Where the money goes

River Teign Youth Academy12-7-2017
providing opportunities for disadvantaged children to learn about the sea so that they learn new skills and experiences, helping to develop confidence and self-esteem and encouraging positive life choices
Awarded: £1,000

Ashburton Family Services12-7-2017
ensuring that staff are adequately trained to identify and support an increasing number of children attending the setting with additional needs, providing them with the best possible start to their learning journey
Awarded: £1,852

The Lodge Action Sports Club4-4-2017
supporting youth volunteers with training and qualifications to increase access to services and improve community facilities
Awarded: £850

The Devon Youth Games Trust / The Southwest Youth Games3-4-2017
supporting young disabled people to take part in sport and recreation, reducing isolation and building confidence and self achievement
Awarded: £2,000

SDCC Duke of Edinburgh Award Group ( School group)3-4-2017
supporting Duke of Edinburgh training and expeditions for young people, equipping them with skills for life
Awarded: £2,000

Victoria Park Buckfastleigh19-06-2017
offering free swimming sessions to people facing hardship or health issues, providing opportunities to engage socially in the local community whilst taking part in healthy exercise
Awarded: £1,000

Homestart Teignbridge19-06-2017
supporting vulnerable families through transition from foster placement to independent living to encourage positive life choices and maintain general well-being
Awarded: £1,000

Westbank Practice22-05-2017
to support the Wellbeing Exeter social prescribing project enabling people to live more fulfilled lives in their community thereby reducing isolation, increasing preventive measures and improved health outcomes
Awarded: £4,461

Devon Senior Voice - Teignmouth, Shaldon & Bishopsteignton branch12-4-2016
funding for a project in Teignbridge run by volunteers, supporting older people with information and advice, addressing any concerns before they become major issues, reducing isolation and loneliness
Awarded: £1,000

Victoria Park Buckfastleigh12-4-2016
for subsidized swimming sessions for families in severe financial hardship, an opportunity for familes to enjoy an activity together that is fun, healthy and ensures children learn to swim
Awarded: £1,000

1st Bishopsteignton Scout Group12-4-2016
to assist a scout group to purchase new equipment, allowing membership to be subsidised for families in hardship, ensuring all children have the opportunity to attend activities away from home building, their life-skills and confidence
Awarded: £800

Homestart Teignbridge12-4-2016
a project supporting families individually on issues from financial budgeting to relationships and child protection, helping to encourage better communication and a happier family environment, reduce stress and family breakdown
Awarded: £995

The Bank Youth Project12-4-2016
for a youth club providing a safe place for youngsters to meet, engage in a positive way with their peers and volunteer youth workers who offer support and confidential advise on many different issues, including drugs and sexual health, also life skills such as computer training, healthy eating, cooking and safety in the kitchen
Awarded: £1,000

Foresight Gardening enterprises c.i.c12-4-2016
for a gardening project for visually impaired people, helping to maintain community spaces, run by volunteers with horticulture experience, members also have the opportunity to complete formal training which may assist with future employment
Awarded: £1,000

Horsemanship for Health CIC24-11-2016
for a project designed to meet the needs of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children, young people and adults, living in the Teignbridge and Torbay, promoting lifelong learning and personal development through equine assisted education programmes
Awarded: £1,500

Moretonhampstead Association for Youth24-11-2016
supporting the cost of qualified p/t staff to cover regular sessions at a well attended rural youth club, that offers young people a safe environment to meet and get involved in sports and activities
Awarded: £4,218

silver surfers training cic26-07-2016
for computer training for over 55's beginner?s, teaching them to use the internet, communicate online with friends and family, helping to increase confidence in technology, bringing people together and giving them vital skills needed in todays digital world
Awarded: £600

Teignmouth Recycled Art in Landscape (TRAIL)29-03-2016
for an environmental awareness project to provide a series of half day/evening art workshops for disadvantaged people facing social exclusion, exploring the potential of recycling materials in order to make artwork and culminating in a seafront sculpture trail, whilst increasing the skills and confidence of the people involved and building a stronger, cohesive community
Awarded: £1,000

Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship CIC23-03-2016
to further develop therapeutic equine sessions for young people who have mental health problems or emotional and behavioural issues due to traumatic backgrounds and negative life experiences, building their self esteem, confidence and resilience to cope with future life challenges
Awarded: £3,000

Homeless in Teignbridge Support23-03-2016
funding towards the employment of a paid member of staff for a charity run until now by volunteers, supporting homeless people, giving advice and assistance with food, clothing, hygiene, and other basic needs
Awarded: £4,500

myaware South Devon2-4-2015
funding for a support group for people in Devon who suffer from Myasthenia, bringing people together so they can help each other and not feel so alone, giving them a more positive feeling about the future, also an opportunity of respite for their carers
Awarded: £937

Home Start Teignbridge2-4-2015
to provide training for volunteers so they can offer a fast response service for vulnerable families in urgent crisis where immediate support is essential, helping to reduce isolation, increase confidence and raise aspirations
Awarded: £682

Kingsway Residents Association2-4-2015
for a playshceme in Teignbridge, where young people can get involved in activities that help develop skills in several areas, from art, sports, dancing, puzzles, cooking and swimming, increasing their self confidence and independence
Awarded: £900

South Devon Multiple Sclerosis Society2-4-2015
funding physiotherapy session for people with Multiple Sclerosis, helping their mobility, pain management and general well being which in turn helps to improve their quality of life
Awarded: £1,000

Teignmouth Beach Surf Life Saving Club15-12-2015
supporting a club which offers young people training on surf lifesaving and water safety, giving them a sense of achievement whilst teaching them to be safe and help others to be safe by the sea
Awarded: £3,000

Buckfastleigh Community Development Project Trust15-12-2015
funding towards the core cost of a much needed youth club in a rural area where there is no other places for the young people to meet, where they can talk with trained youth workers, helping to reduce anti social behaviour and build a sense of belonging
Awarded: £5,000

Teignbridge Homeless Action Today15-12-2015
funding to purchase home start packs for homeless people in Teignbridge, helping individuals and families in crisis, giving support when it's most needed
Awarded: £3,000

Moretonhampstead Association for Youth24-11-2015
helping to sustain a youth club on the edge of Dartmoor, giving young people somewhere to go, reducing isolation and giving them a sense of belonging
Awarded: £2,546

Teignbridge Homeless Action Today21-09-2015
funding to provide support and crisis packs to homeless young people in Teignbridge, building resilence and hope for the future
Awarded: £1,305

Homeless in Teignbridge Support16-06-2015
to supply the equipment and training for volunteers to safely test and approve second hand good quality electrical items, which are then offered to families of limited income in Teignbridge and also reducing the carbon footprint of goods that would otherwise just be disposed in landfill
Awarded: £485

Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship CIC15-06-2015
working in South Devon with young ex-offenders or those at risk of offending, anti-social behaviour and school exclusion/absenteeism, exploring feelings and behaviour through horses, improving communication skills and helping them to change negative patterns and build positive relationships
Awarded: £3,281

Buckfastleigh Lower Town Flood Group28-01-2015
to supply equipment for community flood resilience
Awarded: £2,141

Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship CIC28-01-2015
to engage excluded youngsters in horse care, working towards an accredited qualification, teaching respect and raising their aspirations and confidence after being labeled as low achievers with limited prospects
Awarded: £1,000

MC Flood2-7-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Business
Awarded: £1,500

DR Flood2-6-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £1,900

KC Flood2-6-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £608

Dawlish & East Teignbridge VB7-5-2014
To run a community support scheme for older people in Teignmouth and Dawlish.
Awarded: £4,000

Homeless in Teignbridge Support7-5-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Community Group
Awarded: £897

CS Flood5-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

SM Flood5-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

PD Flood5-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

TH Flood12-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

DR Flood12-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

JC Flood12-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

KA Flood11-3-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

Assist - Teignbridge19-11-2014
£250 award from Volunteer Of The Year
Awarded: £250

Kings Care League Of Friends9-10-2014
for a support group to continue activities and visits (table tennis and games, walking for health, Tai Chi, befriending service, home & hospital visiting, benefits advice and support, memory café, allotment group, for people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged by long term ill health and their carers, helping to improve well being and quality of life
Awarded: £9,886

Bovey Community Care9-10-2014
visiting older people in rural areas providing companionship, running errands, helping to reduce their isolation and offering respite for carers
Awarded: £3,000

Open Daw13-10-2014
to offer workshops for small groups of elderly people aimed at increasing their confidence and knowledge of online information and how to access trusted sites
Awarded: £960

PG Flood23-07-2014
Devon Flood Fund:Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £820

PG Flood21-07-2014
Devon Flood Fund:Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £5,000

The ABC (Autism, Behaviour, Communication), CIC24-06-2014
to provide an after school service where the children can interact and socialize under professional adult supervision with a variety of appropriate and tailored activities to meet their needs
Awarded: £4,000

Bishopsteignton Memory Cafe24-06-2014
to support the Bishopsteignton Memory Cafe, an informal and friendly setting for local people with concerns over their memory or that of a loved one, a drop-in service and social events encouraging involvement and reducing isolation
Awarded: £1,000

HB Flood24-06-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £5,000

Work Skills South West23-06-2014
working with young people from inner city areas with mental health issues, engaging them in eco/adventure therapies encouraging the enjoyment of nature and the countryside to increase physical and mental wellbeing
Awarded: £2,550

Bishopsteignton Allotment and Growers Society (BAGS)23-06-2014
supporting a community allotment to finance raised beds for wheelchair users, a community project for local people in Bishopsteignton, helped by youngsters from the school and scouts it encourages inter-generational socialising
Awarded: £953

JC Flood18-06-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,500

KA Flood18-06-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Business
Awarded: £3,000

TC Flood18-06-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £3,000

DB Flood18-06-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £865

BJ Flood18-06-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £700

CS Flood29-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £350

AV Flood29-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,000

JT Flood29-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £1,500

A G Flood29-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £500

South Devon and Dartmoor Community Safety Partnership27-05-2014
working with young people in South Devon who are currently un-engaged in their communities, schools and families, these youngsters will be involved in The Phoenix Project which provides a unique opportunity for them to work with The Fire and Rescue Service in an environment of discipline, inclusion and respect in order to promote a feeling of achievement and self worth, through a variety of mental and physical challenges at both a personal and team level
Awarded: £1,000

WW Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £305

JC Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,000

SM Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £2,000

PD Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £2,000

SC Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,300

SB Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £2,000

IR Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

IR Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,000

Red Rock Cafe15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 1 - Business
Awarded: £3,000

ER Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £200

N & S J Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,000

L R-S Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £2,000

H C Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Individual
Awarded: £1,700

RB Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £700

GR Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £590

A E T Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £1,000

BC Flood15-05-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 2 Individual
Awarded: £1,100

Assist - Teignbridge28-04-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Community Group
Awarded: £1,958

JH Flood23-04-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

TC Flood23-04-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Grant Relief
Awarded: £250

SB Flood23-04-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 1 - Individual
Awarded: £250

Kingsway Residents Association15-04-2014
to provide a Sunday lunch club at the local community center on a monthly basis which is open to all ages, encouraging locals to volunteer, bringing people together building a stronger community spirit in an area where the majority of residents are low income families or single parents
Awarded: £960

Pre-school Learning Alliance15-04-2014
supporting a programme of sessions for low income families with young children, living in rural and deprived areas to meet together, interact with others and improve their social skills in a safe, secure environment run by a qualified staff team
Awarded: £1,000

Bovey Climate Action14-04-2014
to support a rural community garden project for older people, bringing them together in a common purpose, promoting car sharing among the prospective gardeners helping to build neighbourly relationships
Awarded: £1,000

Buckfastleigh Youth Club14-04-2014
to improve seating facilities at the Buckfastleigh youth club which is in desperate need of refurbishment, creating a more welcoming environment for youngsters to meet and socialize reducing anti-social behaviour and building a positive sense of belonging
Awarded: £1,000

Hand in Hand West Teignmouth Neighbourhood Partnership14-04-2014
for the training of volunteers to develop a peer support group for residents feeling low and isolated, helping to combat depression, anxiety and stress and encourage social interaction, reducng the need for medication and further intervention from health services
Awarded: £895

Bovey Community Care14-04-2014
supporting the work of a community care group delivering services to elderly people living in the villages surrounding Dartmoor, volunteers visit people in their homes and encourage social activities and hobbies, for some this is the only visitor they see regularly and this short time of company and conversation is a lifeline, volunteers feel a huge sense of reward and positive emotional wellbeing
Awarded: £1,000

Dawlish Dancers14-04-2014
for a project encouraging older people to stay active and to promote good health through dance and movement within the boundaries of their abilities, bringing people together to have fun and reduce social isolation
Awarded: £787

Can't Stand Singing - Seated Choir14-04-2014
bringing people together to sing, to be involved in a group activity that promotes a sense of wellbeing, predominately older people, some with disabilities, helping to reduce isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Age Concern (Teignmouth and Shaldon)14-04-2014
to purchase a new table tennis table for use within a community group promoting inter-generational work and encouraging positive relationships between older and younger people
Awarded: £573

Dawlish & East Teignbridge Volunteer Bureau31-03-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Community Group
Awarded: £5,000

PG Flood25-03-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

SC Flood20-03-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

SH Flood13-03-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £200

AC Flood27-02-2014
Phase 1 - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

WW Flood26-02-2014
Phase 1 - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

FT Flood25-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

SH Flood25-02-2014
Phase 1 - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

BJM Flood25-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

SH Flood25-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Phase 1 Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

JC Flood25-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

Buckfastleigh Community Development Project Trust21-02-2014
To support running costs of youth club in rural town.
Awarded: £4,933

Ms SH Flood17-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

Running Deer C.I.C.7-3-2013
To continue to develop bushcraft activities for children with additional needs.
Awarded: £1,000

South Devon Multiple Sclerosis Society7-3-2013
to provide physio support to help mobility of people suffering from MS
Awarded: £2,000

Kingsway Residents Association7-10-2013
To run a budgeting and cooking club for families.
Awarded: £11,734

TSW Junior Underwater Hockey Club (TSW)7-10-2013
Awarded: £490

Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship CIC21-10-2013
To provide therapeutic and educational activities to young people and adults suffering disadvantage and exclusion.
Awarded: £1,500

Homestart Teignbridge6-6-2012
ensuring our work in support of vulnerable families in the rural communities can develop to reach more families in crisis
Awarded: £3,687

Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton Scout Active Support Unit7-2-2012
to help pay the campsite fee for the District Camp we are organising
Awarded: £2,800

Moretonhampstead Association for Youth7-2-2012
to encourage young people to take part in sports in order to combat anti social behaviour
Awarded: £750

Homestart Teignbridge22-11-2012
Award for Thea Rossitor winning Rural Volunteer of the Year sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers.
Awarded: £250

Samaritans (South Devon)15-10-2012
To cover part of the annual cost of running van used for promotional purposes
Awarded: £1,282

Teignbridge Citizens Advice Bureau15-10-2012
to deliver a home visiting service to Park Home residents.
Awarded: £3,000

Homestart Teignbridge18-07-2012
to train volunteers to support families in crisis
Awarded: £4,020

Homestart Teignbridge25-01-2012
towards the training costs for approx 25 volunteers using Home-Starts preparation course for Volunteers
Awarded: £2,000

Teignmouth First28-09-2011
Work with police to recycle cycles to deliver Bikablity to promote road safety to potentially excluded children aged 8-12
Awarded: £971

Kingsway Residents Association26-09-2011
after school cooking club for local young people aged 8-14years to learn to cook healthy, nutritious dishes which will also be shared with the local community
Awarded: £4,556

2nd Exminster Scout group5-5-2010
Uniform purchases to allow new leaders to join
Awarded: £250

Bishopsteignton Flower Club1-4-2010
to extend the wellbeing and education of many members of our community by providing support at Oakwell Court, Bishopsteignton House and Health Centres
Awarded: £500

Magpies Pre School1-4-2010
to provide a free-flow outdoor play area for children aged 2-5
Awarded: £3,351

Oakwood Denbury Ltd1-4-2010
to provide forest school session within woodland for various children's and community groups
Awarded: £875

Ogwell Action Group - DISBANDED GROUP 5.9.121-4-2010
Ogwell Summer Weekend - a weekend of activities for the village community, engaging our residents, raising the profile of our residents group, highlighting provision by local organisations and groups
Awarded: £2,500

Chudleigh Film Society1-2-2010
to buy our own equipment for our Community Cinema so that we can cut costs, and extend our service to more sections of the community
Awarded: £1,285

Ilsington Community Project1-2-2010
to build an extension on the village hall to provide a community shop run by volunteers and a meeting room for the village hall
Awarded: £3,834

1st Bovey Tracey Scout Group27-09-2010
to purchase six new Canadian canoes, a trailer to transport them and associated equipment, paddles and buoyancy aids and making them available to scout groups in the Teignbridge District
Awarded: £3,500

Devon Cave Rescue organisation27-09-2010
purchase and training of equipment for swift water rescue
Awarded: £2,000

Kingsway Residents Association27-09-2010
To fund a Family Learning project covering First Aid, Paediatric First Aid, Food Hygiene and Healthy Eating, Budgeting as well as practical sessions such as cooking together, arts & crafts for the children and parents to interact together
Awarded: £4,000

The Deepway Centre Trust15-09-2010
to improve the acoustics in our hall
Awarded: £750

Moretonhampstead Parish Hall19-07-2010
replacement of all hall chairs and tables
Awarded: £2,500

Teign Film Makers Club19-07-2010
to purchase new equipment for the club
Awarded: £2,000

Teignmouth Arts Advisory Group CIC19-07-2010
developing an unused building into a much needed community facility
Awarded: £5,000

1st Liverton Scout Group24-05-2010
to purchase new equipment for the group
Awarded: £2,000

Ashburton Festival Committee24-05-2010
we are holding a weekend community festival to celebrate the town's heritage through a stimulating and enriching programme of educational, arts, crafts and history events
Awarded: £2,000

Bovey Climate Action24-05-2010
To facilitate gardening for people with physical and learning disabilities
Awarded: £3,500

Chudleigh Community Project24-05-2010
to run Chudleigh outdoor swimming pool and community hall for the benefit of the community
Awarded: £5,000

Chudleigh Knighton Village Hall24-05-2010
to furnish and redecorate new toilet facilities
Awarded: £5,000

Dawlish Community Trust24-05-2010
to provide administrative support to enable Trustees to continue to meet the aims and objective of the charity on behalf of the Dawlish community and those residing in the locality
Awarded: £5,000

Decoy BMX Club24-05-2010
to make Decoy BMX Club more sustainable through the improvement of club facilities
Awarded: £2,000

Oakwood Denbury Ltd24-05-2010
tailored Forest School sessions for families/children's group
Awarded: £2,540

Wildspace Buckfastleigh24-05-2010
improving access to create a full-time community garden
Awarded: £2,424

Soundart Radio Limited23-04-2010
funding for a Mental Health Support Worker
Awarded: £4,028

Tedburn St Mary Allotments Association23-04-2010
we are a new Allotment Association aiming to create a facility which is fully accessible to disabled people
Awarded: £500

1st Bishopsteignton Scout Group15-04-2010
start-up funding for new Scout troop
Awarded: £250

Buckfastleigh Residents Association29-03-2010
to turn derelict plot of land into a play park
Awarded: £5,000

River Teign Sea Scouts 1st Shaldon29-03-2010
the purchase of two new intermediate sailing dinghies to provide improved sail training for youth
Awarded: £4,127

Shaldon Over Sixties Club15-02-2010
to purchase a film licence to show films legally to the group
Awarded: £95

Exminster Summer Playscheme3-7-2009
to contribute towards the costs of running the summer playscheme over 2 years
Awarded: £800

Moretonhampstead Pre-School3-7-2009
to purchase a new laptop for the pre-school
Awarded: £283

Bovey Climate Action5-5-2009
to purchase smart meters to reduce electricity consumption in the town of Bovey Tracey, targeting low income households
Awarded: £500

Kingskerswell Cricket Club5-5-2009
to purchase new portable netting and new pitch maintenance equipment for the club
Awarded: £750

Starcross Sports & Community Association (SSCA)5-5-2009
to cover the costs of funding an architect to produce a planning application for the construction of a new community hall and sports pavilion
Awarded: £2,500

Moretonhampstead Pre-School1-5-2009
to purchase a new laptop, three trikes and one scooter for the pre-school
Awarded: £217

Abbotskerswell Cricket Club9-3-2009
to contribute towards the completion of the work on the fixed practice nets
Awarded: £500

Bishopsteignton Halls Foundation9-3-2009
to provide a new kitchenand damp proofing vulnerable parts of the hall
Awarded: £1,000

Exminster Youth Project9-3-2009
to contribute to the running costs of a new project aiming to bring different generations together, and empower young people in Exminster
Awarded: £1,250

Shaldon Tourist Information Centre9-3-2009
to promote the village for the benefit of our community and for visitors and families visiting the area
Awarded: £500

TRAIL (Recycled Art in the Landscape)9-3-2009
to make TRAIL a sustainable orgainsation
Awarded: £1,000

Green Lane Herb Link14-12-2009
installing sustainable energy for our site
Awarded: £3,000

Kenn Cricket Club14-12-2009
to contribute towards the cost of modernising the toilet and changing facilities at the clubhouse
Awarded: £2,000

South Devon Branch of MGA30-11-2009
regional medical information meeting
Awarded: £900

Bovey Tracey & District Disabled Fellowship9-10-2009
to continue as stated
Awarded: £500

Rackerhayes Pre School9-10-2009
improvement and extension of facilities in outside area
Awarded: £500

South Devon Multiple Sclerosis Society9-10-2009
the project is an advice and advocacy project contracted through the Citizen's Advice to support people affected by MS
Awarded: £500

Shaldon Over Sixties Club7-10-2009
provision of broadband connection to allow continuing access for free computers
Awarded: £300

ADHD Support Group21-09-2009
providing youth groups across Torbay for children diagnosed with ADHD and to provide parent support groups across Torbay, giving support, guidance and advice on this disorder
Awarded: £2,000

Ipplepen Village Hall21-09-2009
to acquire Storage Equipment, for an archive of Local History and draw up plans for Village Hall modifications, to establish access to the archive
Awarded: £530

Ogwell Memorial Hall22-07-2009
the part replacement of old and worn out carpets which have been in place for more than 20 years
Awarded: £900

1st Newton Abbot (Kingsteignton) Sea Scouts29-06-2009
to centrally heat the building
Awarded: £1,500

Moretonhampstead Tennis Club29-06-2009
professional tennis coaching for two hours once a week for one year
Awarded: £750

Orchard Pre School & Play Group29-06-2009
a series of music and movement workshops and year-round nature school for under 5s
Awarded: £500

Broadmeadow Badminton Club26-01-2009
to purchase new equipment, and help fund coaching courses
Awarded: £3,000

Coombe Valley Allotments26-01-2009
to tarmac the entrance, to provide raised beds and a shed for disabled members, and to repair the fence
Awarded: £3,250

Dunsford Pre-School Playgroup26-01-2009
to provide an outdoor covered play area and play equipment for the new pre-school playgroups' premises
Awarded: £5,000

Teignmouth Community Choir22-01-2009
to encourage local people to experience the healthy benefits of singing by joining in a free session with the Community Choir and being offered vouchers to attend further sessions free
Awarded: £840

Dance in Devon1-2-2008
a dance outreach programme for people over 55 in Teignbridge area
Awarded: £4,980

Kenton Village Allotments1-2-2008
to purchase materials to allow people with disabilities to use the community allotment
Awarded: £500

Teignbridge Access Group1-2-2008
to fund the purchase of awards and organise a ceremony for ?best disabled access? awards for public houses, shops or restaurants
Awarded: £420

Bovey Climate Action8-12-2008
to organise a launch event, and build a website to share knowledge, training and information
Awarded: £1,000

Bovey Tracey & District Disabled Fellowship8-12-2008
to help cover the costs of specialised transportation, and to fund the members Christmas Tea
Awarded: £1,500

Newton Abbot Autumn Club8-12-2008
to contribute to the running costs of the group including room hire, refreshments and entertainment fees
Awarded: £750

Teignmouth District Guides8-12-2008
to upgrade and update our kitchen
Awarded: £1,700

Teignmouth Ladies Hockey Club8-12-2008
to purchase new equipment, training, field hire and promotional material for the new Teignhockey Academy
Awarded: £2,000

Organic Arts8-12-2008
to expand and develop organicARTS wok with volunteers in the community garden at West Town Farm
Awarded: £5,000

Dawlish Third Age Project10-11-2008
to purchase a digital projector and laptop
Awarded: £800

Bishopsteignton Halls Foundation27-10-2008
to provide additional facilities for sport, culture, social, leisure, activities for the village
Awarded: £4,000

Creative Family Workshop27-10-2008
to support families and children by providing first class play and education workshops in low impact setting
Awarded: £4,410

Mamhead Village Hall27-10-2008
to pay for ongoing costs to keep the hall open for all of the local community groups
Awarded: £2,000

Newton Abbot Rent-Deposit Guarantee Scheme27-10-2008
to be able to reduce homelessness and deprivation amoungst the significantly increasing number of people requiring our help but for whom we don't have the financial resources
Awarded: £5,000

Prince Street Broadband14-10-2008
to run a small community group, available for the exclusive use of older people
Awarded: £500

Platform 9 Community Music & Theatre group30-09-2008
a community heritage/theatre project for all ages with weekly meetings, performances, workshops, productions and related educational activities
Awarded: £900

The Bridford Trust25-04-2008
to help fund the printing of a book covering walks in the area
Awarded: £350

Teignbridge Youth Counselling Project14-12-2007
to offer young people a counselling service 4 days a week for three months and to extend the project by embarking on an outreach service
Awarded: £691

Teignbridge Youth Counselling Project14-12-2007
to offer young people a counselling service 4 days a week for three months and to extend the project by embarking on an outreach service
Awarded: £3,472

West Teignmouth Training & Resource Centre2-11-2007
to provide a course of workshops for parents and carers to help them to gain the confidence to consider returning to work
Awarded: £4,460

Churchill Community Centre31-08-2007
for a programme to introduce long term unemployed people back into education
Awarded: £7,600

Exeter & South Devon Deaf Children's Society31-08-2007
a multi-dimensional project to build social skills and self esteem for children with hearing impairments
Awarded: £4,000

Exminster Youth Project27-07-2007
to run weekly protective behaviour workshops for young people
Awarded: £4,145

Skate Mafia27-07-2007
for skate sessions to be run as a weekly event and to move the skate park indoors
Awarded: £3,589

Women's Challenge27-07-2007
for an outdoor activities club for women, to encourage them to take part in a healthy, active lifestyle
Awarded: £1,150

Doddiscombsleigh Community Learning Environment & Active Play Space (LEAPS)28-06-2007
to build a multi purpose amphitheatre for the children and young people
Awarded: £6,985

Orchard Pre School & Play Group28-06-2007
for a programme of activities and workshops for under 8's in the village
Awarded: £5,806

South Devon Play Resource Centre28-06-2007
for a six week training course to enable unemployed participants to develop new skills to run workshops
Awarded: £7,283

Baywater Anglers25-05-2007
to allow the children the opportunity to take up fly fishing
Awarded: £3,554

Dawlish & East Teignbridge VB25-05-2007
to fund a Benefits Outreach Service for young people with disabilities
Awarded: £6,300

Headway Devon25-05-2007
to provide a dedicated Employment Service for adults with aquired brain injuries who live in Dawlish,Teignbridge and Newton Abbot
Awarded: £9,980

Ilsington Youth Club25-05-2007
to purchase a dividing screen and other equipment for the use of the youth club and the preschool
Awarded: £2,746

Storm Force25-05-2007
to create and junk band and lanterns and than participate in a lantern procession
Awarded: £3,768

Taking Steps25-05-2007
for weekly activities for young parents
Awarded: £3,545

Kingsway Youth Club27-04-2007
to run a bi-weekly drop in session after school covering current & relevant issues and concerns
Awarded: £6,200

Platform 9 Community Music & Theatre group27-04-2007
to run some youth productions for young people who have no access to community theatre in the area
Awarded: £4,902

Teignmouth Community Association27-04-2007
to employ a project worker/life coach to work with young people who are Not in Education, Training or Employment (NEET)
Awarded: £7,000

Teignmouth Community Association27-04-2007
to employ a project worker/life coach to work with young people who are Not in Education, Training or Employment (NEET)
Awarded: £2,500

Cruse Bereavement Care (South Devon)30-03-2007
to train 2 bereavement counsellors to work with children and young people and 4 young people as bereavement volunteers for a buddy scheme
Awarded: £2,700

Teen Bridge Project30-03-2007
for a stepping out project to prepare young people for entering the workforce
Awarded: £6,600

Teen Bridge Project30-03-2007
a stepping out project to prepare young people for entering the workforce
Awarded: £2

Med Theatre23-02-2007
for a drama programme for children and young people from rural Dartmoor, who will write and perform their own plays
Awarded: £6,680

Moretonhampstead Association for Youth23-02-2007
to refurbish a room and cover the salaries of youth workers to run a sexual/mental health counselling service
Awarded: £5,267

Parent & Child Group (MS Society)23-02-2007
to host a funday for the children of parents affected by MS and for a support group for children who have a parent with neurological conditions
Awarded: £3,404

Willows and New Barton Community Association23-02-2007
to cover the costs of expanding the youth outreach service and club nights for the children an young people of a new residential area.
Awarded: £2,000

Dart River Young Sailors Association26-01-2007
to develop a programme and purchase equipment to give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to learn to sail
Awarded: £5,270

Kenton Victory Hall26-01-2007
to install secondary heating in the Hall
Awarded: £200

Hedgehogs Playgroup15-12-2006
to cover relocation costs and purchase toys and equipment for preschool children
Awarded: £1,960

Teign Choral Society15-12-2006
to encourage young people?s participation in the Choral Society
Awarded: £450

for a Calvert Trust family activity weekend for families of children with severe disabilities
Awarded: £4,300

Ashmoor Junior Hockey Club24-11-2006
for training, equipment and premises costs
Awarded: £3,707

Ipplepen Village Hall27-10-2006
to replace two doors to complete the refurbishment of the village hall
Awarded: £495

1st Christow Brownies29-09-2006
to purchase play and IT equipment for a year long 'global project', exploring different cultures through music and craft
Awarded: £3,459

Kenton Kaotics29-09-2006
for arts and drama activities for a twelfth night celebration for the community
Awarded: £2,897

Teen Bridge Project29-09-2006
towards the cost of employing a youth worker for a mobile youth centre
Awarded: £4,100

Organic Arts29-09-2006
for a City2Farm project for disadvantaged children from urban areas to experience the country side
Awarded: £4,940

Open Daw28-07-2006
towards training for volunteers to deliver an information and sign posting service to the community
Awarded: £100

Teen Bridge Project28-07-2006
towards the cost of 2 basketball/football coaches for Sports Outreach on the mobile youth centre
Awarded: £2,000

Westbank League of Friends28-07-2006
to buy a piece of exercise equipment for physically disabled gym users
Awarded: £3,000

Broadleas Trust26-05-2006
for facility improvements and equipment for activities for children and young people experiencing problems in the home
Awarded: £7,000

2nd Exminster Scout group28-04-2006
for camping equipment for regular camping trips for children and young people
Awarded: £2,000

Ashburton Family Services28-04-2006
to run a parent/carers and toddler group for rurally isolated families
Awarded: £3,500

WBB Football Club28-04-2006
to set up a football team for 15-19 year olds from a socially deprived area
Awarded: £3,346

Chudleigh Youth Centre Charitable Trust30-03-2006
to set up an after school club for young people living in rural Teignbridge
Awarded: £6,025

Exminster Summer Playscheme28-02-2006
to run a 2006 Summer Play-scheme
Awarded: £1,745

Bridford Community Affordable Housing Project27-01-2006
towards the cost of obtaining planning permission for a community led village shop/Post Office
Awarded: £500

Dawlish Action for Youth27-01-2006
to run a pilot Friday night drop-in service for young people aiming to discourage underage drinking and anti-social behaviour
Awarded: £2,749

Kingsteignton Youth Centre16-12-2005
for the costs of running and staffing workshops and trips for vulnerable young people
Awarded: £4,620

Teignbridge Play Network (tepee)16-12-2005
for 2 Play Rangers to facilitate structured play activities in the park for children from the community for 6 months
Awarded: £5,680

Kings Care League Of Friends28-10-2005
to run a weekly dance session for older people throughout 2006
Awarded: £920

Morecare Chagford28-10-2005
towards the cost of a mobile phone subscription for the voluntary-volunteer transport coordinator
Awarded: £500

Moretonhampstead Development Trust28-10-2005
for a feasibility study regarding taking over the old school as a community building
Awarded: £500

Buckland & Milber Sports Club30-09-2005
to convert storage crates into changing rooms and purchase additional goal posts
Awarded: £7,000

Teignbridge Youth Counselling Project30-09-2005
for start up costs to cover first 2 years for the youth counselling project
Awarded: £5,700

55+ Positive Lifestyle29-07-2005
for exercise classes for over 55s in rural and deprived areas of Teignbridge
Awarded: £500

Buckland & Milber Community Centre Buckland & Milber Community Centre29-07-2005
for community yoga classes
Awarded: £672

Dawlish Museum Society29-07-2005
to install a handrail providing access to the community garden
Awarded: £100

Prince Street Broadband29-07-2005
towards the first year running costs of a computer club for the benefit of older people
Awarded: £500

Moretonhampstead Association for Youth24-06-2005
to equip an IT/Study room for the youth clubs new premises
Awarded: £7,000

for summer play scheme activities for children with special needs
Awarded: £1,462

Buckland & Milber Community Centre Buckland & Milber Community Centre28-04-2005
towards the planning fee for a new community building
Awarded: £200

Getting Teenagers Involved Project28-04-2005
to purchase disco equipment for the youth club that caters for teenagers with special needs
Awarded: £900

Tiddlers Movement Workshop28-04-2005
to provide dance workshops for under 9?s living in a remote, isolated town on Dartmoor
Awarded: £4,297

Exminster Youth Project24-03-2005
for an extension to opening hours enabling the group to develop and implement a curriculum that will bring more direction to and improve our youth work
Awarded: £6,794

Med Theatre24-03-2005
to run a programme of writing, drama, music, dance and video workshops for children from rural communities
Awarded: £4,243

Tedburn St Mary Pre School24-03-2005
to buy eight brightly coloured, light foldable tables for a rurally isolated pre-school
Awarded: £500

Dawlish & East Teignbridge VB18-02-2005
to meet an increased demand for benefits advice from disabled young people aged 19-25
Awarded: £4,823

Magpies Pre School18-02-2005
for educational day trips for pre school children
Awarded: £1,142

Crafts at Bovey Tracey27-01-2005
to run an Access & Outreach Programme on environmental issues and sustainability
Awarded: £6,930

Dawlish Action for Youth1-4-2004
to cover costs in relation to opening the Riversider Youth Café in Dawlish to 10-13 year olds for one evening a week
Awarded: £2,950

Kingsway Parent & Toddler Group1-4-2004
for a laptop computer and software for supporting learning, games for the children which encourage basic numeracy and literacy skills
Awarded: £1,500

Newton Abbot Pre-school1-4-2004
investigate sea/beach environment using a variety of resources and visual aids to stimulate the children and offer them a wider range of experiences
Awarded: £923

Orchard Saturday Club17-12-2004
to cover the peripheral costs of running a series of themed workshops
Awarded: £2,500

The Bungalow Youth Project18-10-2004
to run and purchase equipment for a healthy eating project
Awarded: £5,250

Ipplepen Village Hall28-09-2004
towards the cost of renovating the Community Village Hall
Awarded: £500

to fund a series of workshops and holiday provisions for children and young people who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Awarded: £9,456

Newton Abbot & District Town Band27-08-2004
towards the cost of training, equipment and band uniform
Awarded: £437

Kings Care League Of Friends29-07-2004
to purchase light weight folding tables for fund raising and social activities and events
Awarded: £200

The Bank Youth Project29-07-2004
to extend the drop-in contact service for young people
Awarded: £6,768

Bovey Tracey & District Disabled Fellowship25-06-2004
towards the cost of transport for disabled, frail and housebound people to attend a social luncheon club
Awarded: £100

Teignbridge Play Network (tepee)25-06-2004
towards the cost setting up outreach play activities and festivals for rural communities
Awarded: £2,970

to cover the costs of organising and running 6 workshops in preparation for the Fusion Air Festival
Awarded: £3,925

Homestart Teignbridge26-03-2004
To extend the home visit service to more vulnerable families
Awarded: £12,000

55+ Positive Lifestyle29-01-2004
to replace a broken printer and scanner to enable the smooth running of the service
Awarded: £200

to buy/replace/update musical instruments and equipment to provide music workshops for children with varying degrees of physical and mental disability.
Awarded: £5,240

Children's Diabetes Group Snackpack29-01-2004
to fund a confidence boosting weekend for 45 insulin-dependent children
Awarded: £3,600

Eastcliff Band Project29-01-2004
to purchase multi-track recording equipment and other musical instruments for young people, many of whom are disadvantaged and disaffected
Awarded: £6,933

Exminster Childminding Group29-01-2004
to cover the hire of the local village hall for 'drop-in' coffee morning for mums, dads and carers to alleviate rural and social isolation
Awarded: £625

Children's Diabetes Group Snackpack10-4-2003
a contribution towards the 'Snack Pack' Project for diabetic children and young people
Awarded: £400

Ashburton Family Services1-4-2003
a weekly combination of storytelling and music sessions for children in rural south Dartmoor areas
Awarded: £3,116

Kingsteignton Woodcraft Folk18-12-2003
funding to replace camping equipment and subsidise some of the children's places on a camping trip
Awarded: £1,900

Kingsway Youth Club18-12-2003
to develop a project around a Young Persons' Inclusion Worker who will be to actively promote our services in local schools and community
Awarded: £12,000

Bovey Tracey Youth Café30-10-2003
for a youth volunteer training and co-ordination programme
Awarded: £4,570

Ashmoor Junior Hockey Club18-09-2003
to send young people on coaching courses Level 1and on an umpiring courses Level 1 and Foundation
Awarded: £2,184

Broadmeadow Badminton Club18-09-2003
to start up a junior badminton club for children and young people who have no access to other facilities or activities
Awarded: £980

Buckland Youth Community Centre31-07-2003
to fund a part time youth worker for two years to work with young people who have been, or are at risk of being excluded from school
Awarded: £12,000

Kingsteignton Luncheon Club31-07-2003
towards costs of transporting disabled and older people to a fortnightly luncheon club
Awarded: £300

Buckfastleigh After School Club24-04-2003
for a summer holiday playscheme for children who have no other access to holiday provisions
Awarded: £1,225

Daisy Chain Pre School24-04-2003
for holiday provision for children
Awarded: £1,600

Newton Carenet24-04-2003
towards meeting the costs of running a befriending group to support the lonely, elderly, disadvantaged, recently bereaved, disabled and carers
Awarded: £250

Storybook Dads24-04-2003
for a 'Children Writing for Parents in Prison' project
Awarded: £6,930

Teignbridge Citizens Advice Bureau28-02-2003
towards the cost of a Teignbridge CVS's 40 year anniversary event to bring the community together
Awarded: £500

Teignmouth United Reformed Church Trust28-02-2003
to fund an expansion to a playscheme/playgroup programme, providing suitable storage units for toys and staff salaries for a month
Awarded: £7,000

The Bungalow Youth Project28-02-2003
to fund a newsletter written and read by the young people from the youth project
Awarded: £7,000

Villages In Action28-02-2003
to employ professional workshop leaders and a youth arts development worker to explore the potential of digital photography and graphic design with children and young people from rural communities
Awarded: £6,500

Dawlish Gardens Trust31-01-2003
towards the cost of adapted workbenches for people with disabilities to gain access to training and employment opportunities
Awarded: £500

Happy Holiday Playscheme31-01-2003
to secure the future of the playscheme for children in an area with a lack of provision
Awarded: £7,000

The Bank Youth Project31-01-2003
to develop a junior youth club and introduce 16-18 year olds to youth work training through volunteer opportunities
Awarded: £6,666

Moretonhampstead Association for Youth2-7-2002
to run holiday Playschemes over the Summer and Easter holidays
Awarded: £2,740

Getting Teenagers Involved Project28-11-2002
for the weekly integrated GTI Youth Club to reduce social isolation, and encourage young people to become fully involved in their community
Awarded: £5,000

Ipplepen Village Hall28-11-2002
towards the installation costs of an induction loop system so that people who are hard of hearing will be able to participate fully in meetings and events
Awarded: £500

Teen Bridge Project28-11-2002
to run 12 short courses in outdoor adventure over 2 years so that young people can challenge and overcome fears and worries
Awarded: £12,000

Age Concern Newton Abbot31-10-2002
towards administration costs for working with the elderly to support independent living
Awarded: £500

Teignmouth Community Association31-10-2002
towards the costs of a playscheme for disadvantaged children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Babes n Us26-09-2002
to fund a sessional worker to help develop activities for a young parents group
Awarded: £1,400

Newton Abbot Pre-school31-07-2002
towards the cost of an outing
Awarded: £400

SPLASH (Special Play & Learning Activities During School Holidays)31-07-2002
towards the cost of a playscheme for children and young people who have no access to mainstream holiday schemes because of a disabilities
Awarded: £3,500

Teignbridge Citizens Advice Bureau31-07-2002
to cover the costs workshops offering practical money advice and debt prevention for young people
Awarded: £4,600

Teignbridge Play Network (tepee)31-07-2002
to extend free play sessions to rurailly isolated and deprived areas
Awarded: £1,844

Westbank League of Friends31-07-2002
to fund a peer mentoring scheme for young carers from Exeter and the surrounding area.
Awarded: £7,000

Widecombe Activities Group31-07-2002
towards the cost of holiday activities for local children
Awarded: £428

Exminster Summer Playscheme30-05-2002
to enable the group to purchase new play equipment to a summer play scheme benefiting economically disadvantages children and young people
Awarded: £285

Fairfield Farm26-02-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to the outbreak of foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Teignbridge Council for Voluntary Service30-01-2002
to refurbish the volunteers training room
Awarded: £300

Mr A J Butt28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Ipplepen Magazine28-01-2002
towards the cost of a laptop computer to enable new volunteers to contribute to their community Newsletter
Awarded: £300

Bovey Tracey Community Centre Trust23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Hennock Environmental Trust23-02-2001
Awarded: £300

Widecombe Pre-School23-02-2001
Awarded: £50

Buckfastleigh Youth Club20-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Lunch Bunch20-02-2001
Awarded: £250

SPLASH (Special Play & Learning Activities During School Holidays)20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Teignbridge Youth Group Special Needs20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Contact Centre10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

SPLASH (Special Play & Learning Activities During School Holidays)3-12-1999
Awarded: £400

Heathfield Community Centre5-10-1999
Awarded: £100

The Robert Owen Foundation30-09-1999
Awarded: £300