

10th Torbay (Babbacombe) Sea Scout Group31-08-2007
to purchase equipment to enable children and young people to participate in canoeing and kayaking
Awarded: £4,744

Brixham Skate & Ride31-08-2007
for a three day residential to a skate park in Cornwall
Awarded: £6,989

Brixham Swimming and Life Saving Club31-08-2007
for swimming lessons for disabled or socially disadvantaged children
Awarded: £4,250

Brixham United Youth31-08-2007
to purchase equipment and football strips for the junior football teams
Awarded: £1,500

Shiphay Park Friends Group31-08-2007
for recreation facilities for young people, including 2 football goal posts and a basketball court
Awarded: £5,205

Torbay Olympic Gymnastic Club31-08-2007
to open up gymnastics facilities to children with multiple disabilities and special needs
Awarded: £7,000

Ellacombe Community Group (reach)27-07-2007
to provide a number of fun and stimulating activities both in the local park and at various venues around the local area.
Awarded: £6,995

Goodrington Action Group27-07-2007
to purchase and install interactive wooden play sculptures in the park
Awarded: £6,691

Overdrive Project27-07-2007
for a music creation programme for young people
Awarded: £6,838

Pride in Brixham27-07-2007
for the Brixham Christmas Parade, three workshops for preparation involving children and parents from the community
Awarded: £3,045

for an after school surf club involving surfing lessons and other beach activities for young people
Awarded: £5,739

Brixham Bezerkers Games Club28-06-2007
for creative activities focused on teaching life skills through role play
Awarded: £5,600

Foxhole Family Project28-06-2007
to run 2 family workshops with a creative theme
Awarded: £4,726

Groundwork South West28-06-2007
to transform a neglected area behind housing estate into a park that supports wildlife
Awarded: £1,125

Riviera Christian Centre28-06-2007
to fund a summer scheme children and young people
Awarded: £5,314

Torbay Play Forum28-06-2007
to provide an adventure summer scheme for children and young people in Brixham
Awarded: £7,000

Acorn Youth, Community & Sport Centre (Barton Acorn)25-05-2007
to run a summer holidays sport and activities programme
Awarded: £6,630

Cary Park Junior Tennis Club25-05-2007
to refurbish the tennis courts for the children and young people to use
Awarded: £5,193

Disabled Sailing Association25-05-2007
for running costs for a sailing club for children and young people with disabilities
Awarded: £6,955

Eyeshine in Devon25-05-2007
to run a pilot weekend for children in Torbay with a 3 day residential to encourage families to play together
Awarded: £7,000

Relate South Devon25-05-2007
to set up a pilot family counselling service for the benefit of children
Awarded: £2,078

11th Torbay (Barton)Sea Scouts27-04-2007
to purchase IT equipment to aid in qualifications and record achievements
Awarded: £2,393

Access to Community Education (ACE)27-04-2007
to run a new programme of sports activities for physically disabled adults and their carers
Awarded: £2,906

Indigos Go Wild27-04-2007
to purchase and install a tube slide in the environmental play area
Awarded: £6,450

Preston Community Partnership27-04-2007
to purchase and install a basketball goal for children and young people in the area
Awarded: £6,925

Torbay Play Forum27-04-2007
to run a programme of extreme sports activities for young people with no access to such sports
Awarded: £5,000

ADHD Support Group23-02-2007
to establish a youth club for children and young people diagnosed with A.D.H.D
Awarded: £6,735

Friends of Furzeham Green23-02-2007
to employ a coach to provide after school and holiday coaching sessions for children and young people
Awarded: £4,750

Helping Young People Achieve (HYPA)23-02-2007
for running the club, including staff and new resources
Awarded: £6,940

Legit & Scarper23-02-2007
to provide activities and social trips to children and young people with disabilities
Awarded: £6,974

Paignton Junior Sailing Club15-12-2006
towards the cost of 2 Feva S dinghies for the advancement and training of young sailors
Awarded: £5,000

Torbay Borough Scouts15-12-2006
for attendance at a multi-activity Centenary camp
Awarded: £6,175

Oddicombe Swimming Club24-11-2006
to facilitate additional life saving courses and water polo teams
Awarded: £4,928

White Rock Pre-School27-10-2006
to cover the costs involved in running creative play sessions for parents/guardians and children
Awarded: £5,866

1st Goodrington Guides28-07-2006
towards the travel cost for a summer camp for children and young people with no access to transport
Awarded: £440

Brixham Swimming and Life Saving Club28-07-2006
to provide free swimming sessions for economically and socially disadvantaged children
Awarded: £2,968

HomeStart Torbay28-07-2006
for a ten week training course to prepare and volunteers for supporting families experiencing problems in their lives
Awarded: £7,000

Watcombe Community Centre28-07-2006
for a range of activity projects based on the needs of young people in Watcombe
Awarded: £2,617

Cool Recovery26-05-2006
for 3 new weekly drop-in advice and support sessions for young carers aged 10-16
Awarded: £6,000

Apollo Boxing & Sports Club28-04-2006
for replacement gloves and head guards for the young members
Awarded: £1,000

Brixham Young Volunteers28-04-2006
for a volunteering programme delivering community activities for older people, people with disabilities and children
Awarded: £6,770

Cary Park Junior Tennis Club28-04-2006
to cover the cost of a coach, teaching assistant and helper
Awarded: £1,232

Youth Enquiry Service (Brixham)28-04-2006
for an outdoor Community Creativity Event
Awarded: £6,970

for equipment and 20 free full day beach/surf activities
Awarded: £6,880

1st Barton Brownie Group30-03-2006
for clothing and equipment to provide an inclusive youth provision
Awarded: £3,462

Chill'd Out Youth Club30-03-2006
for a programme of 'off-site' activities organised and led by young volunteers for children
Awarded: £6,400

to buy and adapt toys for profoundly physically disabled children
Awarded: £7,000

Torbay Play Forum30-03-2006
to run a series of 22 activity sessions for under 8?s
Awarded: £6,998

Torbay Tigers30-03-2006
to develop links with the YMCA Tigers basketball team and provide extra coaching to enable the participation of more young people
Awarded: £6,600

11th Torbay (Barton)Sea Scouts27-01-2006
for 6 tents for weekend camping activities for the Sea Scouts
Awarded: £1,290

Riviera Hockey Club27-01-2006
to train volunteers to become coaches, to specialise in coaching young people with special needs
Awarded: £3,977

Tail End Residents Group27-01-2006
to employ a personal trainer to provide exercise session for physically disabled residents
Awarded: £600

Torbay Scout Fellowship27-01-2006
for IT equipment for the Scouts and First Aid training for the volunteer Scout leaders
Awarded: £4,000

Foster Force28-10-2005
for a video drama made by and about foster children for social workers
Awarded: £1,650

Apollo Boxing & Sports Club30-09-2005
for connection to mains water and drainage
Awarded: £6,874

Indigos Go Wild30-09-2005
to install a metal hut partially underground and landscape the area as a play area for the children and young people
Awarded: £6,800

Beacons Wheelchair Dancers29-07-2005
to take wheelchair dancing to all areas of Devon
Awarded: £1,500

Galmpton Youth Project29-07-2005
to purchase skateboard equipment for children in a rurally isolated community
Awarded: £4,000

Soroptimists Torquay District24-06-2005
for pilot after school cookery clubs to encourage healthy eating and combat childhood obesity
Awarded: £4,550

Helping Young People Achieve (HYPA)27-05-2005
to fund the organisation of a youth led community fun day
Awarded: £7,000

HomeStart Torbay27-05-2005
for a pilot project to recruit, train and support volunteers to work with families experiencing an emergency crises
Awarded: £5,608

Cary Park Junior Tennis Club28-04-2005
for an 8 week coaching project and the purchase of a ball machine for the use of the children and young people
Awarded: £3,458

Torbay Olympic Gymnastic Club28-04-2005
to cover the costs of volunteer training and to subside fees as part of an inclusion programme for new members who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Awarded: £5,100

Torbay Sea Cadets28-04-2005
for teaching materials and band instruments to enable the group to expand and offer places to more Young people ? especially from disadvantaged backgrounds who are often socially excluded from team activities
Awarded: £5,065

10th Torbay (Babbacombe) Sea Scout Group24-03-2005
for the purchase of camping equipment and to install central heating in the headquarters hut
Awarded: £5,580

Ark Youth Centre24-03-2005
For a multi media skills project for the children and young people in the youth club and in outreach areas
Awarded: £6,958

Brixham Swimming and Life Saving Club24-03-2005
for a two year swimming project for disabled and disadvantaged children
Awarded: £3,510

Brixham Youth Forum24-03-2005
towards the cost of a safety and rescue boat to support water based activities
Awarded: £6,799

Chelston Park Friends Group24-03-2005
for special needs equipment at the community park
Awarded: £2,749

Friends of Monastery Woods24-03-2005
for the purchase and installation of a youth shelter for young people without access to leisure activities
Awarded: £4,633

Brixham Bezerkers Games Club27-01-2005
to set up a new strategic gaming club for over 11?s
Awarded: £6,150

to purchase adapted toys for children with disabilities
Awarded: £6,600

Teen Network Torbay27-01-2005
to fund team building activities to bring new members and established members together
Awarded: £3,866

Youth Cafe @ Yes27-01-2005
for equipment to run music workshops for young people who have experienced some form of social exclusion
Awarded: £6,862

26th Torbay Scout Group26-11-2004
for the purchase and installation of a concrete storage hut
Awarded: £2,995

for the development of a counselling service for young people in acute isolation
Awarded: £7,000

Riviera Hockey Club26-11-2004
for equipment and coaching for children with learning difficulties to learn and enjoy hockey
Awarded: £3,318

St Lukes Youth Group26-11-2004
to set up a youth group based on a local consultation carried out by children and young people
Awarded: £5,839

Brixham Junior Sailing Club18-10-2004
towards the cost of buying 6 Pico sailing boats to train young people in a wide range of maritime activities.
Awarded: £7,000

Garage Youth Project29-07-2004
to run a series of confidence building trips and activities for young people
Awarded: £12,000

Great Park Community Centre29-07-2004
Towards the costs of a biweekly drop in centre and after school club
Awarded: £5,900

South Devon Games Club29-07-2004
to set up a strategic gaming club for young people
Awarded: £4,350

Torbay Aac29-07-2004
to repair a storage building that holds equipment
Awarded: £2,926

To find a social/activity group for young people with Down?s Syndrome
Awarded: £5,276

Foxhole Youth Club25-06-2004
towards the cost of trips and play equipment for disadvantaged children aged 6-14 years
Awarded: £3,897

Indigos Go Wild25-06-2004
equipment, training and materials for transforming a piece of vandalised woodland into a woodlands play area
Awarded: £6,000

Torbay Teens +25-06-2004
for providing activities for young people with severe learning disabled one day a week for 10 weeks
Awarded: £1,792

Sanctuary South Devon28-05-2004
towards the cost of a French Polishing Project for people with mental health issues and their carers
Awarded: £500

3rd Torbay Scouts26-03-2004
to replace old and worn out toys and unsafe equipment
Awarded: £4,913

Babbacombe Corinthian Cadet Club26-03-2004
to purchase a new boat engine and radio to meet safety regulations to teach young people how to sail
Awarded: £4,051

Torbay Opportunity Group26-03-2004
to equip a sensory room for children with severe special needs
Awarded: £2,151

Torquay Youth Forum26-03-2004
to cover the cost of staging a one day youth festival celebrating youth and follow up workshops
Awarded: £6,709

Abc Group27-02-2004
to run a series of workshops for young parents to develop basic practical and parenting skills
Awarded: £3,235

National Autistic Society Torbay Branch Youth Club27-02-2004
to cover the start up costs for a Youth Club for children with Asperges Syndrome
Awarded: £7,000

Torbay Play Forum27-02-2004
towards the cost of employing a part time co-ordinator and Children?s Animateur for ?Play in the Bay? for two years
Awarded: £12,000

Willows and New Barton Community Association27-02-2004
to establish regular get-together/trips etc for children and young people living on the Willows Housing Estate
Awarded: £2,750

Young Parent & Toddler Group27-02-2004
to set up a young parent and toddler group to developing parenting skills
Awarded: £3,197

HomeStart Torbay29-01-2004
recruit and train volunteers to befriend and support families in difficulties
Awarded: £3,600

Torquay Athletic Jrc Under 16's29-01-2004
to take the Under 16's rugby team to Newcastle for a long weekend in order to participate in matches with local teams
Awarded: £5,453

Ark Youth Centre1-4-2003
for two replacement pool tables and an air hockey table for a youth centre for vulnerable young people
Awarded: £2,550

Youth Enquiry Service (Brixham)1-4-2003
to cover the cost of installing a clothes washer/drier, a shower room and separate toilet, both with disabled access
Awarded: £6,862

Paignton Amateur Boxing Club20-11-2003
for training equipment and kit for a special tournament that encourages individuals to work together as a squad
Awarded: £1,000

Torbay Sailability20-11-2003
for a safety boat engine, VHF radios and safety equipment for the children and young people participants
Awarded: £6,224

Torquay PHAB20-11-2003
To purchase a careers advice software package and to take young people with special needs on educational trips
Awarded: £5,985

Brixham United AFC30-10-2003
for equipment, ground fees, coaching and an end of season tournament in Somerset.
Awarded: £3,468

14th Torbay Sea Scout Group18-09-2003
for the purchase of canoes, expanding access to affordable sailing facilities to more children and young people
Awarded: £6,585

Furzeham Out Of School Club18-09-2003
to run a programme of sports activities that involve team work and concentration
Awarded: £514

Chelston Park Friends Group21-08-2003
towards the cost of shelter and skateboard facility providing a covered area for young people to meet and socialise in a ?safe environment?.
Awarded: £7,000

Paignton Day Nursery21-08-2003
for new equipment for the nursery which is attended by families who are on low income with lack of opportunity for purchasing quality resources and toys
Awarded: £2,526

Preston Baptist Church Pre-school19-06-2003
to build an outdoor play area
Awarded: £6,238

Torbay Teens +19-06-2003
for a programme of holiday activities for teenagers with special needs
Awarded: £3,980

Age UK Torbay15-05-2003
for two half day volunteer training sessions to enable an extension of provision for vulnerable older people
Awarded: £350

South Devon Play Resource Centre15-05-2003
for a series of creative arts workshops using recycled materials
Awarded: £6,690

10th Torbay (Babbacombe) Sea Scout Group24-04-2003
towards the cost of buying a training boat suitable for Cubs and new Scouts
Awarded: £3,500

Brixham Church Of England Ptfa24-04-2003
to purchase and set up a chalet as a base for youth and community groups
Awarded: £4,000

Babbacombe Corinthian Cadet Club14-03-2003
towards the cost of purchasing two Kestrel training boats enabling more children from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate
Awarded: £6,000

Cary Park Junior Tennis Club14-03-2003
to buy and equip a Porta Cabin to be used as a Club House for children and young people
Awarded: £5,549

Chill'd Out Youth Club28-02-2003
to purchase musical instruments and develop facilities for a youth club
Awarded: £7,000

Ellacombe Childcare Centre28-02-2003
to extend a holiday club for children up to four years old, offering a safe environment for children whose families/carers have a low income
Awarded: £6,922

Higher Brixham Community Centre28-02-2003
To purchase a new disco system for the use the local youth group.
Awarded: £2,361

Stone Court Community Group28-02-2003
to increase and improve after school activities for up to 40 children
Awarded: £7,000

Monday Luncheon Club31-01-2003
towards the cost of transport for people with mobility problems to attend a lunch club
Awarded: £500

Torbay Teens +2-7-2002
to meet the cost of a summer scheme for teenagers with learning disabilities
Awarded: £1,259

Foxhole Youth Club28-11-2002
towards the cost of outings and to buy disco equipment for the youth club which provide facilities to children from the local social housing estate
Awarded: £4,245

South Devon Brazilian Soccer School28-11-2002
for football activities for children with moderate learning difficulties
Awarded: £2,480

Foxhole Youth Club12-9-2001
towards the cost of outdoor sports equipment for disadvantaged children 6-14 years
Awarded: £280

Sanctuary South Devon20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Acorn Youth Centre Basketball Club10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Age Concern Luncheon & Leisure Club10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Forget-Me-Not Club10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Friends of Old Mill Surgery10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Hele Road Baptist Church (Lighthouse)10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Torbay Opportunity Group10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Brixham Skate & Ride3-12-1999
Awarded: £300

Monday Luncheon Club3-12-1999
Awarded: £200

Cherryaiders Patient and Carers Support Group21-12-1999
Awarded: £100

Brixham Skate & Ride30-09-1999
Awarded: £300